Art listings

Glasgow Galleries continued


at ()ffshore. 3/5 (iibsou Street. 341 ()1 1t). Mon—l-‘ri ()atu—l 1pm: Sat ck Sun

l()am—l 1pm. For more information e- mail info(a‘ switchspace: www.switchspacecouk

Ursula Nistrup and Camilla Low t'ntil Sun 3 Mar. Switchspace continues its residency in the basement of Offshore cafe with a site-specific installation created by (ilasgow School of Art graduates t'rsula .\'istrup and (‘amilla Low.


42 ()tago Lane. 357 4524. Daily

1 l.3()am—1()pm.

Organic Mechanics t'ntil Fri 1 Mar. Photographs and digital art by Matthew ('airns.

Magic In A Magical Land Sat 2—Sun 31 Mar. Photographs frqu Mozambique by Sabriaua Das and Aimee Hill. NEW SHOW.


25 Albert Drive. 287 3900. Tue—Sat noon—8pm; Sun noon—6pm.

OJanice McNab - The Greenock Factory Project t'ntil Stm 3 Mar (Project Room). Iidinburgh- based artist Janice Mc.\'ab continues her investigation into the effects of overexpo- sure to chemicals. (‘reating doctnuentary paintings. painted directly from pho- tographs. The (:‘rt’t'ltnt‘k Factory" I’I'ujc’t‘! documents the plight of a group of wotuen who have taken court action against the National Semiconductor Factory in (ireenock. They believe that the company is breaching health and safety violations due to the astonishing number of cases of cancer. miscarriages and reproductive defects in shop floor workers. See Hitlist. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.


28 King Street. 552 4813. Tue—Sat

l lam—5pm.

Alan Michael and William Copley t'ntil Sat 9 Mar. A two-person show featuring new work by Glasgow- based artist Alan Michael and paintings from the 50s by the late American legendary artist and collector. William Copley. See review.


18 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon-Fri l()am~5pm.

Eternal Blossom Fri 8 Mar—liri 19 Apr. Recent works in ink and acrylic by Paul I)uffus.

Glas - ow Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Glasgow Life, page 91.


Argyle Street. Kelv‘ingrov'e. 287 269‘). Mon Thu ck Sat l()am 5pm; l-‘ri ck Sttn 1 1am 5pm. ('afe. l‘ree.

A Kelvingrove Centenary t'tttil Spring. A commemorative exhibition marking the centenary of the Art (iallery and Museum. Kelvingrove. The well- Iov'ed sandstone building houses one of the finest civic art collections in Europe. featuring works by Botticelli. Rembrandt. Whistler and the (ilasgow Boys and (iit'ls.

Endangered Wildlife t'ntil Autumn. An exhibition highlighting the endangered wildlife in Scotland. Asylum Images t‘ntit Wed 17 Apr. (‘ommissioned by the Scottish Asylum Seekers Consortium. .'l.\'_\'/IHII IIIIcrec's is a poignant photographic portrayal of the

journey made by refugees to the [is to

seek asylum. Photographers lloward Davies. Anna Kari and (iuilhem Alandry were commissioned to take photographs in Sighthill in (Elasgow. as they adjtisted to their new life in Scotland.

Adapt Now t'ntil Sun 11) Mar. A group show featuring the work of 5() acclaimed contemporary artists including ('raigie Aitchison. John Bellany. Keith ('oventry. Susan 1)erges. Ken Currie. John Byrne. 1.aura l-‘ord. Bridget Riley. Patrick Hughes and 1)av id Mach. Ranging frqu paintings to sculpture. all the works will be on sale with the proceeds going to the Adapt 'l‘t'tlst tAccess for Disabled PeODIe It) the Arts Premises Today 1. the sole charity in the [K with the aim to advise. encourage and assist arts and heritage venues to create full access for disabled people. See Artbeat.


The (’ross. Kirkintilloch. 578 ()144.

Tue Sat l()am 1pm ck 2 5pm.

