Hughes Experience) contributes his vinyl gems to the mix.

I Canned Heat at (iaia. l()pm-—3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. Harri ‘Let's Go’ with a reliable mix of dancefloor greats including pop. punk. funk and hip hop. Please note that entry to this event includes entry to R&B showcase Fiesta Fiesta. See separate listing below.

I (2.0. Blooms at CC. Blooms. l().3()pin—3am (bar from 6pm). Free. Weekly. l-ligh camp and chart classics with DJ Ally at this popular gay venue.

I Concept (formerly Cerotonin) at the Venue (lower two floors). lt).3()pm—3am. £10 (£8). 8 Mar. Monthly. The tantalising tech-trance night re- lauiiches under a new name (apparently Cerotoniii implied nefarious drug taking) and celebrates its second birthday with a guest set from Thomas Schumacher. For this date only. 'xl-Lixl't'urrl holders get £3 ()[lt/(NH‘IH'HI’ (Ill night long. See preview. I Dischord at Studio 24. l lpm—3am. £3.50 (£2.50). [5 Mar. Monthly. Heavy metal. nu metal. death metal. extreme metal and some token goth with l)Js Leaf. Wally. lqy and Liz.

I Dr No’s at the Bongo Club. Monthly. Next date 22 Mar.

I Electrocute at the Venue (top floor). l().3()prii—-3am. £7 (£5). 1 Mar. Monthly. The boys that brought you Rotation launch an entirely new night showcasing underground techno. electro. tech-house and machine funk. At this inaugural date. Chris t'.N. Laurie and Rob [)ylan are the live wires looking to shock Edinburgh's electro freaks into submission.

I El Segundo at the Bongo Club. l().3()prii—3am. £7 (£6). 8 Mar. Monthly. Acclaimed L'K hip hop act Def Tex make their Scottish debut with a full live show promoting their debut album Serene Bug on Sort Records. DJ duties of a hip hop and funk nature meanwhile fall to the talented resident types l)JRed (i and Chango.

I Eruptor at Studio 24 (top floor).

I lprii dam. £5. l Mar. Monthly. l'neomproriiising. toxic techno night featuring l)J distress from Primal T arid Paul C.

I Evol at the Liquid Roorii. l().3()prii-—3am. £4. Weekly. Edinburgh‘s longest running indie night (ten consecutive years. with no holidays and no sickies). providing a likely mix of the best current and classic alternative. crossover tunes.

I Fiesta Fiesta at Ciaia. l [pm—3am. £2 before midnight: £4 after. Weekly. DJ Fabuloz (\‘ibe. 2 Urban) drops the latest pressings and jams from the hot and jiggy worlds of hip hop and R&B. VIP passes available every Sun at the Q Bar.

I The Fun at Ego. l lpm—3ain. £2. 1 Mar only. Resident l)Js Simrnone Black and Morgan host the first birthday hash of their uplifting house and garage night. See Word L'p for more details on The Fun Clubbers’ Calendar.

I Funkey Magic at the Cocteau Lounge (downstairs at Ego). Monthly. Next date 2‘) Mar.

I Future Noodle at the Venue (lower two floors). lt).3()prn>--3am. £5. 15 Mar. Monthly. A night of intrepid experimentation at the tech-house and breaks showcase featuring all kinds of technological devices that most people don't need or want to understand. Essentially. it's a dex 'n' fx night featuring l)Js liuan James. Believe (Boogie Mo

l)y riaiiioi and Mikey Magic making the scene with the music machines.

I The 60-60 at the Cocteau Lounge (downstairs at Ego). l lpm—4am. £4. l5 Mar. Monthly. Men in extraordinarily sharp stiits and groovy girls in extremely short skirts vvig-out to a wild mix of sixties garage ptirik. surf. swinging soundtracks and sweet. sweet soul. This month. your hosts are guest DJ Paul Molloy (Friday Street. Glasgow) and resident types Tall Paul Robinson and Angus A (lo-Go.

I Journey Jamaica at the Mambo Club (upstairs). l()pm-3am. £5; £4 before midnight. 15 Mar. Monthly. .-\ night of original Jamaican ska. rocksteady and reggae hosted by Dr Soul and Robbie Cormack.

I Keep It Unreal at tigo. Iopmhfiam. £8 (£7). Bi-iiioiithly. 8 Mar. Dirty dub disco and rowdy sonic squonk in a live hour set from the irrepressible Andy Carthy aka Ninja Tune's‘ Mr Scruff. Tickets in advance/early arrival makes sense to guarantee entry and please note that for this date only. there will no Headspin presence in the Cocteau Lounge as Radio Babylon are hosting an entirely separate night there.

I Let’s Go Back, Way Back at La Belle Angele. l().3()pm—3am. £10 (£8). 15 Mar. Monthly. Cilasgow‘s retro house night launches an Edinburgh residency to drag Auld Reekie back to the old school. Smiley faces. dust masks and \‘icks vapo rub jars abound then as Altern8 contribute a DJ set. with residents l).l Bosco and Twitch in support.

