Sunday Social presents The Herbal Blend Tour, the Arches, Glasgow, Fri 1 Mar

Listening to the latest album from Ninja Tune hip hop act the Herbaliser, you can’t help but think of high speed car chases and love scenes with sultry ladies harbouring ulterior motives. Not surprising really as that’s exactly what its producers Jake Wherry and Ollie Teeba think of before they start work in the studio.

‘Pretty much from our Blow Your Headphones album we started visualising scenes in films - real or imaginary scenes - and making music to them,’ explains Jake Wherry. Without naming names it’s safe to say that scenes from 605 and 708 cop dramas such as Bullitt and Dirty Harry figured highly in their thoughts alongside samples from film score composers Lalo Schiffrin and Burt Bacharach. Sample spotters should exercise caution though before identifying the Mission Impossible riff or the ‘Dirty Harry wah-wah guitar, because the filmic strains that litter the

Herbaliser go top of the pots

turntablism with filmic funk comes from ‘a band that

doesn’t sound like anyone else, with the power, the

instrumentals and party hip hop tracks are not bought funk and the tightness of the JBs . . . but we sound

or borrowed, they’re new. modern. You get Ollie scratchin’, me on bass, a four ‘lt’s the first time that we’ve really integrated what me piece horn section and two keyboard players.’

and Ollie have always done in the studio namely Sounds great but don’t too get too excited because

working with samples - with lots of live input,’ says sadly the band aren’t touring this year. The Herbal

Wherry. ‘I play bass on every song, plus there’s lots of Blend Tour which kicks off at the Arches will instead

guitar, lots of keyboard and we’ve used string sections promote the new album with a DJ display featuring

and had arrangements done on horns and strings. On guest MC action. In the same enthusiastic tones that he

songs like the title track ‘Something Wicked’, 90 per uses when describing the live show, Wherry promises

cent of what you hear has been done and recorded by ‘an exclusive four deck party mix of hip hop, old school,

live musicians.’ new school, 90-90, funk, jazz, rock and crazy shit, and

This development of the live element in the Herbaliser we’re actually going to be bringing Wildflower - who’s sound is a result of last year’s extensive and somewhat the guest on the song ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ - to do exhausting world tour with a ten-piece band. According spots of rapping and hyping up the crowd.’ Thank fuck to Wherry, the live experience that unites hip hop

for that then. (Catherine Bromley)


The original soundtrack

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Surface noise

Music news now


successful jaunts around the country showcasing the best new live music, including Hundred Reasons and Lowgold in the past, the Evening Session in Scotland can now boast a completely Scottish bill for its up coming tour. DJs Gill Mills and Vic Galloway play host to Biffy Clyro and Eska who top the bill with three dates around Scotland at the end of this month. Each date has a local support: The Day I Snapped in Glasgow, Senator in Glasgow and Spyamp in Dundee. The Dundee show is set to be broadcast live on Radio 1. See next issue for a preview.

SEE NEWS PAGL -'. lOH (leta‘is of We INTO-.4) ‘0" this;

1. car's; T" pig's." ‘c-s‘. 1a . GLASGOW’S ONE-AND- only ‘indie supergroup’ Reindeer Section headed by Gary Lightbody, Glasgow’s answer to Keith Emerson have completed their new LP and it has reputed to have over 25 contributors. The album is due out in the next few months on Brightstar Recordings.



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