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f you’re remaking one of the coolest llill'if; ever as one oi the coolest films of 2002, you're going to need one of the coolest soundtracks. And for that you're going to need in hire Thr- Irishman. Yep, DJ—turned-soundtrack connoisseur David HOli‘lOS is back working wonders for his old pal and rilirecior of Ocean 's Eleven (Warner O... ). Steven Sederbergli. You ll member Holmes’ crime—funk score for Out Of Sight? Well. il wasn‘t it? This time round Holmes ditches the dirty Detroit sol ind of the earlier score for something a little classier. SOl(}(;ll()li‘; by Percy Faith, Perry Como, Arthur Lyman and Elvis~ providi ii-r: wiuisile lounge content for Soderberghs Ln" Vegas hi-ial rrw hr. 1* round these tunes Holmes' new compositions, ‘Bool.vli'auaiinu'. ‘Planting The Seed‘. ‘Stealing The Pinch' el‘c. lll'Y l :iri hm «j SOs-style crime themes and, of course the l1 1' i ivy“ liillfi loved funk. lt's pitch perfect thrniinri for a iiln: ll». i'r. -;i\ll~ consciously off-the-cuff throwaway fun anrl which l1 mum-r; \wll groomed men in sharp clothes pulling oil a ludicrously convoluted caper. And as the rules of modern lllfJVll.‘ sr'iiimltrzickf; dictate, Ocean’s Eleven is punctuated Willi dialogue r‘»i_'Li:il<e:;: George Clooney: ‘You're either in or you're out. Riiil l"";(l Pitt: ‘Las Vegas. America’s playground.” Not quite Out Of Sight, but neither is it out of mind. Nice bit of synergy informing Monsoon Wedding (Milan 0... ). Canadian composer Mychaei Danna was asked by Indian (but New York-resident) director Mira Nair if he'd like to score her film about a north Indian Hindu wedding. As it happens Danna, who previously composed the music for Nair's film Kama Sulra. was in the process of organising his own Hindu wedding with his fiancee

Apama. Aparna ended up doing most of that; Danna took care of Nair and then got hitched the following summer. As you might imagine, the resulting soundtrack is a labour of love.

It‘s also a mosaic of Indian sounds. Alternatively enchanting and bawdy traditional Punjabi songs share disc space with modern dance rhythms and bhangra rock. Danna’s own rich orchestrated compositions, working with around a dozen Indian

musicians, complement old Bollywood tunes

“$11111?232225232???Tiff)? Aa‘ It’s pitch-

LlSLlS/‘JJEIEit?212.373.355.21.Sifsé‘iffi’ofliifoi perfect for a

opening number). Also outstanding is New consciously off-the-cuff throwaway fun

Delhi band Midival Punidtz’s remix of the classic song 'Aaja Savariya’, all bewitching vocals and break beats.

Listen to this soundtrack, which plays beautifully without the film’s visual drama, go see the film itself and then you’ll need to hop a plane to Dehli and tie the knot.

Rock critic-turned—filmmaker Cameron Crowe doesn‘t believe in silence where there could be a tune. Thus, Vanilla Sky (Reprise 00 ) is stuffed with tunes. So much is this the case that there‘s no room on this seventeen track single disc for Thievery Corporation, Curtis Mayfield, The Rolling Stones and U2 (who all feature in the film). What does make it onto the disc illustrates Crowe‘s penchant for ‘classic’ rockers. 80: Todd Rundgren, Paul McCartney and - no, please - Peter Gabriel sit incongruously with Looper, Leftfield and Sigur Res. (Miles Fielder)

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