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Scottish Sports Hall Of Fame l'ntil Sun 3() Jun. Ro}al .\ithellltt. 3 ('hainherx Street. 347 431‘). l‘ree. .'\n e\hihition highlighting the ltlt) llttttttllttllttth tor pttxxiiile introduction into the lirxt Scottixh Spot'h Hall of lame at the Ro}al .\ith‘lllll. Vixitorx \xill alxo he invited to nominate their on n choieex


Love Is . . . New Work Scotland

Programme (‘nllectixe (iallcr). 22 3S ('ockhurn Street. 33() I300. 3 5pm. l‘ree. .'\rti\t\ u'ho haw taken part in the .\'\\'Sl’ 3()t)l/3()()3 di\L‘ll\\ hon the) lound

lea\ ing college and their preparationx tor their \olo \Ito\\ \ at the gallcr}.

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Dinner ltomlen l’ark ('entre. lhmden. l.i\ itig\tott. (ll5tl(i 45.30.54. ()pttt. L3“. ('elehrate lilt\ \PCCiili occaxion \\ itlt a romantic meal and |i\e tttlt\tL‘.

Scotland In Love .\Jethcrhou .'\rt\ ('entre. 43 ~15 High Street. 55(i 057‘). Spin. [(i (£4 l. .-\n exciting ol' romance

\\ itli llltl\lc l‘roni harpixt Katie 'l‘. .\daiiix and \tor)tel|ing lroni l)a\ id (‘aniphell .\lealx autilahle in the cale. plcaxe pre-


Other events

Saheliya - Indian Dance And Yoga (iateua) 'l‘heatre. lilin Ron. I.cith Walk. 317 393‘). 1 3pm. .'\n tippol'ltttttl) to tune dance and _\oga imtruction at the (iateua). (‘ontact Sahelin on (ll 3l 55o 9303 lot' deltttlx.


New Faces: Bernini .\‘arional (killer) ol‘ Scotland. The .\lound. (i3~l (i3tlt). l3.-l5pni. l‘ree. .\rt itl\lttl'litll l’aola 'l‘inagli gi\c\ a talk on the \xork ol Bernini.

Other events

Skipping In The Wind ('entrc 1-m- (‘ontintiing lidtication. l l Buceleuch Place. l'ni\er\it_\ ol‘ lidinhurgh. ~44." lotll. 7.30pm. l Hi. Raixing lundx tor the Iidinhurgh Harp l‘cxtnal. thix is a reflection on \xonien l'roni childhood to old age throttgh \\(it‘d\ and inu\ic. Performers are Belt} [to-\d. Kate 'I'huillier and (‘harlotte l’eterxen.

Star Crossed Lovers Nethcrhou :\t‘l\ (’entre. 4.3 ~45 High Street. 5.50 ()57‘). 8pm. £6 tL‘Jl. Romance and humour lroni \tor) tellerx \Vend} Welch and Michael Kerinx. ;t\ \\ ell ax halladeer Jack Beck. .\lealx :nailahle in the cute. pleaxe pt‘e-hotik.

Saturday 16 '


Hibernian v Dunfermline Athletic liaxter Road. 13 :\lhion l’lace. (ml IS'5. 3pm. U." £33 it'ltli. Sl’l. loothall inatch.


Mosses - Plant Identification Workshop Ro}al Botanic (iarden. lmerleith llouxe. 553 'lTl. ltlani 4pm. £35. :\n introduction to identification of common tlttt\\t‘\ lound lll Scotland. Come In Out Of The Cold Rotal Botanic (iarden. lmerleith Home. 553 "1"]. 10.30am. L5, .-\ guided tottt' ol- the glaxxhothex to take iii the hixtor} aitd architecture ol’ the heritage huildingx. Snakes Alive Holden Hotth limit 30. l-"ort Kinnand Retail Park. o5” 4041. 11am. l’ree. .\rt interactiie talk \\ ith 'l'rNan Bruce and hix collection ol' \nakex

Artist Talk Series l‘ruitinarket (Baller). 45 Market Street. 335 33S3. lpnt. l'ree. (‘atriona (irant and Heather linglentan. \‘Ulttlttl\\lttttetl .l\ part ol the l’uxion progranuiie. dixcuxx their c\pcrtence ot \xorking clmel} \\ itli \tall and patienh in \elected itoxpttal»

Other events

Jazz Vocal Workshop Houdctt l’at'k (‘entrc. Houden. l.l\ing\ton. lll5llo 1.33031. Illant 3pm. {lo lilll.5llt. lx’enov.ned Scottixh ia// \ite;til\l I ionna Duncan hoxtx a \xorkxhop.

