Edinburgh life

Saturday 16 continued

Dance! Danse! Danz! l’cnicuik 'Y’. 511:1Kii'kliill Road. l’cnicuik. 01968 6‘4S51. 10am noon (k 1 3pm. £2.50 £5. See Hi 15.

Japanese Culinary Arts The Hub. Castlchill. Royal Mile. 473 2000. 7.30pm. £23.50 £26.50. Sample some ol' the worlth healthiest cuisines inclttding t'ayouritcs such as sushi and ramen.


Conpulsion 2002 'l‘eylot Row t'nlon. lit'lsto Square. :20 4466. 10am. £4 £3. .SCL‘ Slit l(i.


Edinburgh Rocks v London Towers Meadow batik Sports Centre. 13‘) 1.ondon Road. 661 5351. 5pm. £7 (£5 t. 13131. Championship basketball match.

Other events

Planting And Growing Organically ()atridgc .'\gricultural ('ollcgc. licclesmaclian. llrmburn. 01786 4-909“. £35 £55. SL‘C Sal l0

Dance! Danse! Danz! l’cnicuik ‘Y’. 50a Kirkliill Road. l’cnicuik. 01063 6“4S51. 10am noon & 1 3pm. £2.50 £5. Scc l’ri 15.

Easter Passion Workshops \ic‘olson Square Church. Nicolson Square. 22.\' 3410. 2 5pm. £4 (£31. the Dunedin Consort host a tun and int'ormal workshop in\ iting members ol' the ptiblic to try singing sonic ot' Bach‘s great l’rlH/UII.

Monday 18

Talks Six Identified Forms by Callum lnnes National (iallcry ot' Modern .r\rt. lit‘llitllitl Road. (\24 (CW). l2.~l5pltl. l'il'L‘L‘. \Vrilcr and lecturer Kirstic Skinner on abstract painter (‘allum lnnes.

Tuesday 1 9

Book events

Robert Lacey \Vatcrstonc's. 128 Princes Street. 226 2666. 6.30pm. l’rec. laccy chronicles lili/abctli 11 both as a human and as an institution with his new \Utl‘ls. /\’rl\ri/.‘ Hr I'.l/r1/('\l\ Qllr’l’ll

lit. rI/H [/1 /I.


Football Forum West l.othian ('ouricr Stadium. .v\ldcrslone Road. l.i\ ingston. 0300 027 0321. £3.50. See pre\ icw.


Decay 8. Change: Biodiversity - Where do we go from here? Centre l5or llumati licology. l2 Roscneath Place. 624 1‘)72. 6.30pm. £3.50 (£2.50l. lirrrI/r Story presenter Aubrey Manning considers the importance ()1 biodiyersity. Russell Eberst Royal ()bseryatory Visitor (’enlt'c. Blackt‘ord1101.668 8405. 7.30pm. free. The astronomer giyes a


Newhaven Heritage

\‘a’atch tartan appear

Wednesday 20


Edinburgh & Tourism Open Door. 420 .\Iorningsidc Road. 447 ‘)757. 10.30am. £1. A representatch ot' lidinburgh ck l.othians Tourist Board giyes a talk.

John Miller Gray 1850-1894 National Portrait (lallery. 1 Queen Street. 6246200. 12.45pm. l-‘ree. Nicola Kalinsky giyes a talk on the tirst curator ot‘ the Scottisli National Portrait Gallery.

Other events

Meli-Melodies lnstiltlt l-‘rancais d'lic‘ossc. l3 Randolph Crescent. 225 5366. 8pm. Celebrating the international day ol' the l"tench-speaking world with an eycning soiree.

Book events

Big Word Performance Poetry (iiltlcd Saloon. 2.5.3 Cowgate. 226 6.5.50. ‘)pm. £4 (£3 1. t’pbeat comic poet Richard Allen. lrt‘an Merchant and young Chris Hicks. Anita (ioyan and Jeni Rolls compcre.


