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0 Brother, Where Art Thou? ( 12) O... ilocl (‘ocn. IS. 2000) (icorgc (’Iooncy. John 'l'urturro. 'l‘im Blakc .\'clson. I07 mins. I’rcston Sturgcs‘ Sullivan '.\ Travels and Homcr's 'I‘ln' ()(lysst'y' arc ihc starting points ior this .iils-sct scrcwball comcdy. Smooth-talking liycrcti l'lysccs .\lc(iill ((‘looncyi. simplcton l)clmar (Nclsoni and inalatljustcd l’ctc I'I‘urturroi arc mcmbcrs oi a chain gang on thc run looking ior btiricd loot. 'I‘hcir journcy up and down the statc oi Mississippi brings thcm into contact with assoi'tcd ccccntrics bascd on llomcr's mythological iigurcs. .-\ lightcr work ior thc ('ocns. morc Raising .-iri:unu than l'iujt'u. but it's still a rarc trcai. A truly captivating conicdcracy oi dunccs. l'(‘l. lidinburgh.

Obedience (ibci (Dominic ('okc. NO is mins. 'I‘hc original candid iootagc which documcnts l)r Stanlcy Milgram's now classic rcscarch into obcdicncc. ln ihc coursc oi thcsc Iascinating cxpcrimcnts at Yalc ['niy'crsity in '96] thc subjects arc told ihcy arc part oi a lcarning cxpcrimcni. instcad thcy arc thc guinca pigs. bcing obscrycd to scc how iar thcy will obcy authority over logic. (’('.-\. (ilasgow.

0 Ocean’s Eleven ( iSi COO.

IStcy'cn Sodcrbcrgh. 1'8. 200] i (icorgc ('looncy. Brad Pitt. Julia Robcrts. I to mins. ()ii thc cuii is thc opcratiyc Icrm i'or Stcy'cn Sodcrbcrgh's rcmakc oi thc \'cgas casi- no hcist thrillcr that l-‘rankic and him and

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thcir Rat Pack had so much iun making back in 1960. But w hcrc thc Rat Pack ras- cals tiscd ihc original Iilm as an cxcusc to run riot in Ihcir adoptcd homc city Sodcrbcrgh. scrccnw ritcr 'l‘cd (iriiiin and an all-star cast hay c woi'kcd to producc a tight— ly-scripicd stylish moyic. ()nc. how cy cr. which rcmains at all iimcs scli-consciotIsly throwaway iun. .\'ot (iuiic as cool as Ihc original. but a bcticr iilm. (icncral rclcasc. The Only Journey Of His Life Ithci (Lakis l’apastaihis. (ircccc. 2001 I 87 mins. liandsomcly iilmcd adaptation oi a short story by (icot'gios \'i/ycnos. bascd on ihc writch own mcmoirs. l’art oi thc (it'cck I‘ilm I‘csiiy‘al. liilmhousc. lidinburgh. Open Your Eyes ( iii 00

(Alcjandro .-\nicnabar. Spain. 2000) liduardo Noricga. l’cnclopc ('ru/. (‘hcic l.cra. I 17 mins. Smooth looking. tht'cc car owning. inhcritancc spcnding ('csar I.\'oricgai has thc sort oi Madrid liic many would drcam oi. llc cycn gcts thc bcst looking girl. thc stunning Soiia ((‘ru/i Howcy'cr. .Vt‘lltlt/(‘Il’l'tllltlt' dcmands a turn ior ihc worst. and surc cnough. thcrc it is litcrally round thc corncr. .-\mcnabar's sccond icaturc sccms caught bctwccn thc light comic touch oi Almodoyar and thc pcnsiyc subtlctics oi Mcdcm. (‘amco. lidinburgh.

