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Thursday 14

Book events

Valentine Tree Kibble l’alaee. (ilaxgou Botanie (iardenx. 730 (ireat \\e\tern Road. 3433. \titttt. l'il'L‘L‘. l’ttL‘l in l'e\tLlL‘llL‘L‘ (iel‘t‘) l.ott\e deeoi'ate\ the ‘eloutie lree’

\\ ith \\ ixhex. \erxex and readingx. Paradigm Poets (‘(‘.\. 350 Sauehieliall Street. 353 Will). Spin. [5 HA l. l('('.-\ (H. l’aradigni l’oetx prexentx Sing/m .Vie/ii for St Valentine\ l)a}. an e\ening ol' \\ itt} \polxen “old on the theme ol 3 l \t eentur} relationxhipx. l’erl'ornierx inelude Slutt'pio the \ettte\t\. \ietoria .\lo\el_\. \ii\ (iee. Donna (‘ampbell \\ itli \ ixualx b_\ l)an Norton.

City Of Love

Giant Wheel (ieorge Square. (HMS 333909. lllain Ill.3tlpm. £1.50. Snuggle up \\ itli )our |o\ ed one and enio} unique \ iexxx ol'(}la\go\\ on the ('it) Hi l.o\ e \xlieel.

Open The Door To Love (‘liiiieli (it St John l)un\ Seotux. 3ft) Ballaier Street. (iorbalx. 430010. b.45pni. l‘ree. .v\n eeumenieal eeiebration at the \ltrine of St \illlL'llllllL‘.

Argentinian Tango Workshop St l‘raiieix ('entre. -lll5 (‘uniberlaiid Street. (iorbalx. 445 J‘HI. “.30 ()pm. £3.50. Dre“ in red and blaek and tango the night aha} eelebrating St \alentiiie‘x da_\. .v\ll [it'ttL‘L‘L‘th go to (limit).


A Brief History Of New Drug Invention l'nixerxit) ()l' Strathelyle. l.eeture 'l’lieatre l. .\IL‘(.illle' littlldlttg. l(i Riehmond Street. 4334-1S4. “.3llpni. l’ree. l’rol' Sii' .lanie\ Blaek l;tll\\ on the \ubjeet ol ntedieal ad\aitee\ at thix Kel\ in l.eettire. Science In The Garden llilllieatl librar}. B}re\ Road. 33‘) "333. ".3llpm. L3. l)r Mar} (iibbi) gnex a talk.


Singles Valentines (‘(‘.\. 35H Saueltiehall Street. 353 49th). L3H ine tlitit‘iel‘. ( (..'\ ttt\ ite \ingle ladx and l;t\\e\ to ‘eonie u itli a literal. and leax e \\ itli a \tranger' at llll\ romantie dinner.

Other events

Images Mother“ ell ’i‘heatre. ('i\ re (‘entre. \Vindmillliill Street. Mother“ ell. 01698 3(37515. llain lllpni. £5 il;3i. .\ da} to e\plore the eoniple\it) and \ariet} ol' iniagex through liliii. \ ideo. \xorkxhopx. talks and handx-oii e\liibitioii\.

City Of Love

Giant Wheel (ieorge Square. tilo‘m 333999. l()aiit l().3()pni. USU. See Thu 14.

Saturday 16 ~

City Of Love

Giant Wheel (ieorge Square. (rims 333090. lllam ll).3t)pni. £1.50. See 'I'hu H.

The Open Heart St .\lungo \liixeum ol Religioux l.il'e .’\lltl .»\rt. 3 (‘axtle Street. 553 355". l(l_~l5ani -lpiii. l-ree. l’eople ol all \\;tll\\ ol' lite and all or no t'eligioth eoine together lU \llglt'e lliL‘tt' itlL‘th til the [M ine at thix \pti‘tlttal \\ttl'l\\llitp.

Clyde 1 Roadshow St linoeli (‘enii-e. 55 St linoeli Square. 304 30””. Noon. l‘ree. lloxt (ieorge Hon ie \\ ill announee the \\ lllllt‘h ol ( ilaxgott \ leaxi romaiitie eouple. plux L‘Ullllk‘llllttlh. ladiion \liim \ and a eliarit_\ ‘Siiog .\ Soldier'.


