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It may be National No Smoking Day on 13 March, but let’s face it, lighting up a stick and placing it between your lips is still really, really cool. Young women remain the most likely bunch to take up the filthy habit and no wonder, if their role models are ash addicts such as . . .

TONY SINGH, / owner and t chef of Edinburgh’s Oloroso restaurant, chooses his .\ w favourite celebrity \‘ t chefs.

Bette Davis Brand Chesterfields Fag fact The undisputed queen of snouts. Davis knocked back

I . i 1 Delia Smith All her recipes work several Hollywood leads because the character didn't smoke. Smokes in 23 films

and she shows people the basics.

2 Tony Tobin Due to his creative cooking and good use of spices.

Linda Fiorentino Brand Camel Fag fact Attributes her husky growl to a weed addiction. Keen evidence

3 Nick Nairn Because of his great _ j I of this as she puffs her nOirish way through The Last Seduction. Smokes in 19 films

work to promote Scottish food.

4 Phil Vlckery A great new spin on classic dishes.

Parker Posey Brand Camel Lights Fag fact The toast of the arthouse proved infallible when she was caught having a fly draw in the oh-so righteous non-fuming Sundance Film Festival. Smokes in 15 films

5 Keith Floyd A great cook who just gets on with it.

NEIL BUTLER, MD of Glasgow’s UZ Events and

Helen Mirren

director of 2232:”: Irive Brand Mores Fag fact Some criticised her lack of dragging gravitas during those tense post- Negv 33mm interrogation Prime Suspect scenes but you can't argue with someone who smokes cigars

chooses his while dressed in an ‘aviatrix' uniform. as she does in Savage Messiah. Smokes in 11 films

favourite surf spots from around the world.

Rita Hayworth Brand Chesterfields Fag fact Caused major furore in 1953's Miss Sadie Thompson by being one of the first stars to hold her cigarette between finger and thumb. Smokes in 10 films

1 Farr Bay, Scotland One of many uncrowded. remote and spectaCUlarly beautiful Scottish breaks.

2 Severn Bore, England Mad surreal surf on an occasional tidal wave past perplexed sheep and disinterested cows up the River Severn.

Demi Moore

Brand Montecristo JOyllaS cigars Fag fact A rOugh stogie sucker in the face of mass cigarette abuse. Moore is as celebrated a cigar aficionado as Croucho Marx. But without the fake ‘tache. Smokes in 10 films

3 Ribeira de Ilhas, near Ericeira, Portugal Consistent and often scary. Nearly always working thr0ughout the year.

4 Bells Beach, Australia The archetypal break. Start here and drive up the Great Ocean Road for some of the best waves on the planet.

Jennifer Aniston Brand Merits Fag fact Tarnished her goody-goody Friends image with chain-smoking habit and admission of enjoying a doobie with hubby Brad Pitt. Smokes in 2 films

5 Beach Break, Hikkaduawa, Sri Lanka Exactly opposite our hotel. Consistent three to six foot waves. Surfing with turtles. Warm water, tropical weather, wonderful people and the perfect start to the day.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Brand Marlboro Lights Fag fact Having been made to feel like a leper by Hollywood's ‘nicotine Nazis'. the Welsh wizardress had her revenge by inhaling away With Michael Douglas at last year's Oscars ceremony. Smokes in 2 films

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6 THE LIST 2?: Feb ‘4 Mar 2002