Past Impressions l'util Sat 2 Mar. litchings and lithographs by printmakers Ruth (ireer and 1iv eleeu Wright.

The Insatiable Teapot Sat 0

Mar Sat 21) Apr. Britain‘s 3()()-year-old obsession with tea is explored in this exhibition of advertisements for tea companies and a selection of teapots and

tea caddies. NE‘.".’ SHO‘A’.


2()6() Pollokshavvs Road. 287 2551). Mon Thu ck Sat l()am 5pm: 1‘ri ck Sun llatu 5pm.

Treasures From The Store: 19th Century European Paintings t'ntil further notice. a new selection of oils is on display highlighting the range of Sir William Burrell’s taste. 1-‘eatured works include paintings by Bouv in. Ribot and Millet and a rarely seen oil by Henri 1.e Sidauer.

Food And Drink At The Burrell Wed 13 Mar. lptu. 'I‘hemed guided tour of the Burrell ('ollecliou with Kirin Macaulay.

'2: Egg; l3 \






From 10 March ETHEL WALKER


86 THE LIST 28 Petr-V. Mar (it)?

HOUSE FOR AN ART LOVER Bellaliouston Park. It) 1)umbteck Road. 353 4773. Daily l()am 5pm.

Tom Chambers 1-‘ri 1 Sun 3| Mar. Recent paintings by (ilasgow -based artist Tom ('hambers.

MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT Kelvin Hall. 1 Burnhouse Road. 287 2721). Mon Thu ck Sat l()am 5pm; liri ck Suu llatu 5pm.

Fire! l'ntil Thu 3| Oct. The history of firefighting in the west of Scotland is documented in this exhibition.


High Street. 88‘) 3151. Tue Sat

l()am 5pm: Sun 2 5pm. l-‘ree.

Old Friends And New Acquaintances t'ntil Stm 14 Apr. Portraits and figurative works drawn from the tuuseum‘s collection featuring works by Alan 1)av ie. Wendy McMurdo and two new acquisitions by John

By rue. .Vci/iuuct/ \i'lvc'l and The Studio. Govancroft t'ntil Sun 28 Apr. A small display celebrating the late lamented pottery situated in the east end of(}lasgow.

Cecil Collins - The Vision Of The Fool t'util Sun 14 Apr. An exhibition of works by ('ecil (‘ollins donated to the gallery by his widow. lili/abeth ('ollins.

Nisroch - The Eagle-headed God l'ntil Sun 17 Mar. An Assyriau relief is the centrepiece of this exhibition which tells the story of this 0lech

Archie McLean - Footballer t'ntil Sttu 17 Mar. A documentary exhibition about this Paisley -born Bra/ilian footballer.


(ilasgow (ireeu. 55411223. Mon 'l‘htt ck Sat l()am 5pm: liri ck Sun 11am 5pm. Old Ways And New Directions l'ntil Autumn. An exhibition of historic mental health items collected by (ilasgow .‘xlttseums since 1995. Glasgow Green Renewal t'ntil Mon 1 Apr. An exhibition highlighting the current project to renew and upgrade this popular ( ilasgow landmark.


2 (‘astle Street. 553 2557. Mon Thu ck Sat l()am 5pm; 1‘ri ck Sun llatu 5pm. In The Shade Of The Tree t'ntil Sun 28 Apr. Internationally renowned photographer Peter Sanders' photographic insight into the world of Islam.


l()(l Stobcross Road. 3 l()am 5pm. £4.5(11L‘3. children free.

Over The Wall t'tttil Sat to Mar. An exhibition of artwork by ex-(ilasgow shipbuilders including works by Kev in .\lc1)eriuott and Tom Mclx'endrick.

rev ealiug him their experiences ill the yards influenced the artwork they went on to produce.

Five Thousand Days At Sea An exhibition on board the only (‘lydebuilt sailing ship still afloat iu the l‘ls. doctuueutiug her adventures on the high seas lk‘lW cell l397 ttlttl l‘) l 9.

