Let’s Bocce Wed l3—Fri 15 Mar. Wed—Thu 2.30—2pm & 4—7pm; Fii l—2pm & 4—8pm (Assembly Gallery. upstairs from The Vic Bar). For more information contact:

wkatrita hotiiiailcom. A collaborative interactive installation by Beinn Watson and Katri Walker.


3 Park Circus. 332 2555. Mon—Thu 10am—7pm; Fri 10am—3pm; Sat 10am—noon.

Many Cultures - One Language L'ntil Fri 22 Mar. This exhibition presents photographs atid biographies of winners of the (‘hamisso Literature Prize together with some examples of their poetry and prose writing.


l82 Bath Street. 333 1991. Mon—Fri l().30am-—5pm; Sat 10.30am—lpm. Mixed Exhibition L'ntil Sat 30 Mar. A selection of paintings. oils and watercolours by 19th atid 20th century artists.

HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY l'niversity of (ilasgow. S2 Hillhead Street. 3305-131. Mon-Sat 9.30atii-5pm. Free.

0 Bridget Riley: Silkscreen Prints And Gouaches 1963-2001 L'ntil Sat 6 Apr. Leading exponent of ()p Art. Bridget Riley first fotitid fame iii the tnid 60s when her black and white ()p Art swirls became part of British fashion. She later intro- duced colour to set tip visual vibrations and rhythms. This small retrospective exhibition organised by the Hayward (iallery features 40 silkscreen prints and a selection of gouaches including Riley's experiments on plexiglass. See review and Hitlist.

Prints By The Carracci L'ntil Sat 1 Jun. An exhibition focusing on the work of the celebrated Carracci family who worked in Bologna at the end of the l6th century. Ludovico ( 1555—1619). Agostino (l557—l602) and Annibale ( l560—l609) collaborated as painters. btit printmaking was ati also essential part of their output. The Carracci And Printmaking In Bologna 1550-1650 Wed 13 Mar. lptii. Ten-tninute talk on the works of the celebrated (‘arracci family.

The Hill House L'ntil Sat 27 Apr. A small display presenting a selection of Mackintosh's designs for the Hill House in l-lelciisburgh. designed between 1902 atid 1904 and considered as Mackintosh's domestic masterpiece.


18 King Street. 552 2540. Tue—Sat llam 5.30pm.

Nurture - Hugh Watt lintil Sat 9 Mar. A new body of film and video work by Glasgow-based artist Hugh Watt featuring projections of people performing everyday domestic duties.


l l Mitchell Lane. 221 6362. Mon. Wed. Fri 8; Sat l().30am-—5pm; Tue 1 lam—5pm; Thu l0.30am—5pm; Sun noon—5pm. £1 (inclttdes entry to all exhibitions). Energy Taming L'ntil Sun 3 Mar (Viewing platform). A focus on the renewable energy systems used in the Lighthouse and the possibilities of using these technologies in a wider urban context.

creativescotland L'ntil Mon 2 Dec. Throughout the year. the Lighthouse will be showcasing a changing display of the work of Scotland's creative entrepreneurs iii advertising. architecture. fashion. design. film. video. music and digital media.

prague: session L'ntil Sun 3 Mar (Young Designers (iallery). Annual showcase of the work of young designers coming otit of Prague Academy of Arts. Architecture and Design. featuring product design. graphic design and fashion.

Anatomy Of The House Sat 2 Mar—Sun 26 May. The first of three annual touring exhibitions created by The Lighthouse as part of the National Architecture Programme. Anatomy 0!. The House is art accessible atid interactive show which has been designed to develop an understanding of our built environment. (‘reated by (iraven Images. the exhibition features historical examinations of five major types of Scottish domestic architecture together with a number of contemporary case studies. NEW SHOW.

Kulture From Cumbernauld Theatre Mon 4~Ttie 1‘) Mar. A mix of video projection. visual arts. design. live performance and DJ s.

