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Filhaal tl’(ii i.\feglina (lul/ar. India.

300] i. A f\\‘i.xl of fate hringx four people together in thix llindi ixxue moy ie dealing with xurrogate motherhood. l'(‘l. lidinhurgh.

The Flufferi Isl O. iw'axh \cht and Richard (ilat/er. [8. 3002) Michael (’unio. Scott (iurney'. Roxanne Day. 03 minx. Sean 1(‘unioi rentx ('iliren Ix'um' from a Video xtore only to he giyen ('i'tia'n (‘um hy' mixtake. lhe .xtar of the porno. Johnny Rehel ((iurney'l. .xuhxequently heconiex Sean'x 'Roxehud‘. ()hxexxion driy'ex Scan to get a joh at the film production company that employx Johnny. and Sean .xoon hecomex Johnny'x favourite ‘fluffer’ theing the individual who arouxex a porn xtar for the camera). The Hillier triex to hreak all of llollywood'x rulex ahout what a gay man xhould he like. l'nfortunately. the film dixappointx hy' doing the one thing that porn ix not xuppoxed to do: it leay ex you feeling l'ruxtrated. l'(i(‘ (’ineniax. lidinhurgh. Four Seasons Of The Law tthci (l)ittiox :\\ deliodix. (ireecc. 1999) 173 mitix. Award-w inning portrait of life on the ixlaiid of ('hiox. Part of the (ireek l'iillll l'i'xtiHil. l‘ilinhouxe. lidinhurgh.

From Hell t 18>... iAllen and Alhert llughex. l‘S. Zlitil l Johnny l)epp. lleather(irahain. Rohhie ('oltrane. Ill minx. Ax a (iotliic thriller in the Hammer mould. From Hell workx iuxt fine. Blood ix xplattered ahout with the enthuxiaxm of an ahattoir attendant. and there'x not an opportunity niixxed lo wreath xcenex in iiiixt and xhroud them in xhadow. How ever. ax an

itiy‘exligztlion of the Jack the Ripper murderx.

Hum Hell ix a tlixappoiiitineni. lt hringx nothing new to the plethora of conxpiracy theoriex xurrounding the hrutal xlay ing of fiye Whitechapel proxtitutex in 1888. But then it w ax alway x going to he a tall order. adapting Alan Moore and liddie (‘aniphell‘x e\liatixtiye graphic noy el iny extigatioii into the crimex. (ieneral releaxe.

Funny Girl tl'i O... i\\’illiam \\'y ler. l'S. 1008i Barhra Streixand. ()iiiar Sharif. l5l iiiiiix. The performance that hrought Streixand xupei'xtardoin and won her an ()xcar into the hargain. Young l-‘aniiy ix an ugly duckling hut w ith a hard—noxed amhition and a gritty determination to get out of the gutter and he a xtar. liyentually. Ziegfeld hirex her for hix new l‘olliex prexentation and her xuhy'erxiye comic xty le pro\ ex hugely popular. l'(i(‘ Renfrcw Street. (ilaxgtml l‘(i(' (‘ineniax. lidiiihurgli. Gosford Parki IN 0000 {Rohct't Altman. l'S/I‘K. 2001 l Michael (Eamhon. Krixtin Scott lhomax. Kelly Macdonald. l37 minx. lhe Agatha ('hrixtie-exqtie murder my xtery at the centre of (I'm/(ml I’m-k ix the lcaxt compelling part ol‘,-\lim;m\ otherw ixc finely -ohxer\ ed period piece. Set in Noyemher 1932 o\ er a few day x during a xhooting party at the eponyinoiix country extate of Sir William .\lc(‘ordle i(iamhoni and Lady Sy ly'ia .\lc(‘ordle tScott lhoiiiaxi. (inyfun/ l’ul'k dctailx the relationxhip hetween the filthy rich upper claxx and their put upon xery‘antx. And what detail; the film llexhex out all 25 inemherx of the excellent enxemhle caxt. along with their individual

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xtoi'iex. \o eaxy trick in two hourx. (ieneral t'L‘lL‘;txc.

Grand Canyon tl'i illltil I. Simulation ride hringing you the l'ull-hlowii wonder of that really. really hig hole in America. l.\lA.\ 'llieati'e. (ilaxgow.

