Glasgow Saturday’s continued

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The Progression Session 2002 at Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow. Wed 6 Mar: Liquid Room. Edinburgh. Thu 7 Mar

In an ideal world Danny Williamson aka LTJ Bukem would be a famous musician. His first album, the downbeat classic Journey lnwards is not only very good but exhibits some great potential. Given that he‘d been making music for a decade before this release in 2000 though, you have to wonder about his turnover.

Ever affable, Bukem had actually spent all that time seeking out some truly rare talent and releasing them under the aegis of his Good Looking Organisation. Add to that a tortuous DJing itinerary and you have a man who says: ‘My dream is to help other guys who make drum & bass music maintain themselves.‘ And he actually lives his life by it.

‘Since 1990 when I first began making music, through the mid—90s when we were doing Speed [legendary drum 81 bass club in London], through the growth of the

Hey Good Looking, whatcha got cookin’?

dance form internationally and the promotion of my own album, I've only really had one holiday. Went to the Caribbean. Didn't know what to do with myself.‘

Not one to grumble about a media which thinks drum 81 bass died in 1997, Bukem loves music which is not immediately viable in a commercial sense and not only accepts that his task must be ‘audience development’ but actively enjoys it. Strange though that he didn’t take advantage of the crossover success of Goldie’s Timeless. Danny insists, however, that there wasn't a big enough audience for his music at that time. ‘If I‘d had a £1m marketing budget back then. maybe I would've released something.”

It‘s a practical attitude born of an impractical passion. The Good Looking Organisation is home to almost bewildering range of styles; from dark junglists like Total Science to the distinctly jazzy Poets Of Thought. Instead of big budgets. Bukem has developed an international network of like—minded individuals.

Does all this work mean we are going to have to wait until 2010 for the second Bukem album? ‘Not this time. Get my Titanium G4 laptop now,’ he says with obvious glee. Factor in the keyboard lessons he‘s started taking (following an emotional reunion with his childhood piano teacher) and Danny Williamson should soon be on the move artistically. In the meantimethough. he'll go on being a particularly endearing example of that British cultural stereotype: the effusive music enthusiast who loved the music so much he set up a label (or five). And he’s a damn

good DJ too. (Tim Abrahams)

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