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Edinburgh Galleries


26 St Stephen Street. 226 6566.

Wed Sun l0am 5pm.

Contrast l'ntil Sttn l7 l‘eb. Light installations by lidinburgh designers.


tl-‘ormerly The Sable (ialleryt

29b l)tindas Street. 467 3937. Tue liri

1 Iain 6pm; Sat l lain 5.30pm.

Red l'ntil Sat 2 Mar. A selection of works with tnore than just of hint of red including paintings itt oil. watercolour. mixed media and sculpture.


6 l)tindas Street. 557 4050. Mon l‘ri 10am 6pm; Sat llatn 2pm.

Scottish Paintings l'ntit Thu 28 Feb. A selection of paintings by Scottish artists featuring Willie Wilson. Anne Redpath. l)..\l. Sutherland. l).\'. Cameron. James .\chey' attd (ieorge Houston.


l0 Royal ’l‘errace. 556 NW). .\lon liri 10am 6pm; Sat by appointment. Mixed Exhibition t'ntit 'l'btt 28 licb. Paintings from stock ittcluding works by (ieorge Houston. J.l). liergusson. .\laclauchlan .\lilne and l’.\\'. Adam.


2 Market Street. 52‘) 3903. .\Ion Sat 10am 5pm: Sun noon 5pm.

Raise The Banners High t'ntil Sat l6 l-‘eb. An exhibition coinciding with the publication documenting the (’ity ‘s banner collection and the 75th anniy'ersary of the general strike.


22 2S (‘ockbtirn Street. 220 1260.

Wed Sat |0.30am- 5pm: Sun 3 5pm. New Work Scotland Programme l'ntil Sun I7 lieb. The final two solo shows in the New Work Scotland series. featuring lidinburgh ('ollege of Arts graduates [.aura Quarmby and Richard Blass. Quarmby explores the cults of self improy'einent and self empowerment in her strange btit witty \‘ideo works. Blass tackles the relationship between parent aitd child offering an insigltt ittto his own family life. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

Rupert Clamp t'nttl Sun 17 I~'eb. Work in the project room from Rupert (lamp.

Love Is . . . New Work Scotland Programme 'I‘btt t4 Feb. 2 5pm. Artists who haye taketi part in the .\AVSI’ 2()()l/2()()2 tliscllss how they found leay‘ing college and their preparations for their solo shows at the gallery.


(l‘ormerly (iallei'y' 4| t. 4] Dundas Street. 557 456‘). Mon I’i'i

l0.30am 5.30pm: Sat l0.30atn 5pm. Mixed Exhibition l‘ntil 'l‘hti ZS lieb. A selection of contemporary paintings. jewellery and sculpture by gallery artists.

DANISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE 3 Doune 'l‘errace. 225 7IS‘). .\lon l‘ri l0atn 5pm.

Space In Space .\lott tts’ t~‘eb Hi 23 Mar. Tapestries by Danish textile artist (iudi'tin l’agter. NEW SHOW.


Bclford Road. 62-1 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon Sat

l0am 5pm: Sun noon 5pm.

Nigel Henderson: Parallel Of Life And Art Sat 16 licb Sun 7 Apr. £2.50 (£1.50i. British post-war artist .\Jigel Henderson was a painter. photographer and collage artist. He also played a key role iii the establishment of the Independent (irotip, an offshoot of the institute of('ontemporary Arts iii London. w ltich was a catalyst for the

86 THE LIST ‘3. 74'. l UK. 9951'

Telephones, video still by Christian

emergence of Pop Art in Britain in the l‘)50s. 'l'his touring e\hibition focuses on his tnoy ing documentary photographic works taken iii the [Cast littd of London it] tlte early l‘)50s as well as a large collage made by the Smithsons ttising Henderson‘s photographs) for the International ('oitgt'ess of Modern Architecture of 1953. The show also features a recreation of the e\ltibition /’tii'ti//e/ of me tint/Art lteld at the |(‘A iii W53 wltich Henderson organised with Paolo/Ii. the Smithsons attd Ronald Jenkins. See pre\ iew and llitlist. \‘E St lO\.'t'.