Hana-Bi 1 [Si O... i'l’akexlii lx'itano. .lapan. l‘NSi Beat lakexlii. lx'ayoko Kixliinioto. Ren ()xugi. lil.i mmx. Kitano. a mega-xtar in Japan. returnx to the director'x xeat for Ilium-Iii. in which lie xtarx ax a cop xuffering houtx of guilt. llix wile ix dying in hoxpital. hix partner hax hecn paraly xed during a xtakeoui and he‘x xo far It] deht to the Yaku/a that he'x contemplating rohhmg a hank. lhe title. In Japaiiexe. incanx ‘fireworkx'. hut thix film doexn't e\plode like lakexhi'x earlier filmx. \i'o/uil ('47) and Sunni/tie. lnxtcad. a more xuhdued atmoxpliet‘e floatx o\ er a work that xkillully draw x together itx \ mm] and emotional plainx. (iiliiioreliill( i l 2. (ilaxgow. Happiness 1 lat 00000 i‘t'otta .x'olonttz. l'S. MUM (‘ynthia Steyeiixon. lara l-lyiiu Boyle. Philip Seymour llollmaii. 13‘) mmx. lht'ce xlxlcl‘x. two xittall lioy x. one

pxy chologixt and a phone haraxxmeiit xpecialixt. (hit of thexe unlikely elementx lodd Solond/ hax wrought pure cinematic gold. which \cerx from helly laughter one moment to xtark pathox in another. ('aineo. lidinhiirgh.

Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone t t’( ; i ooooo i(’hrix (’olumhux. l'Sil'K. Itltll Daniel Radcliffe. Rohhic ('oltrane. .\la.‘—'.‘~"*‘ S”””‘- John (‘leexe. Richard llarrix. Julie \Valterx. 152 iiiiiix. ('olumhtix hax i‘eiiiained true not

itixt to the xpirit hut. in many caxex. the letter

of JR. Row ling'x noycl. With only the occaxional nip and tuck. the liliii follow \ cloxely the tale of orphan hoy llari'y. who growx up in xuhurhia little realixmg that he'x of w i/ard xtock. Like the noy cl. the film ix unxentinieiital. with no hint of icky wliimxy. Rather. it ix xuxtained hy a xet of xupei'hly dry performancex hy the all-Bi'itixli caxt and rewarded hy the true. w ell-earned emotion


Garcia and Coburn in The Man From Elysian Fields, playing in Early Spring

of art honourahle duext xuccexxlully fought. (it‘llt‘l'tll i'eleaxc.

Hearts In Atlantis i I3: 000 ext-nu llickx. I'S. Ziliili Anthony llopkmx. Anton Yelchin. llope l)a\ix. liil minx. llickx and xcreenw riter William (ioldman ili'uli'li (amt/i ."Illl l'lie Stun/tune Kill. .l/l l'lie l’rexii/eni'y .llt'lll ha\e adapted Stephen King‘x Nix/(iflx/“lix xet no\ el. homing m on a wry King concern: childhood'x end. lhe film dexcrihex the triendxliip of three eleyen‘ yearroldx and a life changing moment ill their youth the appearance of led ltrautigan illopkinxi. a xecretiy e thouin kindly man on the run from goyerniiient agentx. \icc performancex all round. although adapting iiixt the lirxt third of Kittg'x hook tx loo tittitlcxl a goal. Sec

t'ey icw. (ietiet'al t'eleaxe.

Human Body t l ’i alfliil i. Simulation tide hriiiging you the ltill hlown wonder of all thoxe really. really xmall placex iiixide itx. l.\l:\.\ llicatrc. (ilaxgow.

In Good Company ttlicl (\lkitx /.apatmax. (ireece. lfliitli tin nimx. .\x the rexiilt of a car ci'axh. a madman and a

com ict meet while on leaye from their xeparate mxttttitionx, Part of the (ireck l’ilm l‘exti\al. l’ilmliouxe. ladinhurgh.

