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Five a ive?

As Channel 5 celebrates its fifth birthday, we

wonder if there’s anything worth watching. Words: Brian Donaldson

s the spring of 1997 dawned, Britain was getting set for revolution.

Not only was the country about to vote in a new kind of govemment

with Tony‘s Tories. we were also soon to settle down with an all-new TV channel. As the clock ticked down to the first new terrestrial station to invade our living rooms since Channel 4’s technicolour digits floated into our lives in 1982, we awaited the Spice Girls (a quintet at that point: quite clever that) to herald in Channel 5 with their witty. restrained repanee.

Ten minutes after the launch, we sat silently staring at a blizzard. Five years on and some parts of the country are still waiting for the snows to clear. Many have commented cruelly that they are the lucky ones.

Ever since its complicated birth, Channel 5 has been the byword for cheap, sleazy, gratuitous television. Fairly or not. it’s hardly surprising when you consider the headlines made by Keith Chegwin’s one-off nude game show Naked Jungle, and its over-reliance on programmes with titles such as G- String Divas, Me And My Toyboy and films of the calibre of Other Men ’3' Wives. Plus, there’s the sinister obsession with Adolf and his Gestapo chums.

But what chance is there that C5 will change its tune? New programming boss Kevin Lygo has pledged to turn it into ‘Channel 4 without the boring bits’ which means more upmarket but not up its own arse. Lygo should know what he’s talking about, having moved into his post from C4, where he freely admits to having viewed It’s the and rejected tape after tape of rank tosh. And guess where it all ended up? On dear old Channel for 5. ‘I can now see that first impressions can be cheap very misleading,’ is the diplomatic statement of someone rapidly adapting to their new environs. Sleazy!

One element against its future prospects as a gratuitous serious-minded broadcaster is that advertisers are - - urging Lygo to keep hammering away with teleVISIon flaccid porn shows such as Outback Stripper and European Blue Review in order to retain its many young male viewers. Both shows are so erotic they make Panorama seem like Basic Instinct.

Not that Channel 5 is all bad. Shows worth viewing include its Saturday night American crime dramas CS] and Law And Order. And that’s about it; the rest of their output is simply bad imitations of better shows. Famin Aflairs is a marginally glossier, less ‘realistic’ EastEmlers. for Charmed read inferior Sabrina, and The Tribe is a rubbish attempt at merging Grange Hill with Mad Max. As for karaoke calamity Night Fever, it’s in a world of its own.

And it’s a sad state of affairs when stealing Home And Away from [TV is seen as a major triumph and current affairs reporting is ‘revolutionised’ by having newsreaders leaning against a desk with one leg crossed over the other. That can’t possibly be good for Kirsty’s circulation. Or the channel‘s ratings.

No matter how hard it tries, Channel 5 is stuck with the stigma of sleazy. naff, low budget and hysterical programming. best viewed through a drunken haze. Or a snowstorm.


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