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We drop in on DESIGNSHOP, led by people who want Edinburgh to catch up with its stylish west coast cousins. Words: Tim Abrahams

ahling. you know how thoroughly at a loose D end I am while you are at the office? Well.

I've decided to open a shop that sells trinkets.‘ A few forward thinking shops aside. the ‘little-shop-as-leisure’ attitude has typified Edinburgh‘s contribution to commercial design for far too long. L'p until recently if you wanted to buy Modernist furniture or fittings in Edinburgh then you had to wait until they were second-hand or if you wanted them brand new then you had to head west and to the glitz of Glas-vegas.

Things are changing however. If the capital's sense of style isn‘t exactly evolving into the let century then at least it‘s coming to terms with modernism. In the past three years. Designlab have not only established themselves as one of Edinburgh‘s most innovative one-stop design practices. with commissions from Leith (‘ommunity Treatment (‘entre and a new spa for Stobo (‘astle on top of private house conversions. Now. they are opening Designshop. which will front their practice offices in ('ausewayside and sell work by designers like Starck and Jacobsen.



Who are Mal&Leigh? Mal8.Leigh Womanswear DeSign are doing rather well in London boutique 8&M. Their exclusive second collection is abOut to hit the

shops in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Why are you telling me about a pair of overpriced mockney designers? No. you've got it all wrong. Mal&Leigh are based in Edinburgh, were runners- up in last year's Intervention Awards and this is still only their first year of trading. Malcolm Birkenshaw. 27. already designs for the Italian label New

Penny and Leigh Bagley. 26. is a renowned knitwear (.lesigner.

Why haven’t I heard of these fly-by-nights? I’m a fashion obsessive The reason may be that they have only iust secured themselves some Scottish outlets. Who these Outlets are. they are keeping very close to their cashmere-

clad chests.

Did you say the ‘0’ word? 0h darling, you shouldn’t have . correct. ‘Our new collection is a mix of interesting prints and cashmere.‘ explains Malcolm Birkenshaw. ‘But we don't work along the traditional route.‘ Tell me more, dahlink. I need to impress my friends Mai & Leigh are about to break big. so start name dropping now. For more information and enquiries call 0131 5353:") 13201 or Visit their website www.inal— (Paul Dalei

‘The backlash against

modernism in Britain during the 805 is 0i

. . That is

It’s the second stage of an expansion which began when Patrick Haddad bought R.l). (‘ameron in 199‘). He has modelled the practice on the central liuropean model. where designers are expected to be able to create a complete identity for a house. from plans through to furniture and fittings.

‘We‘ll even design your slippers.‘ says Haddad. He admits that although the good citizens of lidinburgh eventually appreciate handing over the design worries lock. stock and barrel to the company. they find the idea of a design practice initially intimidating: ‘L'nless they have loads of money ofcourse.~

"l‘he shop will certainly be a place to come for single pieces but it will also act as a means of enticing customers into the philosophy of the whole practice and therefore the practice itself.” It’s perhaps more than just a happy coincidence that they will be selling details by Arne Jacobsen who this year would have been 100 years old. No one better sums up the approach that Designlab aspire to than the architect and designer whose Royal Hotel in Copenhagen crowns a glorious series of top-to-bottom designs. Designshop see him as one of the classic designers modernism that they are

introducing to clients. Haddad sees this as another small step in the city's changing attitudes. in line with the rest of the country. 'I think the backlash against modernism that occurred in Britain during the 80s is ending. Since the millennium we are becoming more receptive to the idea that we can define a new. more appropriate identity through our designers.’

Designshop, Causewayside, Edinburgh, 0131 667 9166,


SPEW’. 3.99.091. Spend. - .- -


couple of months, fashion watchers should book Monday 22 & Tuesday 23 April in their diaries as that's when the catwalk will be constructed for Glasgow School of Art '5 annual Fashion Show at the Arches.

I JENNERS CONTINUES TO introduce new fashions into its Designer Room. This season’s hot look comes from LA’s Juicy Jeans who’s logo T-shirts and jeans are a big hit in the US of A, and the store also now stocks the full Moschino range, from the Jeans Collection to Cheap & Chic. Or if you’re feeling particularly flush you could check out the Couture range. Get the full spec on all the new looks at

r \,_\



Hurley. Well. someone must be responsible for the latest pa ck of Brit girls being chosen to represent make-up brands. At the classy end we‘ve got Catherine Zeta-Jones signing with Elizabeth Arden, in the cooi stakes Kate Moss is working wonders for Rimmei LondOn. and. er, in the other end of the market the girls from Atom:c Kitten are promoting Avon '5 Color Trend range.

I OXFAM HAVE MADE A new venture into the music world by opening a dedicated second-hand record shop at 64 Raebum Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh. They’ve had stock donated by Radio Forth and BBC Radio Scotland but are looking for more material across all genres. They’re also keen to hear from volunteers.

I lF FASHION SHOWS ARE your thing then $20 will get you admission to Capability Scotland's charity fundraiser at Edinburgh's Royal Museum on Wednesday 6 March. Exhibitors at the special event include Designers at Debenhams. Charlie Miller hairdressing and Clarins cosmetics. More info On 0131337 9876.

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