India Of Inchinnan Sat 9 Mar Stiii 26 May (Review (ialleryi. An exhibition which chronicles the social and architectural history of the India of lnchinnan art deco building. Intersection Sat 9- Sat l6 Mar (Young Designers Gallery l. An exhibition focusing on how individuals navigate the urban environment featuring Toby Paterson‘s skateboard sculptural objects atid screenings of films by Roderick Buchanan. Bill Shannon. Benji Bateman. ()liver Payne aitd .\'ick Relph and Steve Hollingsworth. On Sat ‘) Mar. 2 5pm. there will he a programme of talks. artist interventions and exhibits. Speakers include ()ren Lieberiiianii frotn the Department of :‘vrchitecttire and Building Science at the l'niversity of Strathclyde. Dr Jane Rendell. cultural theorist from University (‘ollegc London and artists Toby Paterson. Sarah Johnson and (iarry Robson. See preview. NEY.’ Sl-iO‘v'J. Living City 2 Wed 13 Mar. 6pm (Conference Suite i. To reserve tickets call (ll-ll 225 8414. A discussion on how new approaches to housing developments atid the refurbishment of landmark buildings are attracting people back to city centres. Our Glasgow t'ntii Fri 8 Mar. (Level 2) 0111' Glasgow marks the beginning of a long term project looking at different perspectives and interpretations of the city featuring images taken by white and Asian teenagers in (iovanliill.


Station Road. Miliigav ie. 5"S SS-l". Tue-Sat l0am- lpm. 2 5pm.

Ink, Press And Print l'ntil Sat 23 Mar. The range of printmaking techniques are explored in this exhibition drawn from the collections of the Lillie Art Gallery. featuring works by lili/abcth Blackaddei'. Philip Reeves. ('raigie Aitchison and Adrian Wis/mew ski.

Scots And Prints, A Journey To The Contemporary l’niil Sat 23 .\l;ti'. Pupils from [fast Dttiibartonshire select this exhibition of prints drawn front the Hunterian Art (iallery ’s collection.


200 Bath Street. 33l 0722. Tue Sat 9am—6pm.

Maxine Hawthorn t‘ntil wed 6 Mar. Colour and texture combine iii these small- scale works iii mixed media by Maxine Hawthorn. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.


63 St George's Road. ('hariiig (‘ross. For more information click on http://hometown.aol.coiii/maiisartshow or e-mail mansart02<0 hotiiiail.com

Bill Posters Will Not Be Prosecuted L'ntil Fri 1 Mar. .\'ine Glasgow-based artists show work in the disused Mansions ('afe. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.


270 Sauchiehall Street. 287 2000. Mon—Sat l0aiii»-5pm; Stiti BODILSPIIL RSA Students’ Exhibition Sat 9—Wed 20 Mar. Free. The Royal Scottish Academy‘s annual Students‘ lixhibition featuring painting. sculpture. printmaking atid architecture by some of Scotland’s top students front Aberdeen. Dundee. (ilasgow and Edinburgh colleges. NEW SHOW


20 North Street. 2S7 209‘). Mon Thu .30atii 6.30pm; Fri Sat

.30am 4pm.

A Glimpse Of The Future Sat t) Mar. l.30pm. (Jeffrey Library i The first of a series of seminars organised by Pearl l'nioti. an organisation working in conjunction with the (’('A. Mitchell Library atid the l'itivci'sily of(ilasgow. lan Pearson is first tip.


22l West (icorgc Street. 24S ()755.

Mon Fri 10am 5.30pm: Sat l0am 2pm. Glasgow Boys And Glasgow Girls l‘ri S Wed 27 Mar. Paintings by Arthur Melville. li.A. Walton. li.A. lloi'ncl. Stuart Paris. .laiiics Paterson. Katharine (‘aiiieron atid .lcssie King. NE‘."'-.' SHOW.


36 Washington Street. 221 2|23. Mon Fri ()um 5pm.

Studies And Academies Mon 4 Mar Fri 26 Apr. Drawings by Barry .-\tlterton.


6 \\ ilsoti Street. Merchant (’ity. 552 0702. Tue Fri 11am 6pm; Sat

l0atn 6pm: Sttii 1 5pm.

Elements Art Design Service l‘ntil Sun 24 Mar. An exhibition focusing oti the work of lileiiieiits Art Design w ho create interior art. designed specifically for client's needs.


[hit 2. Merchant Square. 552 5627‘.

Tue Sat llam 5.30pm: Stiii llaiti 5pm. Gerard Burns Thu] Fri S Mar. Presented by Pivotal Art. an exhibition of figurative work by portrait painter (ierard Burns. LAST CE LANCE TO SEE.


(‘entre For Developmental Arts. lS Albion Street. 552 2S22. Mon Fri

10am 5pm.

Travellers’ Tales i-‘ri S .\lai- Fri it) Apr. Visual impressions recorded as part of a cultural exchange between (ilasgi iw attd St Pctcrsburg. Ni".'. 5* '0‘.)


