Exhibitions are listed alphabetically by city and category, then alphabetically by venue. Please send details to our office at least ten days before publication. Art listings compiled by Helen Monaghan.

Glasgow Galleries -


lb-l Woodlands Road. 333 (NBS. Mon l'ri 10am—5pm; Sat l()ain l2.3()pin.

Mixed Exhibition t'ntil 'l‘hn 2S l-cb. A selection of paintings by Scottish artists including John Bathgate. ll). Henderson and Alastair Buchanan.

Fathers And Daughters Sat 2 llitl 2] Mar. Paintings by lid. |.aura and l._\nn Hunter. James and Jacqui On and Douglas and Deborah Phillips. \5



253 Argyle Street. (wot (i3: (l3llt). QNew Plaza Sat 3 A; Sun 3 Mar. Sat 2—8pm: Sun I opin. l’ree. (ilasgow born artist and Becks linttu‘es 2003 nominee. Toby Paterson. w ill be unveiling his commissioned sculptural skateboard obstacles at the two-day .llo/t't‘ii/ts in Motion event which ilt\esligales issues surrounding the politics and aesthetics of the urban env irottment. l’rofessional skateboarders w ill pttt the obstacles to the test. alongside screenings by Swedish artist l.at's Siltberg's l)\'l) installation series .llun Hit/i li’tt/ls ()ii Hum/s .liii/ I’eet. shown to great acclaim at the Illlll Venice Biennale. The public can bring along their boards too. See preview and Hitlist. NEV." SHOXI. l’tti'l I" .\'t'i-. 72’I'I'iltii'tt'.y‘.

Search t'ntil 'l‘hu 2S Mar. lens-based work by first year students from (ilasgow' School of Art responding to and investigating the multitude of tunnels. passageways and rooms situated underneath the Arches.


1‘) Parnie Street. 552 5""). Mon Sat noon—5pnr

Scape Hi I Mar 'l‘ne 2 Apr. Landscapes. city scapes and seascapes from new and regular exhibitors including Borders landscapes from James MacAulay. 'I'uscan scenes (roin lan Scott lilliot. and intimate studies from .\loira Kelman. NE‘-.'.’ 8? (0‘3.

Figurative Works l‘ri ( Mar inc 3 Apr. A special selection of liguratnc works by various artists including l._\ nn Morrison and Jttlia Jeffrey.

Director’s Choice lit 1 Alttl' inc 2 Apr. ('eramic sculpture by April Young.


185a Bath Street. :33 SSW. ‘lue Sat 10am 5.30pm.

Blair Millen and Graeme Sharp L'lltil SUN .3] Alill'. t\\(i [it‘l'still slit)“ til figurative paintings.

ROGER BILLCLIFFE FINE ART iii-it BI_VtIl\\\()()tI Street. 33: still“,

Mon- liri 9.30am 5.30pm; Sat

ltlatn lpin.

Mixed Exhibition l'nttl ‘l'hu 2S I'cb. A selection of contemporary Scottish paintings and design by \al'iotls artists. Postcards Sat 3 Mar 'l'uel \pr. Small paintings by a range of contemporary artists. NET. Si ‘C/X.

Not Human Sat 3 Mar lllt‘ 3 Apr Animal sculpturest a selection ol artists.


ll) King Street. 553 llq ‘3. Mon Sat 10.30am midnight; Sun I llpin. Brand New Day lintil Sal lo Mat". Landscape paintings by Belorussian artist Alexander littllvei.

84 THE LISTS/“1‘01, '«1'.'::( .7". .


350 Sattcliieltall Street. 353 4‘)()().

Stiii \Ved llani (ipmfl‘hn Sat

llam Spin.

Donut l'ntil Sttn l7 Mar ((’('A 1). Mike Stubbs' twin l)\'l) projection and four monitor installation is about the drawing of a perfect circle. lixploring idiosyncratic pastimes of British culture. the title til. the piece Uri/ml refers to the term Used by young fast-car enthusiasts to describe a circle of burnt rubber ntade by spinning a rear w heel drive car on the spot. See review.