Craigsfarm Recording Studio Open Day (‘raigxlarnr .\laree \‘xalk. ('raigxhill. i.l\ lllj_‘\littl. lll5tlti “"o‘H. Illani -lpnt {lit the lunch. (iaigxl'arni conununit} recording \ltltiltt opcttx ll\ rlooix to an_\one lllit‘l'e\ll|tf_‘ lll reeordtng or the llltlxlc i‘tlxlllt‘\\.

Body 8: Soul Health Fair The lidinhurgh .-\cadeni_\. 5-1 Henderon Ron. 33o "tilll. llani optn. £3 IL'l.5lll. Health and healing therapiex on ollcr include titaxxage. reiki. cr} \talx. tarot. lllll\lc and lot\ more.

Australian Culinary Arts the Huh. (lutlehtll. Howl .\lile. ‘l—3 3lttltl. _..5Uttltt. £335” £3(\.5ll. .\n C\L'lttttf..' ol gourmet .-\u\lrahan lood inxpired h_\ the multicultural. eclectic lttl\ lottttd doun tinder.


Edinburgh Rocks v Leicester .\leadouhank Sportx ('cntre. 13‘) l ondon Road. ool 535l. 5pm. L'— t£5l. lilil. (‘hantpionxhip haxkcthall match.

Other events

The Building Of Arthur llolirootl l’ark. 55o I‘M. lpni. l’ree. .\dxance hooking required. learn ahout the lorccx and people \\ hich ha\c \hapcd the landwape ol' the park.

Monday 18 Talks

New Faces: Frank Auerbach \ational (ialler) ol' .\lodcrn .\rt. Beltord

lA’. KS

Edinburgh life


Dynamic Earth, Mon 25 Feb

One giant leap closer to Mars attacks

Back in 1996, NASA scientists made a statement which changed the course of history. It was all down to one little Martian rock, namely the ALH84001 meteorite found in the Allan Hills icefields of Antarctica. This one meteorite provided the most conclusive proof yet that life exists outwith our own planet. Of course, it wasn’t proof of life in a one-eyed green alien kind of way, but instead, it was a complex carbon isotope ratio regarded as an indicator of life.

This evidence, while groundbreaking, divided scientists on its reliability. Basically, whilst they could prove the carbonates originated on the red planet, they could not prove that the organic matter was indigenous to Mars. Nonetheless, it did reduce the odds of finding life on other planets to even.

In order to verify that life does exist on Mars, further sampling and investigations have to be undertaken on the planet itself. This sparked a flurry of international interest in probing Mars and, through a joint effort between the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Open University‘s Professor Colin

Pillinger, the Beagle 2 was born.

Roughly the size of a microwave and named after HMS Beagle, the ship that took Darwin on his landmark voyage of discovery, the Beagle 2 will make the 250 million mile journey to Mars on the ESA’s Mars Express Mission. Once the Mars Express enters Mars‘ orbit, Beagle 2 will be released and will parachute to the surface where it will deploy a mole to collect samples of soil, gas and rock. Equipment on board the Beagle 2 will test the samples, and send

information back to scientists.

The Beagle 2 is expected to land on Mars in June 2003 and designer Colin Pillinger is naturally excited. The astronomer and chemist will be in town to talk about the historic mission as part of the Edinburgh Lecture series, and has said: ‘We just have one more step to make in this puzzle, we think, of going back to Mars and seeing whether the organic matter we've seen in the meteorites is in fact Martian rock and whether it meets the same criteria that we’ve recognised in the meteorites.’ (Maureen Ellis)

Road. (\3i (13W). 1:.‘l31‘lll, l'ree. (‘atherinc l..nnpert. independent curator. art ill\lttl'l.tli and tnodel lor \ucrhaeh \ince I‘l'S gi\e\ .in inxight into the ‘~.\ot'l\ ol' l‘rank .\uerl‘ach. Curator’s Tour .lohn Kno\ Houxc. High Street. 550 3M". 3pm £3.35 t"5p El."5i. .\Jctherhou director Donald Smith gixex a guided tour ol .lohtt Kno\ houxe. pa} ing particular attention to the Hat. Room \\ hich hax car\cd panelling dating hack to l5til.

