V I saw you working in Cult.

around Christmas time. You: dark. gorgeous. but not conceited. .\le: blonde & innocent looking. You sold me trainers. we smiled and I felt a spark. (let in touch! Box .\'o [7435/84.

V I saw you Julie ‘the Policewoman with an Aberdeen [fniyersity linglish degree' at Subway West lind. Sat 16 June 200l. 1 went to America for H) weeks & when I catne back. you were taken. Are you still attached'.’ What do policewomen do in their spare time‘.’ You'll need to get in touch. cos I owe you a drink. remember? Box No [7435/85. V I saw you in Top Man. Saturday 16 Feb. You suggested a tie for my shirt. I thought it was yuck. but you were well fashionable in your light blue jacket. Box No [7435/86.

V I saw you Who's my Boy'.’ . .Yes -- you are! and I will always be your Babeyl l.oying you all the time and it just gets better. Happy Valentines my gorgeous chunky boy! l.oye (‘heeky x. Box .\'o [7435/87. V I saw you Dr. 'I‘Pl’. it‘s- official?! Yoti would clearly get it from me. twice on Sundays. in fact as many times as you wanted. anyday of the week. “‘Nose in you eye* the Sous (‘hef xx. Box .\'o [7435/88.

V I saw you (‘urly (‘laire. I'm going to stay right here 'till the end of time. 'till the earth stops turning. l'm going to loxe you 'till the seas run dry because you're the one I've waited for. Box No [7435/89.

V I saw you Kim at Joy. You:

with the collar. .‘yle: obedient and just around the corner. Box .\'o [.7435/90.

V I saw you hunky workman in my work. Yoti can hang my door anyday.

Box No [.7435/91.

V I saw you at Iidinburgh Airport on No\ ember l0 you changed my life. I so do. xxx. Box No [7435/92.

V I saw you in .-\u (iourmand.

you are the loyely. dark-haired Frenchman behind the till. sometimes you wait on the tables. Magnitique! Want to meet fora glass of tilt rouge‘.’ Box No [.7435/93.

V I saw you waiting fora panda hug. Jtist wait fur/y. just a little longer. xx. Box .\'o [,7435/94.

VI saw you .\‘eil in till]. it was so loyer to meet you and thank you so much for the hat. "too nice". Would loye to catch up. Louise xx. Box .\'o [7435/95.

VI saw you far too long ago you gorgotIs girl you . . . Get your arse on a plane and get over here FOR GOODNESS SAKli! . . . l.()\’liY()[.’ X. Box No [7435/96.

VI saw you in the Tray. (‘uryyx blonde goddess. drinking many. many pints at the bar. Face like an angel. mouth like a sewer . . . next rounds on me beautiqu Box No [.7435/97.

V I saw you ln the Trayerse . . . you‘re (}()R(i()['S and go by the name of Stig . . . love at first sight. be still my beating heart. Let's have dinner soon . .'.’ Box No [.7435/98.

V I saw you jolly green giant. in your dressing gown and shoes. You ate my hummus. I wore your giant pants - let's watch 0A.}: soon'.’ Love Kiwi next door xxx. Box No [7435/99.

VI saw you fallin' aboot the place on l.eith Walk alter drinking (iuiness for [2 hours or so. Big Al. with your trousers fallin' down too. 'I'ut tut. Box .\'o [.7435/100.

V I saw you you've been watching the oot on Tuesday. Barbara was night. but that smile is great. l didn't know what to do when you. your eyes stunned me. Box No [.7435/l0l. V I saw you early-to-late lady . . . you've been working too tnuch lately. maybe you should cotne out with rue on one of your. l'eyx‘. nights off. Box No [.7435/l02.

VI saw you Jane in the lloneycombiust before you went home for Christmas. You're still as cute as eyer and me as tongue-tied fancy a drink sometime‘.’ Rich. Box .\'o [7435/103.

V I saw you dark haired foxy. intellectual. stealing glances at me oyer your French dictionary in Martha's Wholefood Diner (3- 7pmish 4/2/02. \'oule/. yous parler lirancais ayec moi cc soir'.’ Box No [7435/104.

V I saw you my speedy- driying. cat-stroking. horse- riding. guitar-playing apple muncher. Still sitting on the fence‘.’ Xxx Box .\'o [,'/435/l()5.

VI saw you litness instructor. Are you gay‘.’ I hope not as I am Swedish. with dark collars btit blonde cuffs. Box No [7/435/106.

VI saw you flashing yer white socks at all the ladies. I. but I know your heart is stolen by your art. (‘an I be the one to have the rest of you'.’ Box No [.7435/l07.

V I saw you (‘haton fou. Il'l stroke you. will you bite'.’ (‘an I be the one to tame you? Box .\'o [7435/108.

V I saw you jumping down off your saddle. it’s a long ride from east to west but I'll ease

your tired limbs if you'll be my

cowboy tonight. xx Box .\'o [7435/l09.

VI saw you Cam. don‘t be a stranger. Come to Paris and make sweet loyin‘ under the stars. Will you be mine‘.’ R. Box No [.7435/l l()

V I saw you Gail. at Joy. Sat 2nd. 4‘9". .\lmmm...Bouncy Bouncy - Matt. Xx Box No [7/35/l l 1

VI saw you Simon. liked the meat. how about a saltiet' one this time'.’ A foreign admirer. Box .\'o [7435/l 12. V I saw you R. on me. naked in Porty. (iiye me some more loyin’. you sexy dreaded Adonis. Box .\'o ['/435/1 13. VI saw you my little monkeyness. Just a wee message to say I loye you? And say hello to .\lirka. Tom and Samuel. With love l)ayie and Lucky. xx Box No [7435/l l4. V I saw you Autohot boy at Sarah's party. l-‘ri l5th lieb. I still think frontal lobotomies are the way forward. The Decepticon. Box .\'o

[7435/l 15.

VI saw you pizza stained stripy shirt boy in Berties (l‘ri. l5/2i. You pulled my pigtails. Have you found a pen yet'.’ Box No [7435/l in.

VI saw you Delores. You were not a happy bunny. Sorry we woke you tip. Please come out and play. l.o\‘e Kandy x Box No [7435/1 l8.

VI saw you Scottish boy with all your spanners and Alan-keys! llappy (‘offeef Box No [.7435/l 19.

VI saw you in (ilasgow in a reef. ('anadian girl! Dancing with the birthday girl and mermaids! Swim with me! Xxoo. Box No [7435/12().

V I saw you (‘anadian cheese girl hangin with Buffy and Angel! I miss you! Xx. Box No [7435/l 2|.

V I saw you beret girl. Lyceum bar (1/2/02. Liquor chocs put me oyer the limit. Your smile melted all my ice- cream! Box .\'o [7435/122.

V I saw you pregnant .‘ylum. cherub cheeks and sparkling eyes. Be my pearly Queen‘.’ Box No [7435/123.

V I saw you ‘.\'at" at Mischief on Fri l l-‘eb. You are Politics student from Bristol. 1 am "older" shayen headed guy from Surrey. Please get in touch. Box No [.7434/81.

V I saw you in [idinburgh and you saw me in Berlin. We should see each other tnore often my pig-loying pal. Box No [7434/] ll.

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