In The Bedroom l 1%.... l'iield. l’S. Zfifil i Sixxy Spacek. loin \Vilkmxon. .\larixa 'l'omei. 13f) iiiiiix. liixpired hy Andre l)uhux' xliort xtory A'i/li/zz'y. [II [he lief/mom ix an e\ceptional dehut feature from actor-turned filmmaker lodd field. It e\ammcx. with great

xcnxitiy ity and inxight. the aftermath of an llllC\PUL'lel licl'c.t\ClllL‘lil when lllL' \Ull til Matt and Ruth l‘ow ler i\\'ilkmxon and Spaccki ix murdered. Sty lixtic indulgencex are prudently kept at hay. and it'x alxo hlexxed w ith a xeriex of e\pei'tly calihrated perftirmancex. not lcaxt from \Vilkmxon and Si‘acek. And there'x no clear-cut cloxure or cheap redemption. (ll-"l. (ilaxgow.

In The Name Of The Fatheri t5» 0... tJim Sheridan. l'S.«lrcland. I‘NM

l)aniel l)ay-l.ew ix. l’ete l’oxtlethwaiie. John



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l.) nch. li.‘ mmx. “titer—directiii‘ Sheridan manipulatex the lactx concerning the wrongful arrext and e\entiial acquittal of (iert'} (‘onlon. one ol the (iuildford l‘our; hut the deep. dixturhmg trutlix of thix mixcari'iagc of iuxtice remain conxtant. l)ay - l.ew ix and l’oxtlethwaite giye career-hext pct'formancex ax (ieri'y and (iiiixeppe (‘onloiL the father and wit whoxe relationxhip pro\ idex the emotional core of the mo\ ie. lirayc. powerful xtufl. lhe lumiere. ladinhui'gh

Into The Deepit itt'S'. Soul I. l.\l.-\.\ prexentation l\l \.\ 'l lieatre. (ilaxgow. Iris i is! C... (Richard l'._\ re. l'lx'. liltll l .liidi l)enc|i. lx'ate \\'inxlet. .lim lli‘oadhent. ‘lii minx, lhe loyc xtory of two of thix century 'x moxt xignificant w riter- academicx. lfi\ Murdoch and John Hayley. ix loy mgly created from llay Icy ‘x recent memonx lt ultimately plotx \liii‘docli'x dexcent into the agonixing log of .'\l/llcllttci"\. hut ix mtcr cut with xceiicx of the early. lcttl.tli\c loy c hctw een lllcxc two ()\ford xtai'letx. Although the later ycarx are more iiiyol\ mg than the early onex. the two iiarratiyex x\\ll(ll with deft xlickncxx. lake tixxiiex. you might need a few. (iciieral i'cleaxc.

Iron Giant I l ’i O... illrad llird. l'S. llllllll Voicex ot .leimiler .\nixton. llarry (‘oiinick .lr. \"m l)iexel, .\'(i mmx. ln thix animated tilm adaptation oi led llugliex'x claxxic children‘x xtory ahoiit a hoy who helriendx a Stilt iohot from outer xpace. the action ix traiixpoited from rural lziigland to xniall town .\mei'ica m the late l‘l5ilx. lhe i'exultiiig lilni ix a taxi mo\ mg thrilllext leaturmg hoiigo heating heainikx. a great rockahilly xoimdtiack and e\ploxi\e dextriiction on a grand xcale. lhix hemg a kidx liliii. through. it'x \ iolciice w ith a conxcictice. (irox\enoi'. (ilaxgow.

It Happened Here i PM: I Km to llrownlow and .\ndrew .\lo|lo. l‘lx'. limo) 0* mmx. llrownlow wax iiixt eighteen when he deyeloped the idea for thix ingenioux look at what would haye happened to Izngland had the \a/ix won the Second \Vorld \\ar. It took him a further eight yeaix ol pamxtaking work gathering the iiecexxary equipment together to make it. llie action follow x a nurxe whoxe feeling goex li‘om one of complacency to horror on iealixiiig the xituation of the country. (‘( '.\. (ilaxgow. It’s In The Air l l’( il 0.. iAiithony Kimmmx. l'ix'. l‘HSi ( ieorge l’oriiihy. l’olly \Vard. Sh inmx. ()ui (icorgc makex a particularly accident prone recruit to the RH: Simple-minded entertainment that pleaxed a huge llt'lllxll audience at the time. St Bride‘x (‘entre. lidinhurgh.

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