I Lost at Studio 24. l()..‘~()pni 3am. £lt) (£8). 8 Mar. Monthly. Lose yourself in a mind-melting melange of funky to hard- edged techno. this month featuring the pioneering prowess of Germany jock. Chris Liebing. In the upstairs chill parlour there's hip hop to be had from lleztdspin l)Js Colin and Dava.

I Lush at Ego. Monthly. Next date 2‘) Mar.

I Majestica at the Venue. Monthly. Next date 2‘) Mar with the first birthday celebrations featuring an exclusive DJ set from Trisco aka Jirii Brow ski and Harvey Dawson.

I The Mambo Club at the Mambo Club. l()pm—3am. £4 (£3 with flyer) before midnight: £5 after. Weekly. Sir ()ssie’s highly respected mix of reggae. ragga. R&B. rap and hip hop continues to be one of the strongest nights for music of black origin iii town.

I Manga at La Belle Angele. Monthly. Next date 22 Mar with guest l)J. Kenny Ken.

I Modern Lovers at tigo. llpm—3am. £4. 1 Mar. Monthly. The masterful Martin Ciavin (Caledonia Soul. Glasgow) arid Motherfunkci's (iitto & Fryerjoin resident [)J Craig at this swinging (i()s fix. featuring rare soul. Hammond jil/J. and freakbeats galore.

I A Night For Cuba at the Bongo Club. l().3()pm-~3am. £6 (£5). l5 Mar. Monthly. Edinburgh's leading Latin nights Club Latino. Salsa \‘iva. Arakataca and Latin Explosion club together once again to form this mighty hootenanny'. All profits from the night go directly to Medicare Cuba.

I Moody at Wee Red Bar. Monthly. Next date 22 Mar.

I Nuklear Puppy at ligo. Monthly. Next date 15 Mar.

I Opium at ()pium. l()pm 5am. Free. Weekly. The all-new rock bar-cuiii-club complex takes hold of Edinburgh's after- hours scene like a rusty steel trap to a hapless woodland creature. In terms of music policy —~ yep. you guessed it! it‘s rock. nu metal and alternative/indie.

I Pillbox at Studio 24. Monthly. Next date 22 Mar with guest l)Js Mark Hawkins and Michael l:()t'sl);t\y.

I Planet Earth at the (‘itrus ('ltib. l().3()prn 3am. £5. Weekly. Music from the years l‘)7(i to l‘)8‘), which for those born after 8‘) who haven‘t indulged the retro revival programmes plaguing our TV screens -- means punk. new wave. new romantic and 8()s electro pop.

I Pure Vs Sativae at Studio 24. l().3()pm—3arir. £8 (available iii advance plus booking fee from Ripping and Virgin). l5 Mar only. (iood Christ almighty! It’s only the city‘s biggest ever techno nights joining forces to blow tlte minds of the assembled sweaty hordes. Dave Tarrida. Steve (ilericross. Neil Landstrumm (live) pltis Brainstorm.

Sandy l’aris Jnr arid Rob Dylan will be twisting the dials and bringing the noise. I Radio Babylon at Cocteau lounge. l()..‘~()piii 3am. Us, 8 Mar only. .\ one-off aural exti'avagan/a hosted by some

say iour's The Merry l’i'anksters and Brainstorm. iixpect only the finest in dancefloor ska. ftiiik. soul. electro and techno and if it‘s guest l)Js you're after. vvlty not try the Radio Babylon liaster Spectacular on .il Mar featuring Andrew Weathei'all and Day id lloliiies. Buying tickets in advartce (available from Virgin tk Rippirigi for this date is highly advisable. I Rampage til tlte \ctttlc (top floor). Monthly. Next date l5 Mar.

I Resistance at tile \‘eiiue. Monthly. Next date 22 Mar featuring hardcore legend. Lenny l)ee.

I Roadblock at l’o Na Na. lllpiii 3am. £3. \VL'L'lxl}. l .i l’lL'L‘L‘ Sllllk‘l stops the traffic in bad music when she digs up the best in ftrnk. disco. house and block rockin‘ beats.

I Salsa Con Sabor at H Barrio. ltlpin 5am. l‘i'ee before I lpiii: £2 alter. \Veekly. Beats ll'()lll the barrio at this swinging party hosted by DJ Hector. Naiio arid the Latin posse. l‘rec beginners. salsa class starts at ‘)pm.

I Spectral at Wee Red Bar. llpiii .iain. £(y(£5). l5 Mar. Monthly. l)eep. funky house grooves from inveterate leltlield type. Hobbes (Sputnik) plus resident DJ l’hil Dickson. Surfer's cart snoop

vv wvv.spcctralor'guk for more info.

I Subculture meets Friscodisco at the Honeycomb. Monthly. Next date 22 Mar.

