lnstead. [ticker focuses on the laughs. employ ing the tactic he ll\L‘tl \\ ith great success on his hit llllli\ :li'rp/riiir'.’ and .Vu/u’i/ (iiui: the scattergun tire of endless slapstick jokes. l'(i(' Renfre“ Street. (ilasgoyy. 'Rembetiko i ll! t('o\la l'ct‘t‘i\. (ireecc. 1083i lll5 mins. Documentary about (ireecc‘s \et'\ion of the blues. Part of the (ircck l'illlll l‘cstiyal. (il‘il‘. (ilaxgou; l‘ilmhouxe. lidinliurgli.

Roadblocks ithci iSta\ rox loannou. (ireecc. Illtllli 98 mins. loaniiou. a documentarist. turns to drama to tell the tale of Kurdish refugees tra\e|ling through (ireccc to reach ('entral liurope. Part of the (ireek l‘ilm liestiyal. l‘ilmhouse. lidinhurgli. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins: I Put A Spell On Me tllk‘l lNiL‘ltol;t\

'l‘riandafy llidis. (ireece. Ztltll l 102 mins. Documentary about the legendary cra/y blues man. Part of the (ireck l-‘ilin liestnal. l‘ilmhouse. lidinhurgh.

The Seventh Son Of Love uhci lVattgL‘lh SL‘I’let'h. (it‘L‘L‘L'L‘. lelll l I34 mlttx. l’eriod romance set iii 1933. the year of the Asia Minor disaster. Part of the (ireek l‘ilm liestixal. l‘iltttliouxc. lidinhurgh.

Shallow Hal t 12 l .0. illohhy and Peter l‘arrelly. l'S. will i (iyxyneth l’altrou. Jack Black. Jason .»\lc\ander. ll,l nuns. Black (\ti good In Hts/I /'li/('/ll\ I l;tl\t‘\ ltl\ lll'\l starring role as Hal. an immensely \ltallim man \iho only e\ er dates hcautiful \soinen. All that changes \yhen Hal gets trapped in a lilt \\ ith a self-help guru \\ ho hypnotiscs him into oiin being able to see a person‘s 'inncr beauty ‘. Shortly afterixardx. Ha! falls in lo\ e u itli a meet-natured nurse \\ ho is immensely ohcw. but \\ ho appears only to Hal as slimline l’altrou. (ii\ en the l‘arrelly brothers‘ penchant for gl'thx out comedy. Slut/Inn llu/ turns out to he. at heart. a wry meet tilin. though it lacks hell} laughs. (ieneral release.

Shanghai Triad l lSi 0.. t/hang Yimou. llong Kong/('hina/l‘rance. 1095i (iong l.i. Wang Xiao Xiao. l.i Baotian. lllh’

Piano Concerto

Fearful Symmetries

mins. .\ young boy becomes a triad hoss‘ underling and \\ itnesses the ongoing conflict hetyieen the gangs as \\ ell as the lL‘tttPL‘\lllUll\ romance between the godfather and his quick-tempered moll. 'I'here's plenty of gloss. but not a lot going on underneath the superficial sparkle. It's certainly \iatchahle. but [hang is rather in need of a neyy direction. l‘ilinliouse. lidinburgh.

0 The Shipping News l ISi coco (Lasse llallstrom. l'S. 2002i Keyin Spacey. Julianne Moore. Judi l)ench. ll7 mins. Annie Proulx's l’ulit/er l’ri/e-yyinning

nm el ahout a depressed middleaaged father \\lto takes his daughter off to his family‘s ancestral home in barren .\'e\\ foundland after the unfaithful u ife lthough love of his lifei is killed iii a car wreck. is an eccentric black comedy. but also a ran, melancholy yarn. \Vhat hope. then. for arch sentimen- talist Hallstrom not leay‘ing Proulx's mas- terpiece lloundering‘.’ .\'one it \xould seem. yet against the odds Hallstrom delivers a \yatertigltt piece of drama. directed and acted \\ ith beautiful restraint. particularly by Spacey \\ ho play s the depressed protag- Ulilxl ()uoy le. See r‘c\ ieyy. (ieneral release. Short Cuts tthci tVai'iotts. (ireece. 2001 i (sit mins. Anthology of auard-u inning short films. Part of the (ireek l'ilin liestnal. l’ilmhouse. lidiiihurgh

Small Wonders ithci (Various. Scotland. 3002i 7'0 mins. Short film \liU\\L‘il\C from lidinhurgh l-"ilm ck Video Access ('entre's local lilmmaking scheme. 'l‘here \\ ill he a thA is ith the directors after each film. and the \\ hole thing l.\ introduced by rising \litl' liu en Breinner. l-‘ilmhouse. lidinhurgh. Solaris tl’(ii (Andrei 'l'arkox sky, l’SSR. l‘FZi 165 mitts. lliat‘lx'm sky's epic “as intended as a socialist response to Kubrick's 3011/. but some critics ha\ e lambasted it for its cod psychology and tired melodrama. ()lltct‘x helie\ C ii iii lk‘ his mos! accessible film and is charged \\ ith a genuine poignancy and depth. ('ritics eh'.’ lidinhurgh l‘ilin (iuild. lidinhurgh.

Sebastian Suite 8

Discovery Ser

index Film

3. OFFICIAL SELECTION VENICE 20001; From the director of ‘TIME REGAINED’

Isabelle Huppert Jeanne Balibar Charles Berling

i' .7



(Comedy of Innocence) English Subtitles PG Based on the novel “The Boy With Two Mothers” by Massimo BONTEMPELLI

MACI Productions Maitine and Antoine de ClERMUlli-lOPlHERRE With llils HUGUN Edith SE08 lauie de ELERMDlll-iflllllfflflf

with the special participation ol Denis PUDALYUES screenplay adapation and dialogue by Francoise DUMAS and Raoul RUIZ

photography Jacques BUUOUIH sound Jean-Claude BHlSSUN sets Bruno BEAUGE editing Mireille HAllllflll sound editing Beatrice ClEfllCU

mixing laurent DHEYER original music by Jorge AHRIAGADA Willi the participation of [IAllAl + and of the llational Centre of Cinematography iiiith the support of the PHUEIREP

An Artificial Eye Release m °""' distributed Wllll the suth ot the media programme 0! the euiopean union

- )éz Starts F" FHLMHQUSE

8 March as Lothian Road, Edinburgh 0131-228 2688


C8 Fen—‘4 Ma" 21532 THE LIST 33