We welcome submissions for this section. Please send details to our offices at least ten days before publication. Edinburgh life listings compiled by Maureen Ellis.

Thursday 28


Resistance In Latin America Teviot Row ['nion. Bristo Square. 0793‘) 863204. 7.30pm. Human rights activist Berenice Celeyta. Colombian union leader Hector V’aca. and Luis Hernandez. who played a key role in Argentina's occupation. are the guest speakers at this (ilohalise Resistance pttblic meeting. The discussion on resistance will be chaired by .Mike (ion/ach a lecturer in Latin American studies at the l'niversity of (ilasgow.


Scottish Sports Hall Of Fame l'ntil Sun 301un. Royal Museum. 2 Chambers Street. 247 421‘). Free. An exhibition highlighting the 100 nominations for possible introduction into the first Scottiin Sports Hall of Fame at the Royal Museum.


French Contemporary Theatre lnstitut Francais d‘licosse. 13 Randolph Crescent. 225 5366. 7pm. Free. French actress Helene .-\lexandridis reads front the works of French contemporary playwright Louis-Charles Sirjacq.

Other events

Scottish Enterprise Recruitment Fair .-\ssembly Rooms. 54 (icorge Street. 220 434‘). 2 6pm. Free. Recruitment fair.

Plaisir Du Chocolat - French Cookery Classes Plaisir tlti Chocolal. 251 253 (‘anongatc. 556 ‘)524.

2 4.30pm. £30 per class. An afternoon cookery class tatight by Bertrand Fspouy and focusing areas such as stocks and sauces. vegetarian cooking. pastries and cakes.


Kelso Races Kelso Racecourse. Kelso, 01573224767. 2.15pm. £7(£4;undcr 16s freei. National hunt horse racing.


Encounters In Scotland Iiistitut l-‘rancais d'iicosse. 13 Randolph Crescent. 225 5366. 2.45 6.30pm. Speakers from Scotland and France get together to discuss the first of a series of contemporary cultural issues. ‘The Diverse and the l'nique: (ilobalisation and Cultural Identities'.

Other events

Plaisir Du Chocolat - French Cookery Classes Plaisir du Chocolat. 251—253 Canongate. 556 ‘)524. 2—4.30pni. £30 per class. See Thu 28.



Craigmillar Castle Craigmillar Castle Road. 661 4446'. Mon—Wed & Sat 0.30aiit- Apm; Thti 0.30arn~noon: Fri closed: Stilt 2pm—4pm. 5‘1 .80 (571.30; children /:’>pi. lor a real taste of Iiisttiiy. take a drive out to this ramshackle old

inbtl ' .

castle. which although not quite as intact as Edinburgh Castle. is far more atmospheric. Dean Gallery

Belford Road. 62/1 6200. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm: SLII‘. noon-6pm. Formerly at 19th century orphanage. the Dean houses a large collection of work by Eduardo Paolo7/i as well as outstanding work drawn from the

Book events

mlother tongue Scottish Poetry Library. 5 Crichton's Close. Canongatc. 557 2876. 2pm. Free. lixploring the experience of writing poetry in an acquired language and the issues surrounding cultural identity. Adel Karasholi and Dragica Rajcic will read poems in (ierman. while Christopher “'11er and Suhayl Saadi read the English versions.


Hibernian v St Johnstone liaister Road. 12 Albion Place. 661 1875. 3pm. £17 -£25 (£10). SP1. football match. Bank of Scotland Junior Badminton Championships Meadowbank Sports Centre. 13‘) London Road. (ibl 535 l. U 150p). The Scottish National Badminton Championships in classes under 13. under 17. and under 21.

Other events

Scottish Alternative Health Exhibition Assembly Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. 334 5846. 10am 6pm. £5 (£3): weekend ticket £7 l£4.50i. A weekend of lectures. stalls. demonstrations. workshops and practical advice on improving your physical. mental and spiritual well-being. Theatre All Day: Man Mela, Manto and Story Telling (iatcway Theatre. lilm Row. 1.eith \Valk. 317 3‘)3‘). 10.30am—noon. £5 l£3 l. Workshops led by Dominic Rai from leading British Asian Theatre Company. Man Mela.


Bank of Scotland Junior Badminton Championships .‘yleadowbank Sports Centre. 13‘) London Road. 661 5351. £1 (50p). See Sat 2. Edinburgh Rocks v Birmingham Meadowbank Sports Centre. 13‘) London Road. 661 5351. 5pm. £7 (£5). BBI. Championship basketball match.

Other events

Theatre All Day: Man Mela, Manto and Story Telling (iillewtt) Theatre. Film Row. l.cith Walk. 31.7 393‘). 10.30am noon. £5 l£3l. Sec Sat 2. Scottish Alternative Health Exhibition Assembly Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. 334 5846. llam- 6pm. £5 l£3l. Sec Sat 2.

Monday 4


European Frontiers Post-Euro l'niversity of Edinburgh. Play fair Library. ()ltl College. South Bridge. 228 1155. 7pm. Free on day—£3 in advance. Kurt Biedenkopf on the implications of the introduction of the single liuropean currency.