The Story Of Glenlee this new permanent exhibition prov ides an insight into what life was what like for sea travellers in 1806 through a combination of graphic panels. audio trails and reconstructed areas.

Story In The Stones tl’umphouse Main (iallery 1. An exhibition looking at the itupact of the industrial ages on (ilasgow harbour.

Morse And More tPumphottse l.ovver(ia11ery 1. A hands-on exhibition. aimed at children. looking at the world of communication.

3‘) ()63 I. Daily 25 t: accompanied

Edinburgh Galleries


29b 1)tmdas Street. 467 3937. Tue—Pri l lam 6pm: Sat 1 1am 5.3()pm.

Red l'util Sat 6 Apr. A selection of works with more than just of hint of red including paintings in oil. watercolour. mixed media and sculpture.

Heaven And Hell Mon l l Mar-«Sat 6 Apr. An exhibition of mainly paintings on the theme of heaven and hell featuring oils. watercolours. acrylics and mixed media. NEW SHOW.

THE BELLEVUE GALLERY 4 Bellevue Crescent. 558 8368. Wed Sun noon 6pm.

City Trees Sat 2 Sat 16 Mar. (‘reated by Edinburgh Trees. this exhibition concludes a millennium award project set tip to explore the value of trees in the city. The show features the work of twenty local professional artists in a variety of media. NEV‘.l SHOW.


6 1)uudas Street. 557 4050. Mon- Fri l()am 46pm: Sat | Iam--2pm. Scottish Paintings t'ntil Sat 30 Mar. .-\ selection of paintings by Scottish artists featuring Willie Wilson. Anne Redpath. 1).M. Sutherland. 1).Y. ('amerou. James .‘ychey and (ieorge llottston.


11) Royal 'I'errace. 556 1010. Mon -1-‘ri l()am 6pm; Sat by appointment. Mixed Exhibition t'ntil Sat 30 Mar. Paintings from stock including works by (ieot‘ge Houston. J.l). l'lergttsson. Maclauchlan Milne and PW. Adatu.


22 28 ('ockburn Street. 22() 126(). Wed Sat 1().3()am- 5pm; Sun 3- 5pm. Andrew Mummery Gallery @ Collective Sat 2 Sun 31 Mar. An exchange exhibition with London's Andrew Mummery (iallery featuring the work of Matt ('alderwood. Richard 1-‘orster. Alexis Harding and Peter Harris. in this their first show in Scotland. Andrew Mummery (iallery has long been associated with Scotland and works with Scottish-based artists Louise llopkius. W’eudy McMurdo. (‘arol Rhodes and (iraeme Todd. The (‘ollectiv e (iallery will be showing work by Paul ('arter. Kate (iray. Billy .\1c('all and Beagles and Ramsay in London from ‘) Mar 13 Apr. NEW SHOW.


(Formerly Gallery 41 ). 41 Dundas Street. 557 456‘). Mon liri

10.30am 5.3(1pm; Sat 1().3()amv»5pm. Mixed Exhibition t‘ntil Thu 28 1’eb. A selection of contemporary paintings. jewellery and sculpture by gallery artists.

Gennie Tuffs Sat 2 Wed 13 Mar. Paintings. NEW SHOW.

DANISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE 3 1)ouuc ’l’errace. 225 718‘). Mon -1"ri l()am 5pm.

Space In Space t'ntil t-‘ri 22 Mar. 'lapestries by Danish textile artist (iudruu Pagter.


Bellot'd Road. 624 (i200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon Sat l()am 5pm; Sun noon 5pm. ONigel Henderson: Parallel Of Life And Art l'util Sun 7 Apr. £2.50 (9.15111. British post-war artist .\'ige| Henderson was a painter. pho- tographer and collage artist. He also played a key role in the establishment of the Independent (iroup. an offshoot of the Institute of ('outemporary Arts in l.ondou. which was a catalyst for the