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Phil Kay

Humble reflections on the passing of a Princess

over the balcony at times of wedding announcements. and the bedding and such. were dry cleaned by inhouse staff on a bi-monthly rotational system. yet there was no one to replace and clean the turret top pennant and it slightly bothered the king's sister. Princess Margaret who had a wonderful suite high in turret twelve.

She was a bit troubled by being a royal and because there was no chance of her ever being the monarch. obviously. There was a chance of her morphing into a fairy godmother or even a kindly grieving matriarchal

retainer of a regent. guiding her son

She Linley onto the throne. her booze There was always the chance she

might become embittered and upset

and a at the fact that her children would for be sideline-royalty. There may even

have been some kind of grounds

way back on which to build some home movies kind of feud-based curse element

which might lead to her being

W'th one Of banished and heighten her power nation’s with a dark allegiance and use some

- strange unexplained mirror-device which could be tuned in to watch over specific rooms in the castle.

Margaret though was a bit peeved at the filthy pennants. They flapped in the wind a bit like useless sails failing to transport her away from there. She liked her booze and had a passion for making funny home movies with one of the nation‘s jesters. He was called Sellers and together they had fun that some thought was out of place for a royal. She also hung out at Lord Tennant's estate and the island of Mystique. She contented herself and had a good time and avoided becoming old and evil.

nce or twice apon a time. here and there. 1700 years

ago. though in a different fabric of geographic. non—

specific dimensionalism. there lived a king. His name was A]. llis kingdom was fairly large. about 350.000 hectares approximately. and was mostly arable and with a lot of daily. It was very hilly with sudden large mountains of a very pointy natttre leaping tip around miniature forests that grew and were not needed for fire—fuel.

Only a small amount of the population lived around the base of the castle in a conceptual housing system that had all their heating bills covered by tapping into the massive furnaces that heated the castle. as well as a rechannelling of heat from the enormous fires which took care of the hot water and provided a surpltts.

Some advisers to the king thought that it was a bit daft. having the riff-raff so close and sometimes. on big state visits and big balls. they were given vouchers redeemable if they were well-behaved or stayed indoors.

The castle was outwardly constructed in a mythical style by the architects Shottsen. llinkensohn and Pfettzer. who were given more or less free reign to do as they wished and came up with a myriad ofexcessively pointy turrets in a huge range of pointless pinks and blues. bedecked with a series of one-off pennants with a horse theme. designed by the king's gay brother who was only sixteen at the time.

The pennants themselves were fixed and in that forked-to- the-rear shape and could not be removed and had become a bit raggedy and filthy. despite the castle being fttlly funded from mineral rights. King .-\I was very generous. though there was still nobody actually in charge of that department as it were.

The tapestries and the banners that the king had unfurled

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