Eduardo Paolozzi: Bunk! Sat to l’eb Sun 2‘) Sep. l’i'ce. l’aoIo/xi’s suite of prints based on the images tised in his lecture Bunk? at the l(’A. l.ondoit iit 1952 w ltich celebrated popular culture.

NEV‘J St 10.7.


27 ()ttecnsferry Street. 220 -l I50.

.\lon Sat 9.30am 5.30pm: Stiii

noon 4pm.

Recent Acquisitions .\ selection ol the gallery 's recent purchases.


ll (iaylield Square. 558 ."l it). Jim Sat llain 6pm or by appointment.

{3 Keith Coventry t‘ttitt Sat 3 Mai: Dtie to unforeseen circumstances. the originally planned two-person show ot work by Keith ('oyentry aitd Keitlt liarqultar is now going to be two solo shows. liirst tip is l.oiidon~based artist Keitlt ('oy entry who was included in Saatchi's infamous Sensation e\ltibition at the Royal Academy of l.ondon in 1998. lior the e\hibition. (‘oyentry show s a new series of four silkscreen prints of women in a crack den and three sculp— titres of 'stipermodels‘ representing Kate Moss. .\'aoini ('ampbell and (’lti'isty 'I'tirlington. See llitlist.


(S Adyocate‘s (.ltht‘. 22.5 927 l. Daily

l luilltllll 5..3llplll lL‘lttst‘tl \Vetlt.

The New Wave Of Primitivism Dom is an arts project established iit l‘)‘)6 by a group of international artists working in Scotland. With a constantly changing e\hibition of artworks. the gallery houses sculpture. stained glass atid paintings by artists who practise primitiye art.


6a Dundas Street. 553 0363. Mon l'l'l |0am 6pm: Sat |0am ‘lptlt.

Winter Exhibition l'nttl llls‘ 3o l'eb. During its refurbishment. The Scottish (iallery takes tip residency III the l)tindas

Marclay forms part of the Travelling Gallery‘s new show

Street (iallery w itlt a mi\ed show of works by gallery artists past aitd present.


llolyi'ootl Road. 550 ‘St)(), \Ved Stin l0am 5pm.

Focus Environment 2001 that Stin 2~l l-‘eb. .\ photographic e\ltibition of Scotland's natural city ironinent taken by winners of a national competition.

EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART l.atii’iston l’lace. 22| 6000. Mon l‘i'i l0am 5pm; Sat is Stiii lttain 2pm. School Of Visual Communication that ill I .\lai'. Annual e\hibition promoting the School of Visual ('omintinication including graphic design. photography and illustration.

School Of Drawing And Painting l'ntil Wed 20 l'eb t Balcony i. .'\tlllll;tl show of work by third year students. School Of Sculpture the It) .\tott 25 l‘eb. .\nntial e\ltibition by third year sculpture students.


lSa l)tindas Street. 55“ 522". Mon l’ri llam 5pm: Sat l0ain lpttt.

Mixed Exhibition t‘ttttl Sat 16 t-eb. .\ selection of contemporary paintings by gallery artists.


23 l'iiion Street. 55" 2i“). 'l'tie Sat l0aiii 6pm.

21 Years Of Co-Publications Prints l'ittil Sat 30 Mar. .\ selection of the latest co published prints produced iii collaboration between the studio master prints and my ited artists. llte show features etchings. lithographs and screenpiints by .loltit Bellany. .\lau

Day ie. (iail \Vigley. .\loy ita l'lannigan. (ii'ahain liagen and tnany more.


SS l,ttllll;tlt ls’oad. 22S 26SS. Daily

ltlam lllpm.

I’m Looking Forward To The 905 l‘ntil Sat 2 Mar. .\n e\Iiibitioti ot work

by .\largai'ita \a/titie/ I’onte.


l5 .\lat'lset Sheet. 22.5 23b 3. \loit Sat llaiti 5pm; Sun itooit 5pm.

