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Tfichh returns

We reveal the line-up details for Scotland’s wildly eclectic music festival. islet-act Mark Robertson

ripTych music ‘estiyal returns in April with a pioneering line-up

topped by P'll-ll) Glass. Teenage Fanclub with Jad Fair.

Ritchie Hawtn and Pnaroan Sanders. The three—day festival runs from Friday 26—Sunoay 28 ApriE at yariOus venues in Glasgow.

Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

Philip Glass, Terry Callier and Cinematic Orchestra take a Trip

an array of special one-off club nights featuring local turntabiusts inciuding Nick Peacock. Coin Cook. Twitcn and \.xViEkes and there will also be free gigs by new Scottisl" rock acts in all three ot es.

Other highlights confirmed so far include Rado Boy. Madizb. Peanut

Butter Wolf. Arab Strap. Jerry Dammers. Pole. Evan Danna. Tern,

After its inaugural success in 4001. this year has Phillp Glass beeked to play a sec plane se'. both Giasgow and Edinburgh With

Japat‘ese e.ectronicz.t hero Susumu Yokota in stipport. while maverick

rm legend Pharoah Sanders makes his Scottish debut.

Tr'pTyClT also hosts the return of New York clubbing proneer Dave Mancuso. who ritade n;s UK debut on the decks at last year's event. Mai‘cuso's felov. New Yorkers ESG do their early electro hip hop

Callier and Brian Auger And The Oblivlon Express.

'The tours has always been on diversty and duality. offering .it: something non-genre speCific but exciting.' said Ne:l Mex-:at on behalf of the promoters. Callun‘ Mackay. head of Sl)O.".SOl’S“l[3 for Tennent's Lager. echoed the sentut‘ent: 'Last year exce Biled all expectations. I did wonder how could bulld on the festiya. \.'.’|I".()ti'°. losng the essence and philOSOt‘)i‘.y of the event: but we've (lOf‘O :t.

thing over the weekend and Ninja Tunes Cinematic OrChestra make an appearance. Techno do"- Luke Slater presents a whole new dir 1C! on and live set in collaboratlon with Aloof vocalist Ricky Barrow Teenage Fanctub's twinning with US :ndie eccentric genius Jad Fair wall be the debut of the collaboration whrcr‘ spawned the Words Of l’./isoon‘ Arid Hope album :see review. page 99. There's iive hip hop froin Cannpai Ox and dub reggae en the turntables from Don Letts. Dan Donoixan. Denn's AlcapOne and Adrian Sherwood. There's also

'Our involvement with T in the Park. T on the Fringe. T Break and of COurse. now. TripTych highlights that no other brand. nomr mm Scottish brand. invests so heavily in Scotland's music scene and. mOre importantly. is respected for deing so.‘

A full line-up of those confirmed is at the Trip‘lych website at Check future issues of The List for exclusive additions to the bill.

Film Festival launches Early Spring

A week-long film season is expanding EIFF’s August boundaries. Words: Miles Fielder

The smart, arty Lantana is Early Spring’s opening film

This month sees the Edinburgh Internatronai T l"‘ lestvai's v‘ex'.’ artistc director Shane [)a'iesei‘ ‘attr‘c': 'xg l‘s trs. exertt. [Early Strung 'iavited after the illll‘ by Japanese 'naste" Yasu, *1) Unit. Danielsens inaugurai l')'(;§}"£.tll‘f“="{} cdn‘br-ses seven tints to be screened over a week ll‘: ldvr‘burgli and Glasgoz'.’ and. later. l.c"< on. l)f'(3(l£lill‘{} the mar event l‘ August by EM iiionths.

‘| sn<;..‘<i be 'nore petrif.e:l than I arn.’ says [Dar‘ic-‘se't 'l'rit l).£llll‘(; niysel‘ out on a ltnb:

new director. nit atye that's never been

4 THE LIST 3‘: i -';i ‘.'. my 1," ' ',

done before; going outSIde of what people see as the betindaries of a festival in terms of timing' Yet Danielsen knows there's enough films Out there to sustain sereenings.

The Early Spring films. Danielsen says. were chosen not just for their quality but also fOr their commerCial Viability. The Nordic coinedy E/Iing. fer example. was selected because it's indeed funny. but also because it did big business in its own celintry. Also in the :lne—up are two English language films: The Man From Ely/Siam Fields. starring Andy Garcia. Olivia Williams and Mick Jagger: and Lantana. whicn opens Early Spring. A Smart. arty and accessmle Australian thriller starring Geoffrey Rush and Barbara Hershey. Danielsen says: 'It embodies all the dualities I like in cinema and it treats the compleXities of people's lives in a iincondescending way.‘

Lantana wasn't perceived as a "festival film". 'I don't even know what that iiieans.' he says. ‘Early Spring Is really about

picking up stuff that slips through the net.‘

As With the festival proper. acquiring the films is not that straightfon-xard. Producers are perhaps rightly careful about which festivals they offer their films to. Danieisei‘ ts well-versed in handling Such Challenges; he can be diplomatic ()l downright bullish.

He's been hunting; for films f"{)l‘.‘ tint:- moment he took over froii‘. l we l 'anc’e completing a non stop fest:\.'ai tea" ‘.'.'.'l(?l'(} he worked Venice. Stindance. Rotterdam. Budapest and Beriin. He's of‘ to Cannes it May. but for nova. Danreisei“s staying le'. in Edinburgh to present [any Spi'lng.

Early Spring runs at Filmhouse, Edinburgh, Wed 6—Tue 12 Mar; GFT, Glasgow, Thu 7-Wed 13 Mar. See Film index. See how you and a mate could be at the Early Spring Film Festival in London, turn to page 26 to enter our competition.

Your Wai_t(s) is over

Coming soon

I Question: what's the difference between Tom Watts and a number 23 bus? Answer: nothing: you, ahem. wait an age for one to come along and then two arrive at once. The gravel-voiced songsmith is releasing two new albums. on the same day! Alice and Blood Money will both appear in shops on 6 May. Alice is the gentler of the two and has been described as a collection of ‘opiate songs'. By contrast, B/ood Money is an altogether more boisterous affair. inepired by Georg Buchner's 19th century play Woyceck and evokes the seedy cabaret music of the Weimar Republic . . . Irish playwright-turned- filmmaker Conor McPherson (The Weirl has begun shooting his third film following / Went Down (which he wrote) and Salt Water (which he wrote and directed). And for The Actors. which concerns two eccentric actors turning their thesp skills to crime. McPherson has seCured a cracking cast including Michael Caine. Dylan Moran. Michael Gambon, Lena Heady. Miranda Richardson and Ricky Gervais . . . Modern comedians continue to plumb the vaults of British television comedy a la Reeves and Mortimer doing Eric and Ernie. Ant and Dec and are set to play Terry and Bob. better known as The Like/y Lads in a one-off remake of the classic 708 sitcom . . .And finally. Sinead O’Connor and Angie Stone make guest vocal appearances on 78. Moby‘s new album. due out in May.