Rangers v Motherwell lhim Stadium. lidniixton l)ri\e. ()S"(l (illl) l‘)‘)3. 3pm. Ll~ L33. Sl’l. toolball iiiateli.

Kilmarnock v Hearts Riigh} l’ai'k. Rugb} Road. Kilniarnoek. (H503 535|S~l. 3pm. Ll-l, Sl’l. toolball mateli.


Steve Rushton (‘(‘.-\. 35H Saueliieliail Street. 353 «ltitlll, 3pm. l'ree. l(’('.\ 3i. Ste\ e Ruditon. eo editor ol e\ er} thing .\l;iga/iiie and a rexeareher at the .lan \an li} ek .-\eadeni_\. .\laa\trielit. talk\ about the 'l’entli l,e\el e\liibition.

Other events

Books At The Botanics (il;l\:_‘it\\ Hotanie (iardenx. “3U ( ireat \Vextern Road. 331 3133. Illani -l.3l)pm. l‘ree. l’iek up a literar) bargain at thix book market.

Creative Dance Masterclass & Samba Workshop (‘tiinbernauld 'l'lieatre. Kildruni. ('unibei'nauld. lll33o ".3333". .3 split. (.3. .r\ge\ l-l .3 l. ('reate ;l \ltot't eai'iinal pieee at llll\ danee and inuxie lllil\lL‘l'L‘l;t\\.

City Of Love

Giant Wheel (ieorge Square. “HMS 3339‘)”. Illani Ill. 3llpni, L" l .5“. See lliu l-l.

City Sightseeing Tour (ieoi-ge Square. 3ll-l ll-lll. Ill3llaiii. L5. take a tour ol \ttlllL‘ ol ( ilaxgou '\ inoxt roiiiantie \potx ineluding the \liriiie to St Valentine. the Barronland Ballroom and the ‘l)i//_\ (‘orner'.

Wedding Fair l’eople\ l’alaee tk \Vinter (iaiden. (ilaxgon (ireen. 55-l H333. \ooii 5pm. l'ree. lti'idex to be ean prepare lor their big da} \\ itli three laxliion \lltt\\\. \pot pri/ex ol elianiperx and the ehanee to v. in a L5.l)()t) \xedding.


Practically Ponds l’alaeerigg (‘ountr'\ l’ark. l’alaeerigg Road. ('unibernauld. ()l33o "300.1".

lllani 3pm. “lap up “arm and eonie along l'oi' \itlllL‘ good elean l'tui eleaning the pond\.

\ l; i i I :it 55‘. <:' it'll} (grin. itigié;&;"<,..f;-:-:L {it-f' . (i 1);,1 1 Burrell Collection , I i ,i‘ I l ) I I -/ )I I _) , ,. I) ' )'i I /.1{.,/l «/ «1"xf) l(l..“>.'tf/<lri_ (in-J)! (/iiizvl. IV1IJ'3 l'\.l "I 5, ,.o l l (I i "\ 0",‘. j Art Gallery& Museum, (3... w I, i. " ' f " - Kelvmgrove (3. ,. . ,.,.,,. fr, Glasgow Ducks AMINO $37001. 27"] 7.71:1}. 53' ::"‘ lining- ’; lilii‘kilif‘f.’ Shir-ow" lVlf)". l":. 5’. SAT ‘;:"‘0_.f. ';<,ilt:';i.(ir‘ <,' (lir"°."r. «9 ’9” "i (It: itlzzrri t';:.".: l' k. fin :,<:;i..'. i. out 0 ,- " 'i "i i ' lle‘rt T‘;j'i‘ f,;,":,lyr;r;_ ling) {:Y’,t."’lT’t‘ml‘t/l/é: ",gi'“ 'Sl.’ .tw; extent, K,- ',i (:14,- Glasgow Botanic I. 3 ' fai' Victor :iv‘. an“ t<;r.t..w; Gardens '.' W 5‘» "a "mimosai,r;'r'1;:i*<;"t ,‘j-j,(;u;;:1\j/;,§gi.~ , :f"i, .. .' ’,f/l‘t;(,’.i’/tt o. 3.0% i,, li’ut’l, 5.3.. (/3. m , .; .~,-f. ..3 tin. w:


