Clubs lisféngs

Clare Conlon aka Queen B, DJ/promoter of Behave? at The Honeycomb, selects four records currently rocking the drum & bass scene.

Shy FX: ‘Shake Ur Body’ (white label) You know this one. a killer tune from jungle veteran Shy FX. to be released later this year on Posmva.

Future Cut and Jenna G: ‘Midnight’ (white label) This IS the first collaboration from Future Cut and Jenna (3. It's absolutely Wicked and has a real ‘feei good' feel to it. The serious vocal line turns the A side into a ripper. The B-Slde. although aired less often, IS an equally ay'resome breaklsh mix.

Blame: ‘Music Takes You’ (Moving Shadow) A John B remix of a classic y: old-school track. With the original being so good. John B couldn't really go wrong putting this one thrOugh the studio again.

Ed Rush & Optical: ‘Kerbcrawler’ (Virus Recordings) Thls little nnser is a Behave? faVOunte. and when you hear the bassline drop. you'll know why.

I Behave? at The Honeycomb. Edinburgh. Next date Fri 8 Mar featuring il‘/€ drum <3 bass combo The

see A-List Card lOr discount entry deal.

- 0am”

78 THE LIST 2“; l r;f;-- l/lzi" ’/’,’.’/

Heavies. See listings for full details and

I Friday Funkin’ at the Ark. l()pm—3am. £4 (£2 ). Weekly. You'ye worked hard. now strut your funky stuff like there's no tomorrow to Big Daye’s party mix.

I Frozen In Time at Time. 1 lplll"31llll. £4 with lly'er; £5 without. Weekly. A short. grumpy man plays commercial chart and dance. ()yer 2 ls only.

I Kick at Loca. l()pm~ 3am. £2 before midnight: £-l alter. Weekly. Kick start the weekend with current commercial chart and pop pap from across the decades.

I Mardi Gras at the ('ayendish. l()pni—-3am. £6 (free membership ayailable ). Weekly. The (’ayendish comes oyer all carniyal at this new night showcasing 70s right through to up-to-date mainstream dance music. ()\ er 25s only. I The Subway at the Subway. 9pm~3ant. liree before I lpm: £3 (U l alter. Weekly. See Tim.

I Supernova at Reyoltttion.

l().3()pm— 3am. £3 before midnight: £5 alter. Weekly. Feel the gush as Supernoya shoots its juicy mix of chart and party fare. Drinks promos a feature.

I Tease at Subway West lind. -lpm— 3am. l‘ree before I lpm: £3 (U l alter. Weekly. 1)] llammy plays chart tunes for the well- oiled w'or‘kies.

I The Time Tunnel at (’lub Mercado. ltlpm 3am. £5 (£4 with llyerl. Weekly. Trendy Wendy. Show bi/ Jase and Betty Ford disrupt the space-time continuum with tunes from the ()(l\ right up to right now. ()r maybe it's just the alcohol.

Edinburgh Saturdays


I Beluga at Beluga. 8pm lam. liree. Weekly. lirik l)a Viking and l)om l‘lanagan straddle a spectrum of house and garage grooyes.

I Black Sauce at Bani Bou. ()pni lam. Free. Weekly. (‘onfucius say this new ()riental style bar got plenty good underground house music with Martin Valentine and Steyen Wanless (l'iriscodiscol.

I Cuba Norte at (‘uba .\'orte. |()pm—lam. Free. Weekly. llot salsa? lt‘s Sat and that means. er. hot salsa at this epicentre of all things I.atin.

I Extra Width at (iilded Saloon.

Spin- lam. Free. Weekly. New w aye disco (ie all your fayourite indie hits) with rotational l)ls (irainne. Keiron and Stuart Braithw'aite (Mogwai l.

I Flashback at flashback.

8.30pm lam. Free. Weekly. [)1 \‘entis seryes up an eyen mix of chart pap from the past four decades. ()yer 21s only .

I Four To The Floor at Rllsh. ()pm--lam. Free. Weekly. lil Segundo‘s DJRedo playing funk. soul. jazz and all that inspired hip hop.

I Immersed In Music at l’iy'o. ‘)pnt»—3am. l-‘ree. Weekly. The (‘lech style bar launches a new 1)] schedule to get the party started in a progressiye house and tech-trance stylee. This fortnight. Stuart Duncan (Atomic Baby ) mans the box.

I Made In Iguana at Iguana.

9pm lam. lirec. Weekly. (‘redible pre- clubbing house tunes from the knowledgeable and eyer-affable types w ho stall independent record shack. l'nderground Solu‘shn.

I Mission Jnr at Studio 2-1. 7 lilpm. £5. Weekly. Baby metallers go beserkley at this all-new pre-club. If you look old enough you can go the distance and stay put for Mission proper which kicks off at l lpm.

I Oxygen Music at ()xygen Bar. ()pin‘ lam. l‘ree. Weekly. Life‘s a gas at this swanky style bar. with funky breaks and hip hop to house gt'ooyes from lleadspin's Allan Dunbar (2 Marl and Higher (iround's Lindsey Todd (9 Mar). I Progression at (‘ity' (are. t)pm lam. l‘ree. 3 Mar. Fortnightly. Prc-club session featuring funky to progression liouse from Derek Martin and (lay (irant.

