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0 The Son’s Room (La stanza di disastrous final reel. vvhich Iurches into flglio) (15) O... (Nanni Moretti. Italy. prcpuflcrum “up,” mm W chovvtlovv ns and 2002) Nanni Moretti. Laura Morante. shoot-outs. Selected release.

(iiuseppe Sanfelice. 99 mins. A significant TWO Stage Sisters (1‘) (Xie Jin. ('liina. creative departure for Italian actor-vvriter- 1064) Xie I-‘ang. (’ao Yindi. I-‘eng Ji. Shen director .\'anni Moretti. the Paltne d'()r-vvin- I-‘engjuan. I 1-1 mins. Made before the

('ultural Revolution. Jin's film charts the relationship betvveen tvvo vvomen vvorking Iuou- - for a travelling musical theatre company

\v hose friendship vveakens as they become

i‘ "" """m‘ famous and take radically different direction in their political lives. I‘ilmliouse. Edinburgh.

Under The Stars (tbc) ((‘ltt'islos

ning The Son '5 Room makes for a fascinat- ing portrayal of how an unexpected death fragments a previously united middle-class family. Moretti depicts the chilling practical details of the funeral arrangements. and then shovvs hovv grief is both externalised and internalised by the bereaved. Aided by understated performances and an unobtru-

sive visual style. this is a liltn of deceptive (ieorgiou. (ireecc. 2001 ) S7 mins. Road simplicity. which engages directly vvith the movie set in partitioned (‘y prus follovv ing spectator‘s emotions vvhilst avoiding tearful the Turkish invasion of 1074. Part of the reconciliations. See previevv and review. (ireek I'ilm I‘estival. (iEI‘. (ilasgovv: Selected release. l'lllttliullsc. Edinburgh.

Southern Comfort ( (5) (Kate Davis. Vanilla Sky ( )5) co. ((‘ameron L'S/Australia/Seotland. 2000) ()0 mins. The (‘rovve. IS. 200] ) 'I'om ('ruise. Penelope tragic story of Robert Eads. covvboy. .—. ('rul. (‘ameron l)ia/. 13o mins. ('ruise's grandfather. good ol‘ boy frotn the .- z... gleaming smile and rippling abs are put to America's deep South and transsexual. a Newfoundlanders drag their home across the sea in The Shipping News formidable narcissistic Use in his portrayal man born female and a mother of tvvo. \Vhen of Dav id Ames. a handsome and fabulously diagnosed vvith ovarian cancer Eads couldn't vvealthy .‘vlanhattan play boy. ()v er the course find a doctor vvilling to treat him. Part of the and his band of musicians. the .\'o Smoking particular brevv by '/.effirelli and John of one evening. he falls in love vv ith Spanish Sheffield International Documentary ()rchestra. iii this entertaining concert Mortimer has a melange of flavours and is dancer Sofia ((‘ru/ ). thereby incurring the Festival. (ll-T. (ilasgovv. movie. Part of the Sheffield International deftly poured in the most idyllic of settings. morbid jealousy of girlfriend Julie (Dial). State And Main ( 15) .0. (David Documentary Eestival. (3171'. (ilasgovv. yet it seems oddly lacking in lL‘sl. and his dreamlife becomes a nightmare. Mamet. ES. 2001 ) William 11. Macy. Sur mes levres (Read My Lips) ( 15) (‘inevvorld. I-‘alkirk. (’rovve's remake of the Spanish

Rebecca Pidgeon. Philip Seymour Hoffman. (Jacques Audiard. Erance. 2001 ) The Tenth Level (tbc) ((‘harles S. psychological thriller Open Your I-jn'v (A/m' 102 mins. (iiven that irascible Emtnanuelle Devos. Vincent ('assel. ()Iiv ier Dubin. 1S. 1075) 102 mins. \Villiam l.m ()juv) might be retitled ‘Being 'l‘om playvvright/filmmaker Matnet has never (iourmet. 1 15 tnins. A partially deaf Shatner takes a break from ('aptain ls'irk to (rinse. for it brazenly blurs the boundaries shied avvay from lambasting Ilollyvvood. it's secretary in a property firm and a tattooed star as scientist Stephen IIunter vv ho is in the betvveen fictional character and real-life surprising that this satire on studio ex-con vvho lands a job as her assistant process of exploring levels of obedience. actor to become an inquiry into

filmmaking is relatively gentle. This comic begin a love affair vvhich turns into a crime Although essentially fiction. the character contetnporary tnov ie stardom. (ieneral

tale of vvhat happens vvhen a Hollywood spree in this intelligent thriller. Part of Early vv as in part based on the actual pioneer of release.

