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tl'ip'lych, Tennent's Lager’s newest

music pronerty, Is joined with The

List and G .to give you the

opportun’ record all of the

events at this y r’s tripTych tes-

tival. You will have access to state

of the art technology and amp Work

,_ with top film experts. Your iiliW‘ "ill e at the Glasgow Film Theatre and t Edinburgh Filmhouse and you'll get privi- leged access to gigs and artists oughout

e event.

Drawing from the eclectic range of music and artists pertorming at the 2002 trip‘l‘ych Music Weekend in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow

on the 26-28th April. we {ire looking

for filmmakers to capture the essence of the murm; (:pr:rl(:ll(;(:(l.

Fusmg element". of sound and vision, gathered manually and manipulated digitally, Teleturuou will deliver the visual equivalent ol sampling, mixmg and computer based audio engineering.

Judged by commissioning editor John Hassey and Nicola Black of Blackwateh Productions, Telelusion could be your opportunity for the break you've been looking for.

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