l‘ntil Sun 30 Jun 2002. This exhibition looks at Scottish immigration to .\'oth America and the founding of the St .-\ndrew 's Society of Philadelphia. set up in 1747 to care for the sick inunigrant Scots.


.\'ewhayen llarbour. 551 41(i5.

Mon Sun noon 4.45pm.

They’re Handed Doon l'ntil Tue 31 Dec. .-\n exhibition looking at the history of the Paisley shawl and their adoption by .\'ewlia\'en fishwiyes.


53 High Street. Queensferry. 331 5545. Mon. Thu. l’ri & Sat 10am lptu & 2.15 5pm: Sun noon 5pm. l-‘ree. Food For Thought A look at children's diet and eating habits over the past 150 years.


2 (‘hambers Street. 247 4219. Mon-Sat 10am 5pm (Tue 8pm): Sun noon 5pm. l’ree.

Millennium CIOCK :\ chance to

\ iew Russian mechanical sculptor liduard Bersudsky 's millennium clock. a kinetic sculpture. measuring nine metres high.

Textile Treasures: Caring For A Collection l'ntil Mon b May. A collection of liuropean wall hangings and decorati\e textiles spanning the 17th and lb’th centuries. The L‘t‘itlt't‘ptet‘t‘ ()l' the exhibition is

crew elwork hangings of 1719 with the monogram of the Old Pretender. ()ther kcy exhibits include a Kinghorne carpet made around l(i20 and two embroitleries dated l(i37 showing scenes from the Life ()f'l‘lu' lirgt'n made for one of the (‘atholic counters at ('harlcs l court.

Prehistoric Japan: The Archaeological Collections Of Neil Gordon Munro t'ntil Sun 14 Apr. .-\ collection of prehistoric Japanese artefacts discoyered by Neil (iordon Munro. a Scottiin medical doctor resident in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century. Scottish Sports Hall Of Fame l'ntil Wed 31 Jul. An exhibition highlighting the 100 nominations for possible introduction into the first Scottish Sports Hall of lame at the Royal Mtiseum.

Slice l‘ntil Stiii 31 Mai'. (‘ontemporary silyerware from the collection of Seymour Rabinoyitch featuring oy er 40 broad-bladed seryers or slices by British and American silyersmiths.

Testimony Of The Rocks: Hugh Miller 1902-1856 Sat 9 Mar Mon 3 .ltiti. .-\n exhibition celebrating the bicentenary of Hugh Miller. archetypal Scot. self-taught stonemason. pioneering folklorist. fossil collector. protagonist in the early eyolutionary debate. free church actiyist and lidinburgh new spaper editor.


Lady St;tii"s llotise. Lady Stair"s Close. 52‘) 4901. Mon Sat 10am-~5pm. Free. A Revolutionary Writer: Lewis Grassic Gibbon 1901-1935 l'ntil Sat 13 Apr. A documentary exhibition looking at the life and work of one of Scotland's greatest 20th century writers. l.ewis (irassic (iibbon. author of the classic Suner Suzie.


l'niyersit} of Dundee. 1.3 Perth Road. 01382 345330.

Earthly Paradise l-‘ri I l‘ri 2‘) Mar. This exhibition of artefacts. paintings and prints selected from the L'uiyersity of Dundee Mtiseum (‘ollections alongside

New work by Torsten Lauschmann is on show at The Changing Room

works by contemporary artists. aims to create a dialogue between those of a religious/artistic background in a gallery context. NEW SHOW. Scottish Arts Council Bequest l'ntil Fri 15 Mar (Lamb (iallery). An exhibition highlighting the Scottish .-\rt (‘ouncil’s award of 175 post-war Scottish works of art to the l'niyersity of Dundee Museum collection. l-‘eatured artists include liduardo Paolo/1i and lili/abeth Blackadder.


152 Nethergate. 01382 909900.

Tue Wed. Sat & Sun 10.30am 5.30pm: Thu & 1‘ri 10.30am 8pm.

‘the eye of the beholder’ t‘ntil Sun 7 Apr (Galleries 1 (it 2). Diyiding the galleries into liye rooms. fiye internationally emerging artists examine the perception of beauty in new and recent works. Polly Apfelbaum (t'SA) creates brightly coloured fabric: .-\ti|la (‘sorgo (Hungary) transforms the space with light; Riyane .\'euenschwander (Bra/ll) presents a liltii piece: Yoshihiro Suda (Japati) presents meticulously hand-carved wooden flowers and Vibeke Tandberg (Norway) questions the beauty of the portrait photograph in Farm. See reyiew.

Gallery Talks Sat 2 Mar. 2pm ((iallery 1). John ('alcutt. lecturer in Historical and ('ritical Studies. (ilasgow School of Art. leads an informal tour of ‘me eye oft/iv ln'lmltlt'r' exhibition followed by a discttssion with Rob Tufnell. D(‘;\ assistant curator.

Woman Of The Dunes l'ntil Thu 28 lieb (Print Studio (iallery). Woodblock prints and ceramic panels by ('ampbell Sandilands who studied the ancient tradition of calligraphy under Shingai Tanaka in Japan. The result is a subtle fusion of traditional and contemporary techniques.

Carina Ciscato and Beck Crow L'ntil Sun .3 Mar (()ne Five Two). Functional ceramics including bowls.

jars. teabowls in white porcelain and

silyer jewellery based on sketches of people walking through parks and streets.