film crevv overruns a sleepy East (‘oast Spring. (iEf. (ilasgovv; I-‘ilmliouse. this field. Stanley Milgram and received an War Of The Buttons (I’(i) .0. communin is bositivel)‘ ('apraesque in its Edinburgh. honourable mention at the 1027 American (John Roberts. l'ls'. 1W4) (‘olm Meanv‘}. vvhimsieal admiration of small tovvn life Suzhou River( 12).... (Lou Ye. Psychological .-\ssociation‘s avvards. ('('A. (iregg I‘it/gerald. John (‘offey 94 inins. The and the vvhitnsy and satire don't sit vvell China. 2000) Zhou Xun. Jia Ilongsheng. Vao (ilasgovv. rivalry betvveen tvvo villages in the south together. Hard-nosed Mamet is no (‘apraz he Anlian. 83 mins. Stu/mu River is the Asian The Tigger Movie (1’) 0... (Jun vv est of Ireland is taken tip in childish should stick to vvhat he does best: tough li'rligo. but don't expect Hitchcock-sly le Iialkenstein. IS. 2000) ."7 mins. Identical in skirmishes betvveen local schoolkids. but (‘hicago gangsters and unscrupulous eon cameravvork in Yes film. In the vanguard of many \vay s to 1977‘s The .llunv .‘it/l't’llllll't’\ soon their battles escalate. ('olin \Velland's men. Edinburgh I-‘ilm (iuild. Edinburgh. (‘hina‘s nevv 'oth (ieneration' filmmakers. ()f ll'umu' I'lit' I’on/i. this nevv yarn based on script oo/es Irish charm and a love of Storytelling ( 18) 0... (Todd Ye's style is shaky hand-held cameravvork .'\.A. Milne's characters finds Pooh. Piglet. childhood. but the repetitive structure begins Solondl. 2001 ) Selma Blair. Robert representing the video diaries of a lonely 'Iigger et al still living a charmed life of tea to vvear thin. The Lumiere. Edinburgh. Wisdom. Paul (iiamatti. 86 mins. Happiness videographer (a cipher for (‘hina's parties and afternoon naps. Only this time. We Were Soldiers ( 15) O. writer-director Solond/ returns vvith another disillusioned youth‘.’). vvho lives on the the vvee stripy fella's decided being one of a (Randall \Vallace. IS. 2002) Mel (iibson. jet-black comedy chronicling the American eponymous Shanghai vvatervvay. The plot. kind isn't quite as cool as he'd first thought Madeline Stovv e. Sam Elliot. 1-10 mins. 11% Nightmare. Split into tvvo unequal parts. hovv'ever. riffs on Hitchcock’s classic about and so a literal quest for the 'I‘igger Eamily lli'n’ Snlilu'rv recreates the first major battle ‘Eiction' and ‘Non-Eiction'. Solondl's obsession and mistaken identity. For 'Ii‘ee ensues. A happy ending eventually of America's Vietnam vvar vv hen a battalion comic targets are vvide-ranging: the cinefiles and social observers alike. this is a makes its presence felt. because even 'I'igger of the IS Seventh (‘avalry Division vv as Holocaust. high-school massacres. racial clever. contemporary film vv hich bodes vv ell is smart enough to recognise that vv ith dropped by helicopter in the la Drang valley. stereotyping. academic labelling and the for the (till (ieneration. I-‘ilmhouse. friends like Pooh. Piglet. Roo and Eeyore. otin to be surrounded by 2000 North

