Waddington Suite No 1 by Robyn Denny is on show at l2

emergence of Pop .Art in Britain in the 1950s. This touring exhibition focuses on his moving documentary photo- graphic works taken in the liast [find of London in the early l‘)5()s as well as a large collage made by the Smithsons (Using llenderson‘s photographs) for the International (‘ongress of Modern Architecture of 1953. The show also features a recreation of the exhibition l’umllt'l (if/.17? rim/Ar! held at the [CA in 1953 which Henderson organised with Paolo/Ii. the Smithsons and Ronald Jenkins. See review and llitlist. Eduardo Paolozzi: Bunk! t‘ntil Sun 3‘) Sep. Free. Paolo/li's suite of prints based on the images used in his lecture Bunk! at the l(‘A. London in 1953 which celebrated popular culture.

THE DI ROLLO GALLERY 37 Queenslerry Street. 3304150. .\lon -Sat 9.3llaniu 5.30pm; Sun noon---4pm.

Recent Acquisitions A selection of

the gallery 's recent purchases.


ll (iaylield Square. 558 7| ll). ThuwSat l lam-- 6pm or by appointment.

Keith Coventry l'nlil Sat 3.\lar. London-based artist Keith ('oventry show s a new series of tour silkscreen prints ol’ women in a crack den and three sculptures of ‘supermodels' representing Kate Moss. Naotni (‘ampbell and (‘hristy 'I'urlington. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

0 Keith Farquhar Thu 7 Sat 30 Mar. A solo show of work by l.eith-born l-‘arquhar who show s a sculptural work made out of Argy ll sweaters. a collabo- rative work made with his mother and his lireworks paintings. See llitlist. NEW SHOW.

EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART l.auriston Place. 33l 6()()(). Mon Fri l()am 5pm: Sat ck Stilt l()am 3pm. School Of Visual Communication t'ntil Hi 1 Mar. Annual exhibition promoting the School ol' \‘isual ('ommunication including graphic design. photography and illtistration.

Catriona White Exhibition t'util

.\lon l 1 Mar. Post-graduate drawing and

painting students Roland (‘orbin and Nicholas Newton present new works in association with the ('atriona \Vhite Memorial l’und.

David Skinner Memorial Lecture Thu 7 Mar. 7pm. This year's David Skinner l.ecture which commemorates the outstanding contribution made to landscape architecture in Scotland by the late Professor David Skinner. l‘eatures a lecture by l-‘rench landscape architect Michel l)esvigne whose work includes public parks. city squares and courtyard gardens.

Drawing And Painting Annual Exhibition Thu l4 Wed 3() Mar. Annual exhibition of work by second year students on the drawing and painting course.


33 l'nion Street. 557 347‘). 'l‘uerrSat 10am 6pm.

21 Years Of Co-Publications Prints t'ntil Sat 30 Mar. A selection ol‘ the latest co-published prints produced in collaboration between the studio master prints and invited artists. The show features etchings. lithographs and screenprints by John Bellany‘. Alan

l)a\ ie. (iail \Vigley. .\loyna l’lannigan. (iraham l"agen and many more.

Donna Barry and Sally Moore l'ntil Sat 30 .\lar. New jewellery by Donna Barry and Sally Home


88 l.othian Road. 338 3688. Daily

l()am l()pm.

I’m Looking Forward To The 90s l'ntil Sat 3 Mar. An exhibition of work by Margarita Vazquez Ponte.

A Glimpse Of Greece: Snapshots Of The Unusual Hi

1 Sat l6 .‘ylar. Photography exhibition by \ariotts artists.

Wifey: Women In Focus In Edinburgh Hi I Sat l6 Mar. An exhibition of works by it selection ol- photographers.


45 Market Street. 335 3383. .\lon Sat l lam 5pm; Sun noon 5pm.

My father is the wise man of the village l'ntil Sat 6 Apr. The

Fusion programme was initiated in 199‘) by Artlink and the Lothian llospital Arts Consortium. This exhibition and accompanying integrated book and DVD publication are the culmination of this extraordinary project which included collaborations and commissions between artists. patients and stall in hospitals throughout lidinbtirgh and the Lothians. Artist Talk Series Sat 3 Mar. lptn. Artists commissioned as part of the l-‘tision programme discuss their experience of working closely with staff and patients in selected hospitals featuring Janie Nicoll and Rachel .\limiec.


‘) West Port. 331 ()337. Daily

l lam -7pm.

Postcard From The Forest t'ntil Stilt 3 Mar. A show of works formatted to A5 from a wide variety of artists. Erica Stanga - Flight Fri l—Sun I7 .\lar. An installation by liric Stanga in which wax maggots and flies rise from the floor to cover the walls of the

gallery. NEW SHOW.


46a Raeburn Place. 3l5 3603. Mon Sat l()am - 5.30pm.

Spring Exhibition l’eaturing new stock including ('hinese furniture and artel’acts pltts a new collection of jewellery designs.


(iallery & Shop. 77 Dundas Street. 556 3l5‘). .\lon l-‘ri l()am ~6pm: Sat

l()am ~5pm.

Early Spring Exhibition t’util Tue 36 Mar. Paintings by (ieraldene llughes. Peter Davis. Sarah Bookless and Hazel Brook. plus ceramics by Juliet Walters and Kate Phillips. bron/es by Lucy Parsons and Frances Ross and jewellery by Amy Christie.


33a l)undas Street. 556 3l8 1. Tue- l-‘ri l().3()am —6pm; Sat l()am—4pm. Grygoriy Shyshko (1923-94) and Evgeniy Volobuev (b. 1912) Sat 3- Sat 30 Mar. Two small-scale retrospectives by two l'krainian artists showing a range of their work from different periods of their lives including still life. animals. and rural and indtistrial landscapes. NEW SHOW.


('astlehill. Royal Mile. 473 3()()().

Mon Sun ‘).3()am— l()pm.

Pat Douthwaite l'ntil .\tou l Apr. The sell-taught artist. whose early work was heavily influenced by H). i5el‘gltsstilt. exhibits a range of colourful. humorous paintings.


66 (‘umberland Street. 558 0873.

Mon l‘ri l()am» 6pm: Sat l()am~4pm. The Space Between t'ntil Sat 23 .\lar. A selection of work by 3()th

century printmakers Robyn Denny. Josei‘

Albers. Sol Le Witt attd Philip Reeves.


6 (‘arlton 'l‘errace. 556 444 l. Weds Sat l()am- 5pm.

Four Photographers t'ntil Sat t) .\lar. A group exhibition ol’ new and old work by four ol‘ the t'K's linest photographers: Susan I)erges. (iarry l’abian Miller. Patricia Macdonald and David Williams. illustrating very different approaches to photography and


13 Randolph (’rescent. 335 5366.

Mon l~'ri 0.30am 5.30pm: Sat

l()am ~lpm.

Des Europeens A Paris t'ntil Tue 5 Mar. Twelve l-‘rench photographers explore how liuropean (‘ommunity countries have inlluenced the French capital city.

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MSc. Contemporary Art and Art Theory

Undertaken on either a 12-month full-time or 24 month part-time basis.

the programme is organised around core courses in Contemporary Art and in Aesthetic & Cultural Theory with a range of further elective courses.

The Centre also welcomes enquiries into MPhiI and PhD research in contemporary art practice, cultural and aesthetic theory.

eca also offers a wide range of postgraduate opportunities in art. design and environmental studies. with some 25 taught c0urses. all including substantial practice. research components. as well as MPhil and PhD higher research degrees. which also include theoretical and practice-oriented options.

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