NEW OPENING THE BEAT JAZZ BASEMENT Chambers Street, Edinburgh, Sun 3 Mar

Big Dada hip hop act New Flesh

Festival Inns, the firm who own ‘pack ’em in’ venues the Three Sisters, Peppermint Lounge and Beluga are set to open yet another pub-cum-club den in the capital. No need to iron your Ben Sherman for this one though, because the Beat Jazz Basement promises something different; something

Blue in fact.

In association with the legendary Blue Note Records, Edinburgh event- management company Freak Marketing have conceived a clear and cutting-edge concept for the new venture. Open seven days a week with a 3am license, The Beat will bring together local and international live acts

and DJs in a contemporary jazz venue.

Entry will be free from Sunday to Thursday with onstage entertainment provided by the likes of Bill Kyle, Sylvia Rae and Freddie King, showcasing everything from funk-jazz through swing to vocal jazz and blues. Saturdays will meanwhile wind up the wheels of steel with decks, effects and live percussive action brought on by the boys from Big Beat, Headspin, Ultragroove and Nuspirit in exciting new monthly residencies.

Other subterranean jazz joints come to mind already, namely Henry’s Cellar Bar back in the day or indeed Cafe Graffiti before it was turned into offices. Doubtless the promoters of these establishments would have sold their mothers for a tie-in contract with Blue Note Records. It’s the cherry on top and in addition to providing their own distinctive branding to the jazz venue, the label will host a weekly Friday session - Trouble At The Blue Note where innovative nu-jazz, hip hop and funk musos harness modern

technology in improvised live jams.

Trouble At The Blue Note launches on Friday 8 March with a highly anticipated show from Big Dada hip hop sensation New Flesh. With their latest album Understanding showcasing a huge range of musical forms, from soul to reggae, dancehall to drum & bass, New Flesh seem an appropriately diverse and challenging act to launch this exciting new platform for underground dance music. (Catherine Bromley)

I Soul Resistance at the Wash.

9pm lam. Free. Weekly. Northern soul. rare grooy e. Hammond jaw and freakbeats galore with your host (‘raig Jamieson (Modern l.o\ers).

I Space Face at PopRokit. 9pm lam. liree. Weekly. Andy Williams and Scott l’et‘guson the boy s w ho Used to run ('arbolic l-rolic back in the day join forces with The Squalor Show. Dam and Spider to host this seminal Sat pre-club featuring a fusion ofja/I. soul. funk. house and hip hop.

I UrbannHangSuite at Bann's.

l lpm Ram. Free. Weekly. See Tim.

I Yush! at (‘in ('afe. ‘lpni lam. l’rce. 9 Mar. l-‘ortnightly. .-\..l. (Yush Recordings)

selects the upbeat hip hop. funk and ragga.


I Airborne at the Venue (lower two lloorsl. Monthly. Next date 23 Mar with the first birthday bash featuring the return of l)aye Angel.

I Ascension at 'l‘ey iot Row l’nion. l().3()pm 3am. £3 (£21. ‘) Mar. Monthly. .\'ot an ascent to heay en as the name would seem to suggest btit a dark descent into the \ery him L‘ls (if hell. (illlll. indtlstrial and ‘darkwaye' care of resident l)ls ('laire. (’raig. l).l X and guests.

I Atomic Baby at La Belle .-\ngcle. Mulllhl}. Next date 50 .\lttl' \\ ilh th‘ liaster Special featuring guest DJ. (‘olin 'l‘eyendale.

QAudio Deluxe at the Honey comb. lllpm 3am. £10 (2 Mar); £8 (l) Marl.

Weekly. llaying etched their names into southern broadcasting history with their legendary '/.oo lixperience Kiss FM show. Bobby and Steye now host the Soul lleayen club night at Ministry of Sound and run a label of the same name. Doubtless they're aiming to conquer the world with their soulful. funky liotise sound and this fortnight (2 Mar) they'll be taking lidinburgh by storm along with fellow guest. l’hil .-\sher. The following week (9 Marl. it's a World l).l l)ay special with resident (‘raig Smith unleashing a liye hour set. This formic/II. '.'l-l.r'.\'l'(‘r1n/Ito/(lefty gr! £2 (lift/our price ul/ rife/r! lone. See llitlist.

I Bivouac at (‘lub .laya. Monthly. Next date 23 Mar.

I Blast at ('lub Mercado. l lpm» late. £l() (£8). ‘) Mar. Fortnightly. With lluggy away bron/ing himself on .’\U\ll'illlilll shores. fellow Blast resident Markell inyites l.uyely DJ duo Newton ck Stone to guest at this sassy night of meal hotlse and garage grooyes.

I Blitz at the Venue (top floor). l().3()pm 3am. £7 non-members (£5 members). lo Mar. Monthly. l’rogressiye to pumped-up trance with 1)] Doc. Strax. Andy 'I’ and Kamika/e. l‘ree membership ayailablc on the night.

I 6.0. Blooms at (‘.(‘. Blooms. ll)._‘~()pm 3am (bar from bpm l. l’ree. \VL‘L‘H). D] All} tlUCS the tlL‘L‘ls‘lliL‘tll duties in her trademark high-camp sly le at this btisy gay yenue.