I Sublime at the Honeycomb.

l(l.5()prii 3am. £l()(£8i. I Mar. l-‘oi'tnightly. Yet more tech~traiice shenanigans of the highest order as thick ('l'orturcd. l’laiict ls’liy tltiii. .'\l‘\t‘ll\c‘l drops an exclusive three hour set. Support comes care of ldge tn the main room vv hilc (iat'y Mac and lilix \tllll‘lllx the breaks it) tltc Noriiadic Beat Suite. for i/ii’v (ltllt' only. 'xt- /.l\l.('(ll't/ llUlr/(‘I'y L't'l £3 rill (ltlrll'lll'lt't' (Ill lire/i! long.

0 Tortured at r.) Belle x\iige|e.

l lpiii 3am. £l(l ( £8). 8 Mar only. .\ one- olf'l‘ot'tured Records special featuring tech-trance iibermerisch Billy Nasty. Boasting a distinctively dark and brooding style. Nasty 's turntable trickery incorporates frenetic cross~fader action and plenty spin back skill as (lciiioristratcd at numerous Sublime sessions. \t this date he'll be doing a three hour set and DJ support comes care of liuari Mclx'en/ic. See llillisl.

0 Trouble At The Blue Note at the Beat Ja// Basement. lllfillpm 3am. \Veckl} (as front 8 Mar). .'\|l-ncvv iriiprovised ja/r jain sponsored by the legendary Blue Note Rt‘ctlt‘tls. 'l'he llt'sl foray (8 Mat') features Ross Hamilton on bass plus hip hop lyricism from the Scotland Yard M('s. Please note that the inaugural 'l'r'ouble session will be preceded by art exclusive live show from Big l)ada hip hop act. New l'lcsll. The show starts at 8pm and tickets are to in advance. See preview arid llitlist.

I UTI presents ‘YT’ at the wee l\)Ctl Bar. lllfillpm 3am. £8 (£5). I Mar. Monthly. 'Yl” . . . yes. very droll. Try not to live tip to the name by avoiding the ‘vvhitey' lor'riiula skinful of boo/e w ith a bong chaser before or after this residents night of underground techno.

I Woman’s Own at ('lth Java.

ltlpm 2am. £5 before midnight: L“ alter. l Mar. Monthly. Brand new funky to progressive house night catering for women only. Resident 1).! RM hosts the launch night along with guest l).l Lauren.

Chart 8 Party

I The Bristo Square Experience at l’otterrovv aitd 'l'ev iot Row llouse. ‘)piii 3am. Free. Weekly. The city ‘s students run amok in Bristo Square. soaking tip mainstream house. ct'a/y karaoke and plenty of alcohol.

Audio Deluxe SOUI Heaven stars Bobby 8 Steve bring their acclaimed soulful funky house vibe to the capital. Honeycomb, Sat 2 Mar.

Mischief Sweet mercy. Clubs rarely come along as good as this so don't no a dumb ass and make sure not to miss this date featuring Californian hip hop crew Souls Of Mischief and drum 8 bass trickster Pcsnay'. Venue. 2 Mar.

The Progression Sessions 2002 Following the success of last year's show at Wilkie House. oh—so clover drum 8 bass fella LTJ Bukem inakos nis momentous return to fiflllll')lll“.]ll. See preview. page 77?. lurid/(i Room. Thu 7 Mar.

Behave? World DJ Day date vrhcrc- Sick kids are set to benefit from a night of blinding drum 8 bass. The Heavies featuring DJ Plus Onc- and human beatbox Killa Kela (pictured bring the business of snow. Honeycomb. Fri 8 Mar.

Tortured If tech-trance tweaks your cheeks tonight is most

t‘ictinitcly y0ur night. You could be over at the relaunch of Concept at tho ’v/onuc- with Thomas Schumacher rsco preview page 70) or indeed you coud be here getting a ear bashing frOin the darkly brooding. Billy Nasty. l. a 80/19 Ange/e. Fri 8 Mar.

The Beat Jazz Basement Bongo beating beatniks go like keray'zoc». man. smoking jazz cigarettes. drinking coffee out of cracked cnina cups and making avant-gardo sculpture out of tea towels and bear mats. If only they y'rould. Still. this new contemporary Jél// vontic should be. well nice. Soc preview. page 78. Beat Jazz Basement. Fri 8 8 Sat 9 Mar.

Mingin’ Brian Dempster and Alan .Joy do their bit for World DJ Day. playing filthy house and twisted trance along vvith their guest. French loci) house DJ. Vincent Humbert. Go on. you'll be helping sick kids fer chrissakcs. Studio 24, Sat 9 Mar.

. Xtra Live Ground-breaking hip hon producer Andy Turner aka Aim proiriotcs his new album Hinterland (Grand Central Records) at this all- ticv'; night of urban beats and rhyrnos. Bongo C/ub, Sat 9 Mar.

oxm.’:;‘i; >

Mai 2002 THE LIST 77

N?“ t‘l‘