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begun to scrbble ill. canon mercilessly. With Deep down/n this .s still a Blackfoot and Cheap Trick riffs spilling all over each other and some slightly nauseating. self- iinportant. postured crooning from Singer Dylan Dorkin. Elsewhere there are- ghosts of Stone Temple Pilots and St)iii‘.(igardeit floating about. but that Vital edgy spark is somehow missing from the stodgy rock'n'roli proceedings.

The worlds of comics. fine art and deSign collide in B/ab. a coffee table book Size anthology of strips and illustrations informed by pure underground comix curveball humour. Walter Minus' erotic. noirish retro tale complex amps ':;"‘ t‘i"(l of a bombshell and her magic real an: S '~:.~a seven men (well. aliens < ate Wore-issue.

and robotsi 'Serial Esp-(zeta .'.i‘e" ..teer: Lover' might have been fes?‘ out. as .'.<;~-:;-. ."-:,- Created by David e'nct'o'al are p' .

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coHective art-:rork takes \JGoggaACEODE Law‘a'r“; :,~:;~:.~v‘ :r.‘.;i. ’L" 'nbb, egangiei en in everything from 4.1133135};7‘39; ..... 3378:. 1’1. '3: a nus: "wtarzi. :1" 'l_c.'e oiio‘sring a series of bainting to J -::. : ..‘Z '3; ll ():;":i_..t,~"' . :2; a‘ we?!~"t—2cer.'e(t EPs. photography to " 1 ";'Y‘.l win/i .".:1,.‘3'l":;lt: ocv‘e 1' a (i f;t‘:""‘fit‘tl Boards 0‘ Canada are Edinburgh's Jason

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soap opera. the Stfl'lnézlizifiti't;‘,‘12<,"5i" : trunk of a war .'.’l’.:’* a funk, at times. th-s is the tiuzte soulful fit/1'. dramatic intensm’ o" ilimtv: UN .:"T3 NM”) or >rt;f;‘:. (Lt iol beans; .../\Y‘.‘.'l<tll%l l()[) t most accessible head Yodng Ja/x Vocalzst of

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Uncle Scott gets all paternal on Joey’s ass in Stray Bullets ll‘.‘:ii;(l‘,. i;i?l‘f§|t".‘:‘. .inti to'in anot'ier one. At

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