Every issue, The List in association with Beck’s highlights the work of a young Scottish-based photographer.

Peter Davies

Peter Davies is in his third year at Napier University studying photography, film and

television. His main interests lie in creating constructed studio set—ups and off—the-cuff type

images. The selected photographs are taken from his portfolio and feature pictures of empty. \ , \ disused spaces which have had life added to them. If you would like to get in touch with him Suppo'tm by call 0131 652 2071 or email:

Rl-i(;. 'I‘M. How to enter work Applicants should be students in the second year or beyond of a photography or relevant degree, or those who have graduated in the last three years. To arrange a time for The 9- {— I List to see your portfolio call Helen Monaghan on 0131 550 3076. Each of the chosen 93 E: S photographers will receive E100, courtesy of Beck’s and The List.