Glad to be Jay

Its so very easy to dislike Jay ‘tt'xat in the hat' Kai. £il‘(l 't.:§ ll~"£il‘(l <4 .'.I'":te he;

funk. But it hasn't stopped Glasgow's best- o'ressed furtkateer's z::>i:\.-:2'gi;r‘;; or‘ “fie SECC tonight. Jamii'oquai have been in this game tun'elx t s mi 1 * ( thOLigh they've taken a few knocks to thev‘ ::o:> (lush-sin. la . giig: i , l weeks ago.

SOuI chanteuse Beverly Knight is on hand to ..o . ‘assz z t ,' me the muSic never lets her fulfil her potential. CWT, : - ' ' ’1' a i. i, ta COtilda' gives her room to fly and groove !‘ke sit; fli‘:.‘3t:".{:f3. Eh.’ ° ' ' i and sensual as honey spread thickly ozer'~‘ mast. is mm. f:

To the Strains of 'Twenty Zero One the curta " ii"£lf;".{:f‘ '. r l :2' mi vi: Jay astride the top of a three story day r-glc A/te:: fe":i>l<;_ i i, " :a ’l a partiCLilarly stoopid hat. You forget how wait, Hts tit. .' t )«t;-i.-:, ' Underground. 'Space Cowboy and tithe l' 21; ‘..".-::"' ' " tea 1 accuracy. And halttvay into the snov.’ we get start; a; gird-3.3.: E-i-1:.-i;i‘.j. : v0ice soaring even higher than during he" s::.<; slot. llxx. " :z' : . v the delusion they're a rJa/ jElZ/ band. l(}£l(liltt; fc .i fer. . v to i ,. )t ~95 .< ol terminable duality.

Kay. SurpriSingly. comes across as a real“, vice i;">k-::. . t. . : , g" . that pop star cool. \."‘.’hipping out a tabloid. ltt‘: reads lurid a:;-:::;_.':t:; t," '2 3:, had

behaViOLir at the Brits aftershow party ll)l'€l‘«.'.’lllltl Il‘. pacar'ann i>e‘12'<; a..7:::hir‘.<_;

into a blistering verSion of “Cosmic Gii‘l', Just to make sure

w ll t; i‘ ant. 2xc tat (llf‘il‘ scrutiny-"ts accu'. f‘ t: ‘a.:>i.'i".~: hasthecrO'deat tgo tolhsh l ( l i, ‘,

Glasgow chippies. flashing his pants and getting; guts stage for a ottick shimmy. His spasmodic (larce mac-s st.;:<:t:rt'. seem 3’; "am:

sense when Surrounded by the t—2nthralled oua. ‘axltfc.

ul~{.[.t..\....~.. ,

record. but live you can't help but warm to his cheek; chair" a'xl tug, far». magic. lHGllf‘,’ Northmorei

I Judie Tzuke (‘ottictz Glasgow. 15 Mar.

I Ozric Tentacles King 'l‘ut's. Glasgow. IS .\lat': La Belle Angelc. Edinburgh. 17 Mai:

. Mclusky (‘ttlltotisLfi Glasgow. lo Mar.

I Billy Bragg & The Blokes t'xlici' llall. Edinburgh. lo .\Iar.

I Stiff Little Fingers Bai‘rowlaitd. Glasgow, 17 Mar.

I Biffo Clyro and Eska Liquid Room. l5 Mar: King 'l‘tit's Glasgow. lo Mar.

I Decapitated (‘athousu Glasgow, l7 Mar.

I The Bluetones Liquid Room.




Clyde Auditorium, Thu 21 Feb

It‘s good to know that after the no t stiigles. the ludicrous videos and the Bit: award. Shaggy's still got his ear to the street. ‘l've heard nobody parties 'ike Glasgow parhes!‘ claims the cheesy toaster with no apparent irony.

l ots of people scream.

It's Eucky Shaggy's got a Wildly ai,;>reciati‘.'e crowd and his own Carry—Or: style charisma to tall back (2". because his back catalogue is :tar‘germisly shot. This means we get {tl)();ii eight songs in Just under two with the remainder of the set

take.“ up by engaging chat. Wicked dance (OtltllKBS. woeful comedy and

art :;:>,t;-cticnal)le drum solo. Shaggy lacks the opening off With a so-terrible-

ii)‘. r< ‘.'.'ORL.D


.t's :rai‘sctwidental 80s style glossy i:r;:; song; before singing 'lvlr Boernhastic' .vhile his backing band do 'Sexual Healing. Coofusutgly

l‘e sounds like a white man

. I ‘11:;(J;;.".til)|£le. Things aren't UXZiIIil‘I. l2~:23;1(3(i‘.‘.'lt()lt the rift to ‘Eye Of

King Tut’s, Glasgow, Tue 12 Feb 00..

