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smok'c—l‘illcd dcns that niccly curtail any cluhhcr's wcckcnd dclight. 'I'hirty-two-ycar-old :\ngclo is a hip hop ohscssiyc who loycs cluhhing in (ilasgow hut has ol'tcn l'ound himscll coming ltcad on with thc unacccptahlc lacc ol houncing.

‘l was in this ycry ccntral nightcluh; I don't want to natnc it cos its run hy. you know. Malia. Thcrc was this yottng guy who I sort ol' kncw and hc‘d spillcd my drink. I wasn’t gctting aggrcssiyc hut l was insisting hc got mc anothcr. hccausc l was a hit skint. llc ignorcd mc and turncd away so I tricd to catch him on thc shouldcr.

'Bcl‘orc l kncw it. I‘d hccn hoistcd up by thc ncck to thc cyc lcycl of this cnormous hottnccr who was squcc/ing my throat. I was trying to say that I couldn‘t hrcathc. hut hc didn‘t sccm to carc: hc just sccmcd intcnt on hurting inc. So I did thc only thing I could which was punch him rcally hard in thc t‘acc and hc droppcd mc. But thcn I got a propcr hcating from a l‘cw ol thcm outsidc.'

lt's casy to hclicyc thc many storics that go around ahout sccurity lirms rccruiting cs- criminals and thcrc is littlc dottht that in cct'tain at'cas ol' cithcr city hcing a hounccr mast hc a thanklcss task. But why has thcrc hccn so littlc intclligcnt lcgislation

controlling thc cmploymcnt cligihility ol' cs— hooligans that hccomc hounccrs cycry ycar'.’ "l‘hcrc‘s no douht ahout it that thc hcst cluhs arc thosc with no sccurity or sccurity that is ycry much in thc hackground.’ says Angclo. 'But thcn again. in sotnc arcas it's likc thc wild wcst so mayhc thcy

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hut ‘indcccnt assaults‘ and ‘scxual ot‘t’cnccs’ arc hoth

down (rapc ohyiously comcs outsidc of this rctnit ). Anothcr typc of man in tlltiltit‘lti sccms curiously

rclatcd to thc cndlcss talcs ol‘ trouhlc that ccho in

nccd to hc likc that.‘

'l'hcrc is a ccrtain hclicl' amongst many of thc old guard of loothall casuals that tcrracc yiolcncc is on thc risc. 'l‘hc rcccnt rammy at Pittodric whcn

5% of List readers feel more aggressive after seeing a violent film

5°/o Of List readers have gone out looking for a fight

15% of List readers think Paisley is Scotland’s most violent place

Rangcrs and Ahcrdccn fans l‘orccd thc playcrs l’rom thc l'icld may hc cyidcncc for thc prosccution. 'l‘hc \‘idco gamcs and class :\ drugs that qucllcd somc of thc prohlcms in thc ()(ls arc clcarly not working anymorc and thc initiatiycs against yiolcnt crimc of a l'cw ycars ago hack'cd hy .Iim Wallacc hayc scrycd only as a rcd rag to thc slccping hull.

ln thc schctnc ol things it may hc douhtl'ul that thc gcntrilication of thc hcautit'ul gamc has amplil'icd thc pointlcssncss of such harmlcss actiyitics. though it‘s ohyiously dill'icult to gct a grip on a haschall hat whilc you arc trying to cat sushi in your priyatc hos.

:\s for Michacl. hc no longcr sccs any of thc old crcw. has a rcspcctahlc

joh. smokcs a hit oi grass somctimcs

and sits on a local committcc on his housing schctnc that kccps crack and smack dcalcrs from sclling in thc local arca. l.ast wcck' hc was hcatcn tip in his local chippic hccausc hc mistook a young lad l’or somconc clsc. llis glasscs wcrc hrokcn and hc had to hayc stitchcs. "l'hc worst thing ahout it is that I caught a glimpsc ot‘ thc llcarts strip hcncath his jackct as hc pttnchcd mc.‘

Some names and details have been changed to protect the identity of individuals. Do you have any stories to tell about being unable to go about your business in Glasgow or

Edinburgh without an act of violence getting in your way? Send your tales to us at react@list.co.uk or to The Editor, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE. The statistics come from our questionnaire on violence, published last September.

40°/o 0f List readers don’t want boxing


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