TIN Douglas Street. 3—13 6586. .\l(lll l'It‘i l0.30am 5pm: Sat 10.30am lpm. Pupils Exhibition Sat 2 Sat 9 Mar. An exhibition of work by pupils who attettded the R(il education progratiiiiie.


6 Bttt'tificld Road. (iiffiiock. 638 1200. Tue Fri llaiii 5pm; Sat l0aiii 5pm: Sun iioon 5pm.

Winter Show l'iitil Thu 2S Feb. An exhibition of original paintings by over I50 artists.

Sarah Anderson Sat () Sat to Mar. Landscape paintings.

Donald McDonald Sat 0 Sat to Mar. Figurative paintings.


26 Kiitg Street. 552 2l5 l. The Sat

10am 5.30pm.

Susanne Ramsenthaler t'iitil Sat 30 Mar. Two themed bodies of work by lidinburgh-bascd photographer Susanne Ramseiilhaler. History is an installation iii three parts comprising black and w hite photographs. colour prints and a single video work. which addresses issues of transition from a industrial past to that of altiin technology future. In lime/tries. Ratiiseiithalcr has used a pinhole caiiiei‘a to stretch the photographic iiioiiieitt iii a series of trav elogues.


at 6 Firpai'k 'l‘errace. Deiinistotiti. 53‘) 0607. Daily noon 5pm. For more itifortiiatioii e-mail infotu svv itcltspace: w w w .sw ilclispace.co.ttk

Until The End Thu 2S l’eb Stiii |()

Mar. Artist—run itiov iiig gallery

listings A

, _ UT *‘


artist ‘-.'.';th a penchant for sweaters. shows a sctilpttira; work made out of Argy ii ganipers. a collabOrative v-‘xorx made '.'.rith his mother and his llfO‘.'.Cfi<S paintings. dogged/"Sher. Edi/notirgrt. await/l Sat 30 Mar. New Plaza Toby Paterson . "neiis his commissioned smiehoaro‘ obstacles at this two- day event as part of Molecules In /‘/i'o.'ic.': ‘.'.'»".i()ii Ili‘."ESTlgal€S issues Sslil"'()t.'i(lz'i(} the tiriian environment. See The Arches. Glasgow. Sat .9 {ti

Nigel Henderson and Wolfgang Suschitzky Moving photographic x'xorks documenting LOPIKNTS {East End during the early iitis 6, Henderson and a portrait Of B" tan hetx'ieen the 303 and 70s by pt‘ctogtraoner g M filmmaker Sos’v‘a/sg. See Nigel l-le."rie"::or?. Dear: Gallery, Eri.~‘t;;irgn, until Sun 7Apr;

-.'/o,‘."ga.'ig Suschitzky. National

Keith Farquhar The Leith-born

Portrait Gallery. Edinburgh. until Sun

:3) ..'ir’i‘.'.

The Tenth Level Through film and performance. Rod Dickinso re-enacts two historical events: Stacey. Miigram's 1960 eiectroshoc obedience experiments and the events leading up to mass suicide a

the People's Temple in 1978. CCA. Glasgjio tint/l Sat 30 Mar.

Bridget Riley: Silkscreen

Prints And Gouaches




1 963—2001 From black and white

ct: sx'.a"is to “.‘lSLic’ll vibrations of (role-.1". a smaz, retrospective Of

works or. the leading exponent of op

art. See winner/an Art Galen. Giasgi until Sat 6 Apr. Janice McNab: The Greenock Factory Project Last wees to see- the (tootimentary ch continue McNab's :nto the effects of overextmstire to Chemicals. Trans-.122. ant/l Sun 3 Mar. Hellen van Meene: Japan Series 1 as? cha tee to see some

(N’NI‘Y i\"‘t\

{i gentfe photographic studies of

young Japanese girls (‘iOCtimenting the transitional iOtirney from child to woman. Inter/rail? House. Royal Borne-r: Garden. Edinburgh, tint/l

bt/P '{\”t“uy(lll.

va itchspace present the second in a series Ul- tillc~ttlT exhibitions in residential homes around Dennistoun. (ilasgow —based artist .\'ei| Bicket'toit's site-specific work comprises audio. sculpture. video. painting and drawing. le‘A' Sli(_)\."._

Artist Talk Stiii l0 Mar. 3pm. Artist .\'eil Bickei'toti talks about his new body of sitc- specific work.

' '- ‘i.'-.i' THE LIST 85