Jessie Higginson and Sylvia Kerr Mon 4 Mar- Sun 14 Apr (One The Two). (‘eramics by Jessie lligginson incorporating her trademark stripes in shades on blue arid silVCl' and lts’c gold jewellery inspired by wrought iron and cast iron work.

Kathryn Maxwell - Connections Tue 5 Mar Sun 14 Apr (Print Studio). Religion. death and genetics are explored in this exhibition of prints by Kathryn Maxwell. an artist and Professor at :‘sri/ona State l'niyersity. NEW SHOW.

Body Matters Sat 9 Mar.

10am lptn (D(‘x\ .Meeting Room). Adyance booking necessary. :\t'll.sts Morag Muir and Louise Johnstone present their work followed by a discussion which looks at how women define and are defined through their bodies in art.


25 20 Mid \Vyntl lntltistrial listate. 01382 225982. Thu-Sun noon 5pm. Hunter’s Expedition Of Discovery t'ntil Sun 1() Mar. The culmination of a year-long period of research onboard the RRS Discoyery ship by Rob llunter featuring a clay replica of one of the ship‘s masts. an abstract polystyrene iceberg and papier- mache sculptures of the ship's original crew. The works haye been made in response to Hunter's attempt to circumnayigate the ship by touching the entire surface area with his bare bands which was then recorded tising digital camera equipment and by way of his own memory. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.


Albert Square. 01382 432084. Mon Sat 10.30am 5pm: Sun 12.30-4pm; Thu 10.30am 7pm. £2.

The Royal Scottish Society Of Painters In Watercolours t'ntil Stiti 17 Mar. The RSW comes to Dundee for the first time in 50 years for their l22nd annual exhibition. :\l’ltsls include lili/abeth Blackadder. [an McKcn/ie Smith. Philip Reeyes and Barbara Rae. plus the work ofyoung artists from across Scotland.

RSW Adult Art Sessions 'I‘hu Zts’ l-‘eb: Sat 2. Sun 3. Thu 7. Sat 9. Sun 10 ck Thu 14 Mar. Sat & Sun 1 2pm; Thu 5.45 ().45pm. £2. Take a guided tour of

Talbot Rice Gallery-

T111: t3xtyi-itsuy a/‘l-Lotsut‘tttai

listings Art

the RSW exhibition. see some of the techniques Used in the show and then try your hand at watercolour painting. RSW Guided Tours Thu 38 lieb. 4pm; Hi 8 Mar. noon & Thu 14 Mar. opin. Adyance booking necessary. (iuided tour of the Royal Scottiin Society of Painters in Watercolours annual exhibition.

VISUAL RESEARCH CENTRE Dundee ('ontemporary :\t'ls. 152 \ethergate. 01382 3480(30. Wed Fri 10.30am 530me Sat & Sun

12.30 5.30pm.

Audio Arts (1973-2001) l‘ntil 'l‘ltll l3 Apt ((‘L‘llll't‘ for :\t'list Books I. An exhibition highlighting the work of Audio :\l'ls maga/ine on cassette who since 1973 haye published nineteen yolumes of recordings which debate the theory and practice of contemporary art. Tik Tak Tok l'ntil Sun 10 Mar. .-\n artists exchange project between the \RC and the (‘ontemporary :\1‘ls (‘entre in Skopje in Macedonia featuring the work of a group of Macedonian multi- media artists.

Outside the Cities



lilmbank .-\yenue. 01563 554343.

Mon Tue & Thu l’ri 10am S’me Wed ck Sat 10am 5pm.

Gayle Calderwood l'ntil Sat 3() Mar. Paintings inspired by childhood tnemories and obseryations by (iay le ('alderwood.

Interface l'ntil Sat 9 Mar. .\ group show of work by nine contemporary artists who all share a strong interest in science and are currently undertaking collaborations in scientific research. :\1'Ilsls include (’lara l'rsitti. Michele I.a/enby. l.ouise K Wilson. llidco Purina and Alistair Mack.



lltm den. 01506 433034. Mon l'il'i

10am 4pm; Sat 10am 3pm.

The Journey Within Thu 28

Feb Sat 23 Mar. An exhibition of abstract. mixed media work by Lorraine lluber.



35 The Stirling Arcade. 01780 4793o 1. Tue Sat 11am 4.30pm.

Autumn Rhythm Film Thu 14 Sat 23 Mar. Torsten |.auschniann‘s new filtii work is assembled and generated while it is \ iew ed in real time. ‘Resembling the artist's own coiifused audio-Visual memory‘ the film includes artworks. sketches. music and personal documents.

()1.1) (‘t )1 l.1-.(;I: St )l“l'll Bruno): liois't‘ttou [-2118 9Y1,

Bodies of Substance

A Sculptural installation by Azade Koker Magaret Hunter and Ping Qiu

23 February - 28 March

Tuesday Saturday IO—Spm ADMISSION FREE

_ round room Jerwood Sculpture Prize

Bodies of Subsmnce lunchtime tour Wed l3 March @ lpm FREE . Jerwood Setilpture Prize 'Andrew Guest of the Scottish Seulpture Trust wrll discuss the 8 artISts '

Wed 6 March @ lpm FREE

.v‘rs‘, f :3-1‘ ‘-'. .‘ THE LIST 89