Other events

Art Workshop littl'deh Httttix\. liltll :(t. l‘ort Ktnnaird Retail Park. (i5‘ MN I. opin. .\rt clavex loi' meryonc \\ ith i.}lttl;t l‘rante \\ ith itllll\ arid tipx tor all incdiunix.

Traverse Trivia Quiz 'l'raxeixe ‘l'heatre. (Kunhridge Street. 338 1404. .\‘pm. l‘ree. .\ lun general knou ledge qui/ lor teainx tip to eight. \\ ith \pot pri/ex all night.

Tuesday 1 9

Book events

Paul Johnston and John Connolly \Vaterxtone\. l.3 H l’rincex Street. 550 5(l5-«l. (i..5(lpttt. iii-CC. .SL‘Ullztttd and Ireland join lorcex ax thexe No popular authorx join rank\ to dixcuxx their uork and the genre ol' crinie \\ riting ax a “hole.

DynaIIIIC )/ rt...'\i’lli.ifl"l“..’i" .'7f3l.i'. H" "“"-"'° <\tl'el' "T}|.",’/"‘"j£l’.l, " ' 3' t' it" l ttl'Hii l' . .21521' :t are r » r v r A: ~ Mary Kings Close a. . " 'f 'l “ox-.7.) .m. .z ..mtt ..' Tours ~ tr ' t‘ ‘l' ' "' I esdee ' " nver 0 g l\hf:'. .t. i‘.h:'t,.l. (i't‘iifl .N‘t ‘. 1 2' ' ' ' i' {It ‘5.) '\'I.). G d w ‘3‘ ~ C ar en 1., alt: e). (ilttb amera Obscura I l (- ~ .. . wxr - t w .l . v » <.. ,.! 1 \l. .) i l . 4.5,“. ) \ \ l'\\-.:\."\\':;'\‘ N, :lkltlwi?\:yiii - 9:” (er-..‘,”- ram” g”. .L , , ,_ .. ,._,, :3, Hwy“. ,, uuyrnt. ~. ,. ,_ ,, ./tl.>l.(, J', 11ml (j/li ’l’ e. 1,. :\‘/$l“tf\:\(,{\,l‘l :l ,3, -- \ x In )\ ll \ \ \ 2 in «I,. : 1 /«l g g b A. . t M ' ‘\ v i. r . .,.r m... .,:,vi. "3 W U” 90” in urg oo w wax/iv». we" 3 1-1/3‘23- jar" " ' -1<*’\‘w~\>"~'~ / i,<>r:;fl>ii\'*"t;‘lrzzm .it:t.\:)..' .:;." r.:'itt..'.i"_. ‘Jo.~l w'..:.-( I>.,.,< " "'-"“' ill. i..)tl.“. er" ~l"."‘ 't:t'.l)l.‘1:’ tl' .. \lt,'..i)'\..||\’i.l\ A t _. ..»\,.. 0..r, ..‘, ,' II). “I :l' ) l (3 i, ' ‘(o t I/.{‘ \ I xi. "I‘ H i Kl\ i l I, \‘ ' \ (ii/(I‘ll(,f).’(z' '2" ,’,..":tlll} ",~;'r.;‘[l;j{.\ "‘Ig‘r. ,... \ 3"-:"\\' 3\/-3i*)- " "~7 :31 )\:\,:'\:"‘|i‘. 'L‘wii”. Lilith ‘..tit7:,.lu§)l‘.t\.t~e° ‘~..l".<"'.‘.‘t:tt"'t'f‘f."\ «'t' Ed' b hC t i ...;:1.. l ,, / . ,. I ., o ,, v o‘ o ,n ’\/x- v\ .1 u ., u .\ ., .n ..‘. v, 0‘ 'n urg as e '7t5-"->’3-~ 1 tr L”; 39-,” \...l'.". .. ’:"l)t:erx7..:» is.':?t'..».‘.'..tt:...7t ' l-- “I I. limit 2:! -’:.././' :,-:,~:,'..:-' ' :.:-.-' .il::;z‘i:‘.s-Left-(“Viv .tt:,.tt‘.:'.::.<::. "‘ltiLl. .ttlz‘t :i' \i t ll, v gig/[J _ ‘lgz.’ " ./ (41.. .:/.. : pd.“ : (I: ..'\_I -‘,.!:,):.-\T‘ ._ .i I.‘).-H£.x I . j :«"' l ’(‘t 1.\ " z 3‘