GThe Tenth Level ('ntil Sat 30 .\l;tl' (('(‘.v\ 3 ck 3). RULI Dickinson is it London—based artist w ho has been involved in making crop circles for the last decade. lior the (‘('A. Dickinson along with actors and collaborators will re-enact two historical events. In The .lmit'vlmrli /\’t'-eiittt'lntcltl. Dickinson will recreate aspects of the lives and deaths of the "Us religions group The People's 'l'einplc. infamous for their liltlss \lllc‘ltle til~ lgqb’. ili/It' Alli/21111)] Re- t'llttt'llllt'lll renenacts (Hie part (it Stanley Milgt'am's l‘loll electro-shock obedi- ence experiments. See llitlist.

Tom McCarthy Sat 3 Mar. 3pm. Writing for \arions publications. tom McCarthy discusses 'lilic 'li'IiI/i l.t't't'/ e\ltibition in relation to the aesthetics of re-enactment.

Resistance To Authority Hut 7 Mar. (iplll. L'5 ( H l. ((‘(‘A 5i the first in a series of talks relating to The 'li'itI/i In t'/ e\ltibition. featuring a panel discussion which will look at the relationshipbetween obedience. authority. conformity and power. Speakers include Ben ('olien. Mark Mcllermott tllltl Steye Reicher.

Rod Dickinson In Conversation With Eliot Albert Sat 0 Mar. 3pm. .Al‘tlst Rod l)ickiltstnl discusses his e\ltibition. I'ln- 'll-nili /.t't't'/ with writer and critic liliot Albert.


.30 \Vest (icot'ge Street. 3.32 1. Mon Sat Illam 5.3(lpm: Sttn

noon 5pm.

Mixed Exhibition A selection of paintings by local artists.

St Valentines t'inil 'l‘hu 28 Feb. A selection of figurative paintings including works by lleindel and Joy Kirton-Smith.

Adam Barsby l-'t'i S Stiii 31 Mar. Animated. cartoon-like paintings exploring a range of whimsical subjects by Adatti Barsby. Nl Si 10".?)


t'niyersity ofStratltclyde. 23 Richmond Street. 54S 355S. Mon l‘ri ltiam 5pm: Sat noon «lpm.

Art Textiles 2 (mil Sat 3 Mar. (’hallenging perceptions of textile art. this grottp exhibition of work by 23 artists features a range of diverse and cutting-edge textiles.

Terry Setch - A Retrospective Sat ‘) Mar Sat l3 Apr (closed 3‘) Mar 1 Apr). In a career spanning 40 years. this retrospective e\ltibition e\plores the development of left} Setch‘s work through large scale paintings and drawings to digital imagery. Much of Selch‘s work is inspired by and constructed from seaside detritus fottnd on a beach on the Severn listuary bttt more recently. Setch has sourced images from the web and email. NL‘.'.'St1(J‘.'.’. Guided Tour I‘l'l .s’ Mar. 1 3pm. l‘ree. Artist 'IL‘I'I') Setch glu's ll guided ltttll‘ illlti talk till this retrospective exhibition.


l—i'lS \Vest Regent Street. 33l (ii—7t). Mon Sat ltlam 5.30pm.

Mixed Exhibition t'ntil Sat 30 Mar. A selection of paintings. drawings. sculpture. ceramics attd iew ellery by leading British artists including lack Knox. l’ltilip Reeves. l’hilip Braham. (‘athy Richmond and Peter llowson.

Dead Crowd Row Number 1 by Ken Currie part of Adapt Now at Kelvingrove


93 U5 lly ndland Street. 357 3868. Open daily llatn 5pm.

Southern Arts Club Exhibition Hi I ’l‘hu l4 Mar. An exhibition of works by members of the Southern Art ('lnb.