film American Beauty. But despite its Edinburgh. vvho needs family l’ I'(i(' Renlrevv Street. Vietnamese soldiers. ’I‘here‘s no criticism playfulness. .S‘Inry'lelling deals with Taxi Driven 18) .0... (Martin (ilasgovv: I'(i(' (‘inemas. Edinburgh. here of vv hy America chose to fight in important issues: the burden of artistic Scorsese. I'S. 197(3) Robert De .\'iro. (‘ybill Training Day ( IS) 0.. (Antoine another country 's nationalist civil vvar. \'.1I11 responsibility. creative exploitation. the Shepherd. Jodie Poster. 1 14 mins. An I‘uqua. IS. 2001 ) Den/cl Washington. vv titer-director \Vallace (Brave/1mm. l’t'ur.’ subjective nature of ‘truth'. the allure of alienated taxi driver in New York is so Ethan Ilavv ke. Scott (ilenn. 120 mins. llur/mr) concentrating on the heroism of the revenge. An uneven. yet alvvays intriguing repelled by the squalor and the moral decay Washington has spent a career playing eomlxttants. 'I'he horrors of vvar may be vvork. Cameo. Edinburgh. around him that he is driven to terrible dignified heroes. but here he casts off his gorily emphasised in the over-extended Street Angel ( 18) O... (Yuan violence. ()ne of the key films of the noble martyr persona vv ith a riveting battle sequences. but Ili’ lli'n' Soldiers Muzhi. China. 1937) 100 mins. Left vving seventies vv ith the Scorsese-De .\'iro portrayal of a psychopathic and ruthlessly represents a troubling reactionary riposte to (‘hinese cinema of the 30s. portraying life partnership at its peak. Cameo. Edinburgh. amoral I..-\I’D narcotics officer. 'I‘his Bad the likes of l’luuum and Apom/va Non. on the streets of the poor quarter of Tea With Mussolini (PG) 0.. Lieutenant has an idealistic rookie partner See rev ievv. (ieneral release.

Shanghai shortly before the Japanese (I‘ranco Zeffirelli. Italy/I'K. 1999) ('her. (Ilavv ke). vv ho has Villsl 24 hours to persuade Westworld ( 15) C... (Michael invasion. Ifltimately pessimistic. but vvarm Joan Plovvright. Maggie Smith. 1 17 mins. his tntich-decoratcd veteran colleague that (’richton. I'S. 1‘)73)Yul Bry nner. Sf) mins. and humorous. too. Eilmhouse. Edinburgh. Xeffirelli's film is partly autobiographica|. he too has the necessary courage and street- Excellent action thrills set in a futuristic Super 8 Stories ( 15) (Emir Kusturica. partly fictitious. and concerns the effect on say vy to vvork undercover. Propelled by theme park vv here every human vv him is Germany/Italy. 2001 ) 90 mins. (‘annes his ovvn upbringing and education by a \Vashington‘s svvaggering. charismatic catered for by robots. be it sex. romance or Palme d'()r-vvinning filmmaker Kusturica group of English ladies living in Elorence at performance. 'Iruuu'ite Duv cruises tovvards violence. l'nfortunately. the robots (L'Iu/ererumul) turns the camera on himself the time of II Duce‘s rise to povver. This distinction. otin to be let dovv n by a malfunction and rebel against their makers.

vv itli baldy Bry nner's hayvv ire gunslinger intent on horrible revenge. (’(‘.-\. (ilasgovv.

F 1 H -. The Wicker Man ( is) .0000 (Robin ' Hard). 1K. W") Iidvvard \Voodvvat'd. Britt

Falkirk Town Hall i..(-...L't'.l..,.. (l

Iikland. Diane ('ilcnto. Ingrid I’itl. (' 102 mins. A devoutly WGd 73th March celibate policeman (\Voodvvard) arrives at a

. remote Scottish island It) investigate a Legally Blonde schoolgirl disappearance and becomes involved iii local pagan rituals. A IIammer Sun 77th March classic. vv ith some extremely scary and

" " " ~ Edinburgh.

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