Regular weekly clubs plus one off events are listed by city, then by day, then alphabetical by title. Clubs will be listed, provided that up to date details reach our offices at least eight days before publication. Lack of information may result in clubs being omitted. Edinburgh club listings compiled by Catherine Bromley.

Edinburgh Thursdays


I Bar Union at Bar l'nion. ‘lpin .‘iaiii. Free. Weekly. Party people iii tha house say ‘fair' as Scratch DJ l.yley mixes up the hip hop madness.

I Beluga at Beluga. Spin latit. Free. Weekly. Leo lets loose with some house. garage and funked tip disco gt'ooy es tls Feb) while the omnipresent Craig Smith gets bi-zay with the soulful house. badass boogie and broken beats nialarkey t~ Mari. I Cool Blue at the Wash. ‘lpm lam. Free. Weekly. A fresh arid frisky iiii\ of smooth. sophisticated hip hop and soul from DJ Ali Campbell.

I Drop Out at the Living Room. 9pm—lam. Free. 28 Feb ck l4 Mar. Fortnightly. Tune in to drop out to the best in house. techno and electro from rotational residents Body-funk. Blend. 'l‘antriiiti. Ahab and 3.1-1.

I Eccentric at Bani Bou. 9pm lam. Free. 28 Feb 8; H Mar. Fortnightly. The resident DJs frotti Future Noodle and Nuklear Puppy explore the aural eccentricities inherent to tech-house at this Oriental style bar session.

I Flashback at Flashback. .S. zllpm latii. Free. Weekly. DJ \etilts goes hack in little to play disco tunes from the 7()s arid Stls. I Immersed In Music at l’iyo. 9pm—3am. Free. Weekly. A new 1).) schedule sees rotational residents Smokey & The Bandit. Silver Storik. ('i'aig (lee and Beany wartn up for the weekend with diverse takes on the funky hottse model.

I La Fromagerie at the Meadows Bar (downstairs). 9pm lain. Free. 7 Mar. Fortnightly. lidinburgh's original li-/. sleazies AI and Kain the Mullet serve up a stinky selection of cheesy musical delights. I Made In Iguana at lgtiatia. ()ptn—lam. Free. Weekly. (iareth Sornrnerville breaks the mould ot his L'ltragroove guise. playing warm .\'ew York house. disco and all things soulful at this pre-weekend pre-elub.

I Oxygen Music at ()xygcn Bar 9pm—lani. Free. Weekly. Progressiy e house and trance from rotational residents Stuart Duncan (Atomic Baby t and Day e Begg (Skank. Area 51 l.

I Shadowskill at Bani Boti. 9pm lam. Free. 7 Mar. Fortnightly. ('onfiicius say this new ()riental style bar got plenty good hip hop. funk and drum ck bass with DJ Dragon and Redb.

I UrbannHangSuite at Banii‘s. llpm—3am. Free. Weekly. light \efJeldl‘lttll snacks served to a kooky and eclectic soundtrack front a selection of local beat freaks including 1)] Dolphin Boy t’liimiiiy Touch).

I Vol Below at Yo? Below. 8pm—midnight. Free. Weekly. llle sushi style bar gets the funked—up drum tv bass treatment from DJ Queen B IBehay e .’t. Please note that Behaye‘.’ members get It) per cent off their bill for food and drinks.


I Blow Your Head at the Bongo (‘ltib l().3()ptn--3ain. £3. 2S Feb only. l)ii'ty funk from El Segundo‘s DJRedo and ('liango. I C.C. Blooms at (‘,('. Blooms. 10.30pm-3am that from (ipllt i. Free W’ekly. Trip the light fantastic to His \R(i dance action at this ever-popular gay bar.

.‘ a 1-:fi:;;-

76 THE LIST 2% For, 32 '.i‘i.':' L" z

I Fusion at Po .\a .\'a. llptti Ram. ‘22. Weekly. l).ls Mark B tStiidio (irand) plays \ inyl gems sourced front the realms of house. hip hop. ftiiik and soul.

I Genetic at the (‘itrtis (‘liih llpiti Rain.

Free before I l..illpiii: £2 alter. Weekly. Still a mighty popular soiree that showcases alternatiye. indie and lo-ti. No smoking iii the bar area. mind.

I Itchy Soul Hi-Fi at the Bongo (‘Itih Monthly. .\'e\t date 2l .\l;tt'.

I Lit at the Venue. ltlfitlpiii 3am. {the 28 Feb only. World D] Day date featuring hard house hedonistii from Mark ls'ayanagh t'l‘i'ipolii and Allan Piillen.