3] (‘hisholin Street. (entrance through salon). 552 7|(lt). Mon Sat

lt)..‘s()ain 5.30pm (until 7pm 'l'hu). Surround t'ntil Sat 2 Mar. l-‘ree (iallery 's second exhibition in its revamped space features the work of N Squared. a young architectural practice based in Bern. Sw it/crland and (ilasgow School of Art student Jitti Ramsey who has been shortlisted for the Hunters Art l’ri/e shows film and installation. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

GALLERY OF MODERN ART Queen Street. 23‘) (9%. Mon—Thu & Sat lllani 5pm: l-‘ri ts Sun llam 5pm. Patricia Mackinnon-Day t'nnl Sun 1‘) May. liollowing her residency in (ilasgow dttring last year. artist Patricia Mackinnon—Day responded to the sensitive and political issue of asylum seekers. and in particular those housed in Sigluhill The resulting installation is concerned with changes in spaces and communities and questions our attitttdes towards the relocation of the asylum seekers in (ilasgow.

Sighthill Views - Images Of Asylum Seekers ln Glasgow L'ntil Sttn It) May. Photographs by (iuilheni Alandry and Anna Kari of the Sighthill estate and the asylum seekers who live there.


Rouken (ilen Road. (i2() ()235. Fri. Sttn & .\lon l.3() 5.30pm: Sat ll.3()ain-5.3()pin. Mixed Show t'ntil 'l‘htt ZS l‘eb. A mi\ed show of work by gallery artists. Spring Exhibition Stilt It) Mar—Sun l—l Apr. An e\ltibition of paintings including works by Jennifer Anderson. Kit'sl} Wither. Anne Mendelon. (‘olin l‘raser and many others. NEW SHOW.


l-ltS “est Regent Street. 32l .3095.

Mon Sat 0.30am 5.30pm.

Mixed Exhibition t'nul Sat 30 Mar. Modern British art by (iillies. liardley. Mc'l'aggart. Blackadder Reeves and many others pltts sculpture by Dennis Shields. l)ennis \Vestwood. Ann ('hristopher. .laines ('astle arid 'l‘om Allan.


(‘afe ('osmo. l2 Rose Street. 332 (i535. Mon—Sat l().3()ani~‘)pm.

Tenement Life Within The Jewish Community t‘ntil Thu 28 Feb. Residents of Newark Lodge nursing home were invited to reminisce and revisit the past through art in this exhibition co-ordinated by Mark Skene. Ian McFarlane Sat 2—Sat 3() Mar. An exhibition of music photography by Ian Mcl‘arlane.


2?. & 25 King Street. 552 070-1. 'l‘ue- Sat l()ani——5.3()pm.

Matisse And Picasso t'ntil Sat 30 Mar. An exhibition of prints by the two of the great masters of the early 2()th century. Both artists embraced printmaking exploring the creative possibilities of etching. lithography. pochoir and relief techniques.

Hideko Inoue t'ntil Sat 30 Mar. Japanese artist Hideko Inoue originally trained as an oil painter graduating from Kyoto Seika t'niversity in NUS. .\'ow living in (ilasgow. this exhibition features a collection of etchings. Portfolio Graphics L'ntil Sat 30 Mar. ('oininissioned original prints on a given theme including the portfolios space. habitat and blueprint along with individual artists portfolios.


Top floor. ()4 ()sborne Street. 553 1-172. Tue-Sat noon-5pm.

Kevin Kelly Tue l2~Sat to Mar. New installation work by Kevin Kelly. NEW SHOW.


The Mackintosh (iallery. to? Renfrew Street. 353-1500. Mon- Thu l()atn 7pm; l‘ri ltlain 5pm: Sat 10am noon. Conversion t'ntil Tue 5 Mar (l’odinm Gallery). An exhibition by students on the M.Arch (by conversiont course at the Mackintosh School of .-\rchitectnre. Works From The Saatchi Gift ['ntil Sat 33 Mar (Mackintosh (iallet‘y l. Recently shown at the Talbot Rice (lallery. the Saatchi (lift exhibition travels to (ilasgow featuring works by Richard Billingham. Keith (‘ov entry. Martin ('reed and Louise llopkins. Sculpture Department Exhibition 't’hu ZS lieb liri S Mar (.\'ew‘bery (iallcry t. An exhibition of recent work by third year sculpture students.