Glasgow life

Scottish Power Space Theatre, Glasgow Science Centre, www.gsc.org.uk

Planets schmanets. Who’s interested and Patrick Moore? Well, as of now, I Glasgow Science Centre’s newly ope

Located on the first floor of the Sci auditorium seats up to 120 people in with projections onto the huge dome

in the solar system other than geeks am, because I have just visited

ned Space Theatre.

ence Mail, the darkened, circular reclined chairs and entertains you

d ceiling of the night sky, star

constellations and the milky way. You hear about their history, positioning and how to identify them, but it is not until they are speeded up that you

want to stop the world for a minute a

nd get off. Once you’ve found your

space legs again it is time for part two and the Oasis In Space film.

This explains the solar system, the

planets and how they were created.

Like the stars they are projected onto the ceiling creating a feeling of

travelling at great speeds through sp

ace and occasionally ducking out of

the way when a planet gets too close. Each planet is examined from its

position to its make up and by the en

d of it you’ve seen the oceans filling

on a barren Earth, landed in a crater of the moon, fought your way through the clouds of Venus and had Uranus fly past your ear.

Even if you’ve never been intereste you’ve been amazed by the imagery,

d in the planets or the stars, once you will certainly come out knowing a

hell of a lot more than you did when you went in. (Jane Hamilton)

Winter Birdwatch .laniex llaniiltoii lleritage l);ll'l\. Sleuartlield. liaxt Kilbride. (H.355 33mm. llani. .>\d\anee booking required. lalxe a gentle \troll to ttlL‘ltltl} \ttttte til the SH \[iL‘t‘lL‘x til lilt'tl\ \xliieli lia\ e been identified in the park. Aren’t Birds Brilliant! l.oeli\\innoe|i RSl’H Nature Rexen e. largx Road. l.oeli\\innoeli. lll5ll5 S-l3oo3. 1pm tlll\l\. l‘ree. looking: at the “aterbirdx ol’(‘a\tle Seniple l.oeh.


Scottish Eagles v Sheffield ('entrtiin (‘eiitre. l35 .-\\ r Road.

l’rextxx iek. l)l3‘l3 (Cirillo. (Mt) S.3()piii. Lo LI5. Superleague iee lioeke} iiiateh.


Artist Talk S\\ itelhpaee. at ()l'lxliore. 3/5 (iibxon Street. 3»ll “I Hi. 3pm. l‘ree. l'rxiila \ixtrup and (‘aniilla [on talk about their \iterxpeeilie itixlallatioti.

Other events

Books At The Botanics (il;i\go\\ liotanie (iai‘denx. “3H ( ireat \\e\tern Road. 33l 3-133. lllani -l.3lliini, l’ree. See Sal l(i.

Antique 8. Collectors Fairs .\toii- llall. \liteliell 'llieatre (‘oniplev

(it';ttl\ ille Street, (llqh-l b.5535.

lliani ~lpni. Ll ieliildreii l‘reei. lironxe or bu_\ lroin a \\ ide \eleetion ol antique\ and ettllL‘elll‘le\.

7' 9. t::7.:'i.i ' :«t' . it if ES.‘ .' ' '2‘ ‘.ll ' !:Xll' ' ' flit"! "°""?l)l);l. “'Wia, t ‘;1: i 5"‘il"ilf‘- 1H 1 d House ForAn Art Glasg wSchool of Art Glasgow Science Lover l"-:,- l«./l{iii'\"'.. (hr-TE". centre l‘E-y- w it ~ :;-.~ l’ on- 13 ‘1 ' -.:':;)l7_ (tang. ‘>' i) 1". 3: ii ;‘¢\t'. H(,t‘;t'~.:~‘;l<-.:""l-: \ s I I\/Itti:'\' .(« l ( ' ()l Ht Iii, ." U I‘ \ i'\.li‘:c« ' mural" ' t t'i. int-Amati." M to 'i. ' ' r l ' 4i.t}.i:;ti;,.. it "\ “a,” ’l "' 1 ~, >t ' ' ".i.‘ i' h ' / " 'l l' i) t‘ l ' l ‘y 1" \l:\‘ \k i 1"\' ltlli ' t l lH\" x: i i