I Opium at ()pitiin. lllpiti 3am. Free. Weekly. Rock. nu metal and illlL‘l‘lttllHL‘i'llltllc‘ at this late~iiiglit drinking den-cititi-cliih coniple\ that ably recreates the atiiiosphei'e ol (‘ockhtii'ii Street on a Sat afternoon.

OProgression Sessions 2002 at liquid Rootii. ltl. illptit 3am. L‘lt) tL'Si ayailahle iii adsance plus hooking fee from Ripping and l'ndei'gi'oiitid Solii'slin. 7 Mar only. l’ioiicei' of so called ‘intelligent‘ drum ck bass. l.'l‘.l Btikein. makes his momentous return to the capital. MC duties get taken care ol a treat by .\l(' ('oiirad while decknical support comes from (ilasgow 's Future langiiicers. See prey icw in (ilasgow club section and see llitlist.

I Snatch Club at the liquid Room. lllfillpiii 3am. £3.50 i {2.50). Weekly. A funky disco ctiiii cabaret. coiiiically cotiipered by Mr Harry Ainswoi'th and deck iiiaiiiptilated in a cod ttiiik aitd hip hop stylec by Babes. Biggie ck Spanky. Benny llill-like antics w ill of coiti'sc he rile atid all tlrinks are ;'.\.aila|)le at “Fills prices. (liltis fortnight t H Mart. Snatch celebrates two years ol snititty lieliay ioiii' w ith a liye set from 'l‘echnoti'onic.

I Spatter .it the Venue. ltlfillpin 3am. £5 beloi'e llpiii; to alter. 2 \lat' only. .\ Twisted Records one~oll aural spectacular featuring l).ls Siiiion. “We and Bert and their chosen iiitisical sty lc of tech-trance.

I Speak Easy at the Bongo (‘liih Ill..itlptii .iaiii. £5 Hell). lsl .\lar only. /.oot suits and ('harleston queens swing oiil at this one otf iiiiisical e\ti'ayagaii/a featuring karaoke and cabaret burlesque.

I 3 Piece Sweet at the («Mean lounge. llpiii Sam. L2. 14 leh. Motitlily. 'l'retidy Wendy. Sally l- and \icki celebrate two years of starting the weekend early with their monthly mix or house. funk. soul. pop and kitsch classics.

I Traffic at /ci'o l lci'iot—\\'att

l'niyei'stty i. ‘lpni 2aiii. Free. Weekly. l.iye indie hands tollow ed by a heady iiii\ of rock. pop and hip hop at this llei‘iot Watt club night.

Chan & Party

I J&B Night at lil Barrio. ‘)pm late. Free. Weekly. Spanish and FK chart showcase sponsored by .lth whisky.

I Old Skool Disco at Rc\oltitioii. lll..ill|‘lll .iam. L4 non- students tL'2 sttidentsi: li‘ee entry in school uniform. \VCCl'sl}. Retro litittse tllgltl hosted l‘_\ l).l 'ltllll \\ ilsoii and this loi‘tnight t," Mari featuring a liye PA from old school heroes liltt‘a Sonic

I Six Pack at ('liih .laya. 0.30pm 2am. l»l Mai only. .\ night ol sticky lilth tor the ladies leattiiing 'liill‘ (i l‘til'c'c‘ strip show. a lady coinedienne. an .v\nn Suitiiiiers party and a suitably cheesy chart ck party soundtrack

I The 6, 7, 8 Special at Why .\'ot'.’ llpm Sam. {5. Weekly. .-\ magical musical journey that takes you through the (ills. “Us. Stls tnn/ Um.

I The Subway at the Subway.

Upiii ‘atii. l-i'ce loi' students with iiiati'ictiiation card: Ll otherw ise. Weekly. A iiiaiiistieaiii soundtrack pltis the odd spot of indie at this iiiyaiiably depi'ay ed (‘ow gate institution.

I Thursday In The City at Club Mercado. Spin .iaiii. Free. Weekly. (‘oiiiiiiei‘cial chart .iiid dance from (ii'aiit Stott and Micky (lay in tRadio l‘ttl'llll. plus

\s s\ \

drinks promos and surprise give-aways a plenty for those w ho w atit to start the weekend fashionably early.

Edinburgh Fridays


I Ad-Lib at the Wash. 9pm— I atn. Free. Weekly. liiiproy isatioiial funk. soul and l.atin \ ibes with DJ Ali Campbell.

I Bar Union at Bar l'nion. 9pm—3ain. Free. Weekly. .\'ieola Iloey fires up the Fri t‘i'isking with a pie-club session featuring pop house and disco classics.

I Bass Trap Sessions at Bani Bou. 9pm lam. Free. Weekly. Wily Manga master (i—Mac hosts his weekly fix of hand-picked narcotic breaks and heats. including all the latest hip hop. 2-step breaks. R&B and drum ck bass.