Carry-On ragga

The Tiger' kicks in and Shaggy air guitars along to it. Then he pulls out 'It Wasn't Me' and '0h Carolina'. tunes that mix broad innuendo and sharp hooks and are possibly the best pop songs recorded since Whigtield hung up her line dancing shoes. And then he plays the Ali G single. Which is shite. (James Smart)

. "merit *teai'd lvlanii Chaos lilSl solo album. Clandesti'no. then you are : ‘,:‘,"‘.-;L"..’t:";§} rather special. Although a collection of folk songs based on {tiif‘i mytiiiits of MeXico doesn't SOund !ike much. it captures the spirit of . "f;:7:"é‘:°.l()l‘{ll uprising by that nation's post-Marxist revolutionaries the ./.‘::.t’.!str;s. a.“ exeiit which gave the Current anti-globalisation movement it‘s

It's :STY‘t’il‘ty} to discover then that the man responsible for all that sunshine and cassion of an album textured with lo-fi beats and cheeky synths looks to all "watts and purposes iike Phil Daniels after a long spring break.

|"stea:i a" performing with perhaps a solitary campesmo for company. Chao

"it: the toughest ska bands to be seen in Scotland since Jerry Dammers reamed that t tere was too much lighting on Coventry's dance flows. In their "ai‘ds Carreesrxrio and its successor. Pro’xrma EstaCion Esperanza. are no longer

- mi it; wins to the world's dispossessed but polyrhythmic calls to arms that

,‘;,.._" (MM) 9‘.

days in The Clash-influenced French band Mano Negra. Two MCs

:,r‘.-:,- C(i"".l2l3(?£ll‘. and one North African rai help drive things along in even more

"lil'ti": Y(lfilthl‘i.

It's not :iiiite as iiiaiestic as Chao has been in the past but a band that can turn aim: Hohhze dubs into QUICK-Step socas on a ten peso piece. are worth :tr‘.:;:‘r;'s 'tici‘ey. iTim Abrahamsl

Ticket information: Tickets for most medium/large concerts can be bought from the following:

Glasgow: Virgin 5-}..:;'\;:' a' Edinburgh: Virgin 5’”

lidiiihtirgh. l‘) .\l;ir.

I Weezer Barrow land. (ililsgou. 2() Mai: S()l.l) ()t'l.

I The Monkees ('l)dc .-\uditoi‘itiiit. Glasgow. 2l .\l;it‘.

* Gold Chains lfiili Note (’luh. Glasgow. 21 Mar.

I The Strokes Barrow land. Glasgow 22 Mar: (‘oi‘n liw‘hangc. lidinhtirgh. 23 Mai". S()l.l) ()lnl‘.

I Godspeed You Black Emperor! (‘).\ll'. (illtsgow. 2-1 .\l;it‘. . Alfie .-\l‘l School. Glasgow. 25 Mar.

* Les Savy Fav King Tut's. Glasgow. 2o .\l;ii'. I Pop Idol Sli( '( ‘.

Glasgow. 2o & 27 .\l;ii'.

S( )l .l) ()l "I'.

* Police Chief and Bendy Toy liquid lx’ooiii. lidiiihlii'glt. 28 Mai". King ’l'tit‘s. Glasgow. 3t) .\l;ii‘.

I System Of A Down Harrow land. Glasgow. 3t) tk .ll .\l;lt’. S( )l .l) ()l "l.

I Belle & Sebastian l 'slici‘ llall. lidiiihui'gli. l .-\pi‘.

I Lamb (‘).\ll '. Glasgow. 3 Apr.

I Atomic Kitten (lulu Auditorium. (iltisgtiw. 5 .\ltl‘.

I Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (‘).\ll '. Glasgow. It) .v\|tt‘. I Gomez (‘oi'ii liw'liangc. liiliiihui‘gh. l3 .\pi.

-,.’ - Ripping Records :3 xii" l5".<ii_;(}.

I Ricky Ross (‘iitticiz Glasgow. l5 Apr.

* Fenix TX ( iai'agc. Glasgow. l5 .'\pl'.

I Simple Minds ('l_\ dc .'\lltlllOl‘llllll. Glasgow. l7 tk lb’ Apr. S()l.l) ()t‘l.

I The Handsome Family liquid Room. lidiiihui‘gh. l‘) Apr.

I Sophie Ellis Bextor Queen’s llall. lidiiihtii‘glt. 22 Apr.

St N .l) ()l "l.

* Cheap Trick

Garage. (iltlsgt)\\. 23 Apr.

* . . . And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead OMt'. Glasgow. 2-1 .\pt‘.

I Brian Auger l.;i

ltcllc :\llf_‘L‘lk‘. lidinhui‘glt.

2h Apt.

I Here And Now that Adam Ant, ABC and Toyah 8111‘. Glasgow. 28 Apr.

* P.O.D. Barrow-land. Glasgow. 30 Apr.

I Doves Barrowland. Glasgow. I May.

* Del Amitri Bai'i'owland. Glasgow. 4 .\la_\.

* Wilco QML'. Glasgow. ll Ma}:

I Westlife Sl'iCC‘. Glasgow. 7-11 May. SOLD ()l'T

I Lambchop ()ld l‘i‘tiiuttai'kct. Glasgow. l I May.

I Bad Religion Barrow land. Glasgow. 12 Ma}.

I Barry Manilow ('l} dc .-\iiditoritim.

- Credit card bookings from: Tack-st Laiik: 287 5511 8 Way Ahead: 339 8383 , c - Way Ahead 0141 339 8383

Glasgow. 15 & lo May. SOLD OL'T.

I Kylie Minogue SliC'C‘. Glasgow. 17-19 May. SOLD ()L'T.

I Jimmy Eat World Barrowland. Glasgow. 25 May.

I Gabrielle SECC. Glasgow. 5 Jun.

I Pulp Rosc lslc Forest. ncar IZlgin. 21 Jun.

I Rod Stewart SliCC. Glasgow. 22 & 23 Jun. SOLD OL'T.

I Aimee Mann Liquid Room. Edinburgh. (i Jul.

I Hear’Say SECC. Glasgow. 9 Scp.

* Elton John SIiC‘C. Glasgow, 7 Dec.

28 Feb—1". Mar 2002 THE LIST 45