The Prince Of Egypt (Li 0.. (Brcnda ('hapman. Stcy c liickncr. I‘NSI \‘oiccs oi Val Kilmcr. Ralph l‘icnncs. Sandra Bullock. Michcllc l’iciiicr. 9‘) mins. 'l'hc lisodus story. animach ior thc big scrccn. \Vilh sonic artistic ilCL‘llCL‘. ll ioiiows Mtiscs irom his discoyct‘y as a baby by Pharaoh‘s w iic. through his I'ormatiy c ycars as a Royal l’rincc to his iall irom gracc w hcn hc

discoy crs his Iruc llcbrcw background. 'l‘hc iamiliar talc is told in an imaginatiy c and inycntiy c iashion. yci in aiming ior such a bold. cpic approach Ihc human locus is lost. ('incworld. l'alkii‘k.

The Princess Diaries (i’( ii 0

((iarry Marshall. ['82. 200] I :\nnc Hathaway. Julic Andrcws. llcathcr .\latara//o. 1 l5

Richard Gere strays int

mins. (iooiy tccnagcr .\lia 'l‘hcrinopolis (Hathaway l liy cs with hcr boho artist Ulilt‘i' in San l'iaticisco. Although .\lia gcts thc gradcs raihcr than thc boy s. shc bi'cc/cs happily through liic. l'ntil hcr patcrnal t—‘i‘andinothcr ()llc‘t‘li ('Iai'issc (Andrcw si tii‘i‘l\t'\ til iici' tititil'sicii tiiiti [L'i|\ \iiti \ilL“\ thc hcir to thc thronc oi ihc liuropcan principality oi(icno\ ia. ’l‘hcrcaiicr. .\lia suiici's undcr ilic tutclagc oi hcr stcrn royal granny as shc is ti'ansiormcd irom ugly duckling into a charming pi'inccss. lloi'riblc. irom sappy w isliiuliilnicnt prcmisc to sugar-coach c\ccution. Sclccicd rclcasc. Punishment Park I III (l’cicr Watkins. ['38. W?! i SS mins. l’ui'porting to bc ncw s iootagc. this rcalisiic looking psctitlo documcniary has a crcw Iollow ing a tcani oi soldici's cnsconccd to ihc dcsci‘t to cscoi'l a group oi hippics and oihcr anti

0 X- iles territory in The Mothman Prophecies

cstablishnicni ty pcs. 'l'hc scnicncc (instcad oi policc dcath stltiadi is to ii'ayci'sc ‘lil milcs oi dcscrt in two day s to i'cti‘icy c a ilag. Sci amidst all .'\lllL‘l'lL‘;i ol \i\oii ci'a social crisis. ilic cliai‘actcrisaiion may bc clichcd~ ihc racist militant. tlic gnarly l'lil agcnt. thc limp paciiist lcadci‘ btit as ihc action iicats tip so do thc inci'casingly liostilc soldici‘s. ('('.-\. (ilasgow.

Rat Race ( III 0.. Mary /.uckci'. l'S. 300i i .lolin ('lccsc. Rowan .'\li\llis(ili. \Vlioopi (ioldbci'g. III mins. In .lci'ry /.uckci"s madcap coincdy. a bunch oi moncy gi‘abbci's tindci‘iakc a ci‘a/y i‘acc across .-\incrica to \t'yy \lt'\ic(i to Iind a liiddcn li't‘ustli't‘ hoard, (.ik'th‘ is Uiit' oi liit‘ sclcci cii'clc oi \cgas busincss incn who oi‘gaiiiscs ihc i'acc as a ncw incans oi placing a wagci‘. lion't c\pcct much in thc way oi coinincnt on grccd and coi‘i'uptibility.

32 THE LIST ’28 Feb—11: Mar 2002

Exclusive Scottish performances

“Glorious...songs sound even better today” LIVERPOOL DAILY POST

The Musical

Starring Jonathan Wilkes

" w (dueieti with Robbie Williams In ‘Me and My Shadow'. Royal Albert Hall)

“(Daniel MacPherson

(Joel irom Neighbours)




Tuesday 12 to Saturday 16 March Tickets from £8.50

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