I Longstay backpacker’s accommodation in the city centre. available in shared. single. double or twin rootns. Fully furnished: TV. hi-li. fridge. freezer. cooker. washing machine. bedding. supplies. etc. Including Council Tax. gas. electricity & TV licence. Price range between £45-£o() p/w. Phone no: ()131 553 4489. Mobile no: 07950 382 296. Email address: longstaybackpackers @hotmailcom


V I saw you and it was like a film: longish-hair. stupidly- hatted. slow-witted boy FLIPs over red-haired girl star seen in Blockbuster. Opening dialogue lacked imagination. but story is a potential thriller. Can the plot thicken? Box No L7435/l. V I saw you in Safeway Byres Road. I was an idiot and you were frenzied. It was all a huge mistake and totally needs-based. Inbound calls welcome. Box No L7435/2. VI saw you Julie. in Logic. friend's 18th. You like man. you don't like travelling. but it‘s a way from Belfast to Strathclyde L'ni. Call me! I promise no Transformers t-shirt this time! Box No L7435/3.

VI saw you Thur 14 Feb about 12 noon. Ibrox subway platform. You: wearing black jumper. black bag over your shoulder. I was standing next to you with black jacket on. we both got off at St Enoch. You seem to be in a hurray? Box No U/435/4.

VI saw you tall. curly blond. Irish chick in the Subby with short skirt and big smile!! Haven't had so much fun in ages . . . regret not getting your number. Box No L7435/5.

VI saw you Mystery German Chalk Girl and I saw you're sidewalk writings in the park. I like your way with words. Maybe we can get together and chalk it up to

ex erience? Box No L7435/(i. V saw you trying to eat the popcorn before I had it all! Fizzy cola bottles rule! Shrimps are not so good. Happy un-valentines day. love you xx. Box No L7435/7.

VI saw you Yellow mohican Diesel boy. 3 Feb. Me: guy that asked you price. so I could talk to you. You: looked at me funny. because it was a girl's top. You're still cute. Box No U/435/8.

VI saw you Marc at the Shack Doctors and Nurses Ball - Feb 14th. We got together. and went for breakfast. I think I lost your number. have I lost you? Katie. Box No C/435/9. V I saw you at the Borders cafe. I told you to cheer up. Sorry I couldn't meet you at the architecture section. Contact me again and keep smiling.

Box No [1/435/10.

V I saw you brazen strawberry blonde. decollete and impish grin. You. always were my fave waitress. I'm gutted you work in Waterstone‘s. (Argyle St) (‘atef Box No U/435/l I.

V I saw you Miriam S. My one and only valentine. We still need to go out for that meal. I haven't forgot. Love always. 1. Box No L7435/l 2.

V I saw you tall. dark. gorgeous (‘ottiers bar tnan. You're the sexiest boy I've ever seen. I)o yott spin anything other than records?! Box No [7435/13.

V I saw you at Ztiba gig (‘eltic Connections: Raven haired. buxottt lass! With Kawasaki T-shirt. You wanted to dance but I was with my girlfriend. Box No [7435/14. V I saw you Californian babe in Tinderbox drinking coffee with sotne sexy Irish girls. Call me for fun and frolics. Box No [.7435/15.

V I saw you my beautiful Neanderthal boy. You wanted me to announce it to the world. so come on holiday with tne. Pleeeeeasef Box No [7435/16. V I saw you fat boy at the Arches (‘ztl’e/bar. You know who I am. Come 'n‘ get tne big boy! Xxx. Box No [.7435/17.

V I saw you and was completely blown away. You were at the Jill Scott concert in the Barralands. You reminded tne of a Disney character - was your natne llelen'.’ Box No [7435/18.

V I saw you (‘hris from the Arches! I would love to see you and your lightstick. you starship trooper you? liront the small brunette! Xx. Box No [7435/l9. V I saw you specky baldy bookseller in Borders. (‘heer tip eh?! I.uv ya babe. The Pringle xxx. Box No [7435/20.

V I saw you in a dream last night. Pauline. you are an angel sent from heaven. Lots and lots of love. (‘raig xxx. Box No [.7435/21.