Edinburgh Graveyards Blackliall Library. 56 Hillhouse Road. 52‘) 55‘)5. 7pm. Free. Michael Turnbttll gives an illustrated talk.

National Galleries Dada and Surrealist collection.

Dynamic Earth Holyrood Road. 660 7800. Wed-Sun l0am~:")pm. 5.77.05 ($74.50). With volcanoes erupting beneath your feet. a tropical rainstorm pouring down. eartl’iqtiakes and tidal waves at every turn. the history of the earth has never been more interesting.



Netherbow Arts Centre, Thu 7 Mar

Our nation's flag is based on his cross. a historic town is named after him and some of his remains are on display in St Mary's Cathedral on York Place. St Andrew is the obvious choice of patron saint for Scotland but Donald Smith doesn't quite agree.

“Our patron saint is St Andrew officially. but St Andrew never set foot in Scotland. that's absolutely certain.‘ says the Netherbow director. 'The main reason that St Andrew was fixed upon was that it was considered very prestigious to have a saint who had actually been a disciple of Jesus. The reasons are all to do With the Cultural

Edinburgh life

politics and political politics over a number of centuries where it was felt desirable to bring Scotland into the European mainstream and have a prestigious saint of

the European Catholic church.’

The story of Scotland's association with St Andrew is riddled in myth and legend. Some historians believe his remains were stolen by St Regulus who. intent on taking them to the ends of the eai’th. was shipwrecked oft the east coast of Scotland and they came to rest in what is now St Andrews. Others believe St Andrew's relics were brOLight to Scotland by the bishop of Hexham and later enshrined in St Andrew's cathedral. Then there's the myth surrounding the Pictish king Angus who was inspired to victory over the English after seeing St Andrew's cross in the sky. Regardless of which of these retellings is true. it is the social imprinting that shapes the cultural and religious heritage of Scotland

which is most interesting.

Donald Smith's address on St Andrew is part of the Netherbow's ‘Feet Of Clay’ programme which aims to raise awareness of controversial personalities and inspire debate over their changing reputations. ‘What we're asking is: do our heroes have feet of clay? Is there any debunking going on here?‘ says Smith. ‘ls it that St Andrew isn't a Scottish hero at all. or was John Knox really a bogeyman and a bigot? Was Mary Slessor an interfering European woman imposing her views on African culture. or is she an African hero? I think those are the questions that a critical modern perspective would want to ask.‘ (Maureen Ellis)


Planetary Nebulae And The Fate Of Our Sun Royal Observatory Visitor Centre. Blackford Hill. 668 8405. 7.30pm. Free. Quentin A Parker on the fate of stars like our sun.

Wednesday 6

Book events

Kim Stanley Robinson Waterstone’s. 13 I4 Princes Street. 556 3034. 6.30pm. Free. Sci-Ii writer Robinson is in store to discuss new work T/tt’ ll'rll’s‘ ()f'Rit‘r’ :Im/ .SrI/I. taking the reader on a journey through 700 years of history as it might have been.


The Future Of Warfare Open Door. 420 Morningside Road. 447 9757. 10.30am. £1. Defence studies Professor John Erickson on the future of warfare.

Edinburgh Castle Royal Mile. 225 9846. Daily 9.80am—5pm. 98 ($22—$26). Although much of the castle's medieval character was lost when it was converted into barracks in the 19th century. continuing excavations aim to redress this. Edinburgh Dungeon 31 Market Street. 0870 8460 666. Daily lO.308lTi--50lli. $26.96 (SASS-£6.06).


Pub Tour


Edinburgh's latest gruesome visitOr attraction takes you on a spine-chilling t0ur of the deepest darkest chapters of Scottish

Edinburgh Literary Meet at The Beehive Grassmarket. 226

6665. Fri 7.30pm. 527

(95). An excellent way to imbibe Culture by

The Launch Of The Festival St Bride‘s Centre. 10 ()rwell Terrace. 346 0977. 7.30—10.3()pm. Free. but ticketed. The ten day International Women‘s Day festival is launched with appearances from Horse MacDonald. Cathy Peattie MSP and a screening of [fr-in Bmckm'ich.

Other events

Peter Green 8: Co Wine Tasting Queen's Hall. Clerk Street. 668 201‘). 7pm. £12.50 (£25 inc supper). This month Green looks at sherry.

Style And The City Royal Museum. 2 Chambers Street. 337 9876. 7pm. £20. Charity fashion show and exhibition raising funds for Capability Scotland. Clothing will come from the Designers at Debenhams range. hair is by Charlie Miller and cosmetics by Clarins. Exhibitors range from fitness consultants and jewellers through to florists and photographers. Tickets available from Charlie Miller salons. Debenhams Ocean Terminal and Capability Scotland shops.

visiting the favourite watering holes of Scotland's literary heroes. including Sir Walter Scott. Robert Burns and Irvine Welsh. Gorgie City Farm

51 GOrgie Road. 337 4202. Daily QSOam—Apm. Free. Bringing country life to the heart of the city. this working farm houses a host of farmyard animals including ponies. pigs and goats.

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