I Beluga at Beluga. Spin-dam. Free. Weekly. Soletnusic's ('hris llarrisjoins l)on Flanagan for a night of broken beats and soulful flavours t l M‘u') while Yogi ‘l)a Beat" llaughton wows the lovely ladies with his urban soul grooves t8 Mar). I Centro at (‘ity Cafe 2. t)pni—lain. Free. S Mar. Fortnightly. L'lti'agroove resident (lareth Soinmerville aurally entertains the drinking masses with a sweet nu-ia/l and sultry house selection. I Cuba Norte at Cuba .\‘orte.

ltlpm lam. Free. Weekly. Still supplying the broadest musical spectrum for Latin loyers and still pivotal to the whole Latin

I Cuts 8. Strings at the ()uthouse. Monthly. .\'ext date 22 Mar.

I Flashback at Flashback. Spin—lam. Free. Weekly. 1)] Randy Andy spins a retro chait mix for the o\ er 21s.

I Immersed In Music at Piy‘o.

9pm 3am. Free. Weekly. The award- winning (’Ieeh theme bar launches a new 1)] schedule. this fortnight featuring funky house from lluggy t l Mar) and Kris Keegaii tS Mar).

I Inertia at the ()nthotise.

7pm midnight. Free. l5 Mar only. Tribal tech-house and techno with llwatsong. Morph tl’illbox) and the residents.

I Intersection at (iilded Saloon.

.s’pm lain. Free. 8 Mar. Fortnightly. All- new pre-club future at the 70s style bar— cum—festiyal venue. featuring Dennis Pi'ohert and guests playing modern soul. ttu-iaH atid l'S garage.

I Made In Iguana at Iguana.

9pm lain. Free. Weekly. Colin Cook tl‘ltragrooye) play s some real deal house music. from the experimental to the tough and tribal w ith random l.atin influences thrown in for good measure.

. s - . . Smooth operators Bobby & Steve play Audio Deluxe, Sat 2 Mar


f. l/

I Mixed Bag at PopRokit. 9pm—latn. Free. Weekly. Styler tSolefusion) and Spanky (Snatch Club) select the funk. soul and disco classics.

I Oxygen Music at ()xygen Bar. ()pin—lam. Free. Weekly. ()n a rotational basis. Craig Smith tDistrict) supplies smooth and soulful house while Craig (‘iee tFreet'all) takes the fired-up and funky approach.

I Reasonable Cause at Rush. 8pni—lam. Free. Mr Mustgroove and l.enak warm up the weekend with a spiky mix of tech-house and techno.

I Soft Machine at Gilded Salooit. 8pm—lani. Free. 15 Mar. Fortnightly. A mixed bag of musical styles including hip hop. sixties garage. punk and Northern soul.

I UrbannHangSuite at Bann's.

l lpm—3atn. Free. Weekly. See Tim.

I Yo! Below at Yo! Below. Spin—midnight. Free. Weekly. The sushi style bar gets the dancetloor soul treatment from the Posh 1)] s.


I Angel Delight at the Venue. Monthly. Next date 22 Mar.

I Arakataca! at the Bongo Club.

I lpm—3am. £5. 1 Mar. Monthly. I)Js Jaffer (Senegal) and '/.uppa ltiglese tBogota) host a fiery mix of salsa. African. Latin and Caribbean dance.

I Beats N Pieces at the Venue. l().3()pm—3am. £5. 8 Mar. Monthly. Launch of an entirely new soiree showcasing everything frotn classic fiitik to hard-edged tech-house. This broad spectrum will be spanned initially by residents Allan Headspin and Richie Vallenz although future guest I)Js include Chicken lips (Kingsize Records) on 3 May. QBehave? at the Honeycomb. lt).3()pm—-3ani. £10 (£8 members/tickets in advance). 8 Mar. Monthly. (iet ready for mo' mischief as the funky drutn ck bass night re-launches with a iiiotitlily Fri residency. lt's set to be a stormer too with a live show from jungle combo The Heavies. featuring an all-star cast that includes World DMC Champion 1)] Plus One. human beatbox Killa Kela and F7. Rollers MC. lakes. For this date only. ‘.-t-/.tsl'curtl holders get [3 ()[ft/om'pricc (1H tire/t! lone. See Hitlist.

I Big Beat at La Belle Angele. l().3()prn—3am. £7 do): £3.50 before 11.30pm. 1 Mar. Monthly. Resident DJs Sitnon Hodge. Stuart Bennett atid Tinku dig deep in the vinyl vaults to unearth the best in dancetloor soul. funk. jazz and rare groove. This month. lispen Horne tBobby