V I saw you with your large boots and makeshift jean skirt. hurrying tip Buchanan Street with your digital camera - taking in all the sights - Feb 15... Box No [7435/22.

V I saw you Ming Mong. Your sparkley eyes light up my lil’c...lovc you lots. Box No [,'/435/24.

V I saw you Alasdair in Joannc's in Iilgin on Friday 29 November. Me: brunette avoiding your brother. You: from Aberdeen just lost your front teeth. You: tnoving to St. Andrew s. I'm front Iidinburgh - fancy meeting up'.’ Box No [7435/25.

V I saw you looking gash in Hugo Boss before Christmas. Your name is Niall + you have a thing for multi-sized muesli. Box No L7435/26.

V I saw you yelling at the men on Firhill wore your hair in spikes. yourjags colours with pride. a tall ginger bloke at your side. Box No L7435/27.

V I saw you looking suave and refined and possibly just turned the same age as the average soldier in \v'ietnam‘T.’ Box No [7/435/28.

V I saw you in the Arches Cafe bar. sneaking in a sly scratch of your botpiece while chatting to your mate John? Ileat‘d your name was

Chris?! XXX. Box No [7435/29.

V I saw you cute Key. loungin' in the Arches ('afe. Is I)ane Bowers your bro? Luv ya. I. x. Box No {7435/30.

118 THE LIST 28 Feb—14 Mar 2002

VI saw you at the Abba night in the Theatre Royal when I was dancing next to you. Thank you for turning my V into a W. Get in touch. Box No U/434/l.

VI saw you again today sitting in front of me in SPAM exam. You - Cute. red. 3rd yr PDE girl. Me - Mystically Speechless Everytime. Box No [7434/2

VI saw you Jenny. before Xmas. at a party filled with Jet students. You talked about painting 5ft canvases in Dennistoun. I (reluctantly) had to bugger off and meet some mates at a club and was too gobsmacked by you to ask for your number. despite all the pints of mulled wine we drank that night. Any chance of coffee? Box No L7434/3.

VI saw you level 3. 31/]. computer next to me under the big tnap at about 2:30. Thought you were a fox but you ran away at 3. wish I had better chat. Box No L'/434/4.

V I saw you Donegal girl that used to work in W'axy's. Spoke to you in Lowdown a bit before Christmas. I was working on the bottle bar and you had lost your friend. Your tall. have dark hair. really big smile. I think your name is ()livia. Your friend kept encouraging you talk to me. I would really like to see you again and take you fora drink. Please get in touch. Box No L7434/5. VI saw you delightfully attentive. tall. blonde. rather sexy man working in Oshi . . . me‘.’ Suited Who woman who noticed you on Tuesday 29 doing a splendid job. Wanna meet tne 8; explain the fusion concept . . . Box No L7434/6.

V I saw you Frank being my boyfriend. how cool is that? Let‘s go spend lots of novel weekends together. have races. do aerobatics and dance naked!!! Yours always. Alec xxx mwa! Box No L7434/7.


V I saw you Helen. Audrey Hepburn style aura. lovely ring on linger ready for the big event in September. Me. crusty traveller. slowly making my way home. See you in April pet . . . Ronan's girl. Box No L7435/79.

V I saw you pouring me an Iirdinger at the Traverse. I'm not in there often. but I'm glad you still smile back. Cheers me up every time. Box No L7435/80. V I saw you tnulti-lingual Madrilet‘ta. in Gorgie Hell. I liked you more than a pagan could ever tell. but less than the other AI. Thanks for defrosting me . . .You're bliss. blessed be. Box No L7435/8l.

V I saw you Matthew. in the forest in purple bunnysuit. sipping a cappuccino. Me. crotchless leather pants and snakeskin bow tie. We had words. Box No L7435/82.

V I saw you Henry's Cellar Bar. 16 Feb ‘02. Small. dark- haired girl sitting near stage with two other girls. Your friend (the flute player) accidentally shoved my glass in my face after I came off stage and complained we still

did not have a CI)! Wanted to come and chat to you later but you left before I got the chance. Maybe see you at our gig next month? Box No [,'/435/83.