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Incident follows a

own agenda.

Frl 1st -

Sat 2nd

March ((70 8pm


The Bear and The Proposal

Two one-act jokes by Anton Chekhov

In conjunction with their major new production of The Cherry Orchard. benchtours present a joyous and gloriously

genius. Larger than life. these one-act plays are as entertaining today as when they were first written. benchtours has been at the leading ed 9 of contemporary. innovative pe ormance in Britain since forming in 1991. From the breathtaking adaptations of Iain Banks' The Bridge and Salman Bushdie's Haroun and the Sea of Stories. through the award-winning Peepshow. to the recent acclaimed production of Brecht's The Caucasian Chalk Circle. they are one of the most exciting



Reviewed at Sadler’s Wells, London; playing at Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Tue 5-Sat 9 Mar 000

Horse’s art

She may be one of the most notorious women in histOry. but that doesn't stop Carmen being upstaged by a horse. By now most people will have seen the giant posters around town advertising La Cuadra De Sevilla's ‘Andalusian flamenco folk opera'. Carmen. But while the woman in the foregrOund goes largely unnoticed. the gleaming white stallion rearing up to meet her sticks firmly in the mind. Well. there's your star. with less than five minutes on stage but receiving rapturous applause from the Sadler's Wells audience in London last week. Admittedly, said horse has been trained in the prestigious naute eco/e dressage style but to me. the singers. dancers and musicians who give everything to their performance (because in flamenco. there's no other way) were far more deserving of our appreciation.

This is because giorified circus tricks aside. this Carmen is imbued with the heart and soul of Seville. Director Salvador Tavora was born in the Spanish region shortly after the c0untry's civil war. and has sought to depict the true nature of Andalusian culture ever since. An adolescence fed on flamenco song and bullfighting (artforms which are inextricably linked. according to Tavora. both providing the only creative outlet for the working class of his youth) led to him forming La Cuadra De Sevilla in the early 70s. His Carmen has now played to over 500 audiences worldwide. to much acclaim. But for those experiencing Flamenco opera for the first time. here are a few pointers: don't expect subtitles or to understand what they're singing (even if you‘re fluent in Spanish) as you‘re supposed to ‘feel' the story (that said. reading the

absurd introduction to the world of Chekhov. Ingeniously linked by the company in a

Fri 8th - Wed 13th - Sat 161h March

'My mind is rushing but I wasnt there. So be my eyes. I want to see with your eyes. What you saw. What

professional woman. Katherine Reynolds. as she investigates the car crash which killed her partner. She is drawn into a world where the facts are obscured by human behaViour. a world where those wuth insi ht have their powerful debut by a new aught between conflicting opinions. Katherine has to risk her hopes. her job. herself. to fry in find the truth.

production full of energy. invention and Guardian comic mayhem. this is an opportunity to witness two classic examples of Chekhov‘s Tickets: 928/4

Sat 9th March Cd.)

Strathclyde Theatre Group


written and directed by Steve King

A complex. dark tale of loss of control. Incident is a

Scottish writer.

Tickets: Mon/Tues 25/2 Wed - Sat 528/4

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theatre companies in Scotland, ‘A ground-breaking theatre company.‘ The

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programme notes before Curtain up is advised to avoid confusioni: do expect the 24-strong band to SOund discordant at first. until you settle into its mesmerising. authentic charm; don't look for Bizet's Carmen because this character is based on the real deal (TaVOia's great. great grandmother worked alongside her in the cigarette factory). an immeasurably strong woman worthy of the legend she has since become. (Kelly Apter)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Thu l4—Sat 16 Mar. Thu & Sat 7.30pm; Fri 2.30pm. £6 (£4). Queen Margaret University (‘ollege take on Shakespeare‘s magical comedy of love potions and misplaced affections.


233 ('ovvgale. Tickets: 07780 927852. Pit Bull Sat 2. Thu 7. Sat 9 & Thu 14 Mar. 8.30pm. £6.50 (£5). (iilded Balloon Studio linsemhle present the [K premiere of' Lionel Spycher's look at urban life in 1980s Paris. Part of the ('ivilzl.ies season. See review.

Sexual Perversity In Chicago Sun 3. Tue 5. Stilt 10. Wed 13 & Sat 16 Mar. 8.30pm. £6.50 (£5). I‘our ('hicagoans search for love. friendship and satisfaction in David Mamet's popular play. Part of the (‘ivilzLies season. See review.

Shopping And Fucking l‘ri I. Wed 6. Fri 8. Tue l2 & Fri 15 Mar. 8.30pm.

£6.50 (£5). Mark Ravenhill‘s poignant _\‘et disturbing look at modern relationships. Part of the (‘ivil:I.ies season. See review.


2 [even Street. 52‘) 6000. IH. T'I‘. \\'('. WA]

Return To The Forbidden Planet l'ntil Sat 2 Mar. 7.30pm (Sat mat 2.30pm). £6»£l5. lidinhurgh .\lusic Theatre (‘ompany stage the a“ ard- winning rock ‘n' roll musical.

Mame Tue 5 Sat ‘) Mar. 7.30pm (Sat mat 2.30pm). £7 £12.50. Southern Light Opera (’ompan)‘ head hack to the roaring 20s for this musical tale of a part) girl suddenly forced to look alter her orphaned nephew

Princess Ida Tue l2 Sat l6 Mar. 7.30pm (Sat mat 2.30pm). £7 £12

(£5 £7). [idinhurgh's (iilhert 8c Sullium Socier present the musical duo‘s \vitty medieval tale.