Young's ‘Out On The Weekend', begins with Gelbs mumbled vocals before crashing into a lengthy guitar grov-xl. (3er and pals Joey Burns and John Convertino «whose off-- shoot outfit is Calexrcol. plus guests including PJ Han/ey and Grandadt‘ly. have really taken apart these fourteen covers. You'll kick yourself when you finally recognise Black Sabbath's ‘lron Man'. all muted horns and found sounds. It's a pretty diverse song selection. also including Sonny Bono’s ‘The Beat Goes On' and Goldfrapp's 'Human'. Nothing sounds like the original: even/thing sounds like Grant Sand. And what's the point in covers unless you fuck with other people's music? (Miles Fielder:


Hallucinations W’Vhirnsica'. 0..

