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(Henry. Northmore.


The Last Stand Of Mr America (Canongate 5:9.99i OOOO

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Bad Blood =C"<:¢‘:t :2" 53““):3; O.


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Rumours Of A Hurricane V-rxuzg; E‘

Though blighted by high unemployment and the systematic dismantling of the welfare state, the 19805 is now thought of as culturally richer than the insipid decade that followed. While it is banal to look back on any period as a homogeneous unit, there is an undeniable nostalgic appeal about the time that restraint forgot, overshadowed as it was by such dark figures as Thatcher,

Reagan, Murdoch and Roland Rat.

Tim Lott’s contemporary tragedy sets out to deal with particular changes in British society from the 1979 general election to 1991 when the Iron Lady was last night’s handbag wielding nightmare. From start to finish, Lott’s novel is a checklist of Thatcher era iconography and consumer paraphernalia: the right to buy, riots and strikes, the burning Belgrano, microwave ovens, toasted sandwich makers. You half expect one of the characters to wander in sporting a shell suit,

bum bag and deely boppers.

For his purpose, the author has as his protagonists an aspirant middle class couple: Charlie, a stolid printer and Maureen, a depressed housewife and Dallas fan who gradually comes alive

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to the pleasures of sex, the revitalising power of work and amassing money and possessions. Lott’s prose is unflashy and direct and the novel works best when the author picks over the grubby minutiae of his characters lives. Yet, his tale of decent people corrupted by their burgeoning greed is hackneyed and simplistic, and could have been dealt with more subtly removed from this stock 805

backdrop. (Allan Radcliffe)

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FINANLE Wit 1 . E BRAD MELTZER The Millionaires 'H()(lil-I;'." é; Stung". Viki/'8}. OO

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9.3%,): r ‘z’o: STRACHAN

Negative Space


W?" 53'” \UK.

\Ll. . .19: DON DELILLO The Body Artist


Decency corrupted by 805 greed ,

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ALSO PUBLISHED Alexander Waugh (2.9.:

Claire Messud 7w

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Dennis Lehane '. '.