My father is the wise man of the village 1 lllll Sat 30 .\lar. lilte l‘tistori prugiaiiiine was initiated in I‘N‘) by .\i‘lltnk atid the lothian llosptlal .\rts (‘onsoi'titiiir lliis e\ltibitioii and accuttipany l|l_‘.' iiitegtated book atid

l)\'l ;‘.'bltc.ttion are the culmination ol this e\tiaoidiiiaiy pioiect which included collabotatioiis and coitiiiiissions betweett .tttists. patients

and staff in hospitals throughout Edinburgh and the l.othians.

Artist Talk Series Sat to & Sat 33 l‘eb. lpin. Artists commissioned as part of the l‘tlstttlt programme discuss their e\pei'ience of working closely with stall and patients in selected hospitals. (‘atriona (irant and Heather lingleman discuss their work on the l6 l'cb. followed by Michele l.a/cnb\ on :3 l-'eb. ' '


t) \Vest Port. 22] 0237. Daily l lam 7pm. Jason McLean t'nttt Sun 24 l-‘eb.

An e\ltibition of draw ings by multi- media \aiicotiy er artist Jason .\lcl.eaii. taken from his new books l’uI/i nfll'oiit/er atid Sit/mi Bur/mm. Aim! .lotu: um! I'imly’ Sting In The .S/ionei‘.

Postcard From The Forest

l'ntil Stiti 3 .\lar. A show of works formatted to A5 from a wide \ai'icl) of artists.


~16a Raebtirn Place. 315 2603. Mon Sat l0atn 5.30pm.

Spring Collection t'ntil Jim 28 t-‘eb. A new spring collection of jew ellery designs.


(iallei'y ts Shop. 77 l)tindas Street. 556 315‘). Mon l‘ri 10am 6pm: Sat

10am .5pm.

Fresh t‘ntil Wed 20 l-‘eb. A selection of paintings inclttding works by l‘rank Bentley. .liin .\'e\ ille. ('aroline Dear. llillary .-\nderson. lialish \Vilson. l.eona ('ollins and lileonor Barron. pltts photography. ceramics. jewellery. ceramics aitd te\tiles.

Early Spring Exhibition Thu 21 l‘eb line 26 Mar. Paintings by (iei'aldene ilttglies. l’eter Day is. Sarah Booklcss and Male] Brook. pltis ceramics by Juliet Walters and Kate l’hillips. broil/es by l.ttcy Parsons and l‘rances Ross aitd jewellery by Amy ('hristie.


22a l)tttttlas Street. 5.50 2lb' l. 'lilte l'it'l l0.30ain 6pm: Sat l0am 4pm.

Artists New To The Gallery l'ntil Sat 23 l‘cb. Annual slot for new comers to the gallery featuring Diane .\Iitchell. Katriona Shale. \orma t('ockburnt 'l‘hornton and (ieorge \\'ardi'op. .ASl'

.,tl.»\.\.,: Hort.


('astlehill. Royal .\lile.-173 2000.

Mon Sttn 9.30am l0pm.

Pat Douthwaite tit 15 Mb Mom I .\pr. 'l‘he self-taught artist. w hose early work was lieay ily influenced by JD. l‘crgusson. e\hibits a range of colourful. humorous paintings. 'i St l()\.'._


66 ('tiinberland Street. 55S 0872.

Mon l’i'i l0am 6pm; Sat 10am 4pm. The Space Between Sat l6 t-‘eb Sat 23 Mar. A selection of work by 20th century printmakers Robyn Denny. Josef Allict's. Sol l.e “ill and Philip Reeyes.

\i :é' it.


6 (‘arlton 'l'ei'race. 5564-1“. \Ved Sat ltlain 5pm.

OFour Photographers t'ntit Sat t) .\lar. .\ group e\hibition of new aitd old work by fottr of the l‘K's finest photog- raphers: Susan Derges. (iai'i‘y l‘abian .\Iiller. l’atricia .\lacdonald and Dayid \Villiams. illustrating \ery different approaches to photography and land- scape. See rey iew.

INSTITUT FRANCAIS D’ECOSSE l3 Randolph ('resccnt. 22.5 .5366.

Mon l‘i'i 0.30am 5.30pm. Sat l0ain lptn. Des Europeens A Paris that lth 5 Mar. 'l'welye l‘rcncli photographers e\plore how litiropean ('ointntinity countries hay e influenced the l-‘rench capith city.