Montrose Netherbow Arts Centre.

43 45 High Street. 556 ‘)57‘). 2 3pm. l‘ree. .\ talk by Donald Smith examining whether Montrosc was ‘a political romantic or one ol‘ Scotlanth greatest lost leaders‘.".

Working In Inner Space: Advanced Robotics in the Ocean lleriot-\\'att t'niyersity. lidinburgh litlsincss School. Riccarton. 4.5l 3444. 6pm. lircc. Protcssor Dayid l.ane leads a \ irtual c\plot'ation ol‘ the deep bltic sea as he (lisctisses the opportunities at‘t‘orded by remote exploration technology.

The Great Buddahs At Bamiyan, Afghanistan Royal Mtiseum. 2 Chambers Street. 247 421‘). 6.30pm. £3 (£2). .r\t‘ghanistan’s Buddahs discussed by archaeologist Warwick Bell. a t‘ormcr director ot' the British Institute ot'.'\l'ghan Stlltlics.

Book events

Soundings: An Evening Of Poetry And Music Theatre Workshop. 34 Hamilton Place. 226 .5425. 7.30pm. Donations. Published poets Diana llendry. Jim C Wilson. lilspeth Brown and .-\ndrew Philip present an eycning ot' readings and the music in aid ol \‘lC'l‘A.


Kelso Races Kelso Racecourse. Kelso. 01573 224767. 1.30pm. £7 (£4:

under 16s tree). National hunt horse racing.

Other events

Bring 8: Buy Sale and Annual General Meeting llarry Miller llall. Kirk 0' Field Church. 332 2758. 7.30pm. 70p t35pl. Kirk ()‘l’ield Parish Church Social Club host a sale and their .»\(if\t.

doing work in l‘la'rxan and

Museum (More «your eyes; ; t this; Australia. r, H I it”: 35;: .'.r(;-a‘~.'rr‘(i x-ronderland. Royal Yacht Britannia " ' f Royal Observatory Ocean Drive. tetth. 55:55)


Visitor Centre tilack‘errl lllli. 068 840:"). Sat ltla'n opt”;

ail." Hoop. f)l)l?‘. $9.50

6:300. Mott-1H 10am(3.110pm:8at& Stit:€3.il0atn4.13;)pm.

5771/5) @375)- 5213.955):

. .9. 5,5. 925/); ‘51"‘2'1',’ ticket 5‘8. failulv ticket 920. The Old Town Weavmg 1 ..<t.(l(..,..()!.1.,(11117‘1, tarrner (oval yacl t .tas Company 'W;r~iat.oi~. on the opened its doors; to .I ; .v r m. "~':£r."’:"f;, from the latest members of the public " ~ ' ()a' "'.<:"ar;'.'.rr.- ()1) "one; on (iii(31'él5\..’).f)1111(2i1l. ,u e f; ,v space a".’: (l‘;t'f)."<)'lly to St Giles’ Cathedral

104 THE LIST '>'- ."

.(l;’)t . f) ()ll

Royal Mile. 9??) 04.19.

Scary stories

Who is it? American author Peter Straub. an acclaimed contributor to the horror genre and best known for his collaboration with Stephen King in terror bible T/It’ 'Irr/isntun.

What is he doing? l~‘tmnily enough. Straub is in town to promote his latest collection of unsettling tales. .llugir' 'Ii’rmr. The renowned goryteller mixes horror. the supernatural. crime and mystery to create seyen disturbing tales designed to encroach on the stability of the human psyche.

Is it any good? So tar reviews of the collection haye been layourable. many describing this as a good starting point tor

the uninitiated. and seyeral ol’ Straub‘s earlier novels haye winged their way to Hollywood's

script adapters.

Should I bring a cushion? Ayerting your eyes probably won‘t be necessary. bill as this is a dusk-time talk. it might be an idea to take a friend along for the long walk home. I Peter Strait/3. Waterstone I28 Pr/nces Street. 226 2666. Fr/ 15 Mar. 6pm. Free.


Hearts v St Johnstone 'I‘ynecasile Stadium. (iorgie Road. 200 7201. 3pm. £14 (£71. SP1. lootball match.

Livingston v Aberdeen West l.othian Courier Stadium. Alderstone Road. l.i\'ingston. 01506 417000. 3pm. £tbc. SP1. l'ootball match.

Scotland v France Murray-field Stadium. Riyersdale Crescent. 346 5000. 4pm. £40 ( £301. Six Nations international rugby match.

Other events

Pile ’Em High And Sell ’Em Cheap National (iallery of Modern Art. Belt‘ord Road. 624 6200. 10am 5pm.

((iy mnasiuml. .-\ sale of books. prints. jewellery. stationery and much more. Comedy Writing For The Theatre llow den Park Centre. llow den. Livingston. 01506 433634. 10am 4.15pm. £6 (£4). .-\ one-day workshop concentrating on dialogue and character hosted by aw ard-

w inning writer Kathleen Ruddy.


Abseil For Meningitis Napier l'niyersity. Sighthill Catnpus. 228 3322. Abseil from a dare-deyil height to raise money tor Meningitis Research l"oumlation.

Other events

Pile ’Em High And Sell ’Em Cheap National (lallery of Modern Art. Belt‘ord Road. 624 6200. .\'oon 5pm. See Sat 23. Wild About Holyrood lloly'rood Park. 556 1761. liree. Adyance booking required. A guided walk to highlight the diyersity ot‘ the park.


Nigel Henderson: Parallel Of Life And Art Talk National Gallery of Modern Art. Belt‘ord Road. 624 6200. 12.45pm. l-‘ree. (Gymnasium). Victoria Walsh. curator of the Nigel l-lenderson exhibition and author of the accompanying book. discusses his work.

Mon -Sat 9.30am-Spm; Sun l—Spm. Founded in the l 1008. this church has Witnessed executions. riots and

celebrations. With spectacular stained glass Windows. ornate stonework and gurded tours it's a good starting

Tuesday 26


The Search For Extra-solar Planets Royal Observatory Visitor Centre. Blacktord Hill. 668 8405. 7.30pm. Free. Similar solar systems to our own exist. and Andy Longmore considers their potential for supporting lil'e.

Other events

Scottish Toastmasters Scottish Power Regional llQ. liishwiyes ('atiseway. Portobello. 66‘) 5190.

7.15 ‘)pm. £30 for six months. A self- help public speaking club teaching invaluable techniques and sharing experiences with others.

Wednesday 27


An Introduction To The Dumas Egerton Collection Of Portrait Miniatures National Portrait (iallery. 1 Queen Street. 6246200. 12.45pm. Free. Senior curator Stephen Lloyd introduces the Dumas ligerton Collection.

Brewing In Edinburgh Augustine ['nited Church. 41 George I\' Bridge. 52‘) 4616. 7pm. £2. Charles .\tc.\taster recounts Edinburgh's rich brewing heritage.

Other events

Coffee, Chat & Programme Choices Open Door. 420 .\lorningsidc Road. 447 9757. 10.30am. £1. A retrospective meeting considering the Spring talks programme.

Thursday 28


Edinburgh Rocks v Sheffield Meadowbank Sports Centre. 13‘) London Road. 661 5351. 7.30pm. £7 (£51. 881. Championship basketball match.


Mary Slessor Netherbow Arts Centre. 43—45 High Street. .556 957‘). 2—3pm. Free. Talk by Donald Smith about the Scottish missionary.

pomt for exploong the Royal Mile.

Witchery Tour

Meet outSide l'he Witchery Restaurant. Castlehrll, 225 67:16. ‘27 1‘24». Times vary and advanced booking is essential. Take a light- hearted look at the dark Side of Edinburgh \‘.’lt.’l vOur guide. Adam Lyal (deceasedv. who will regale you wuth stories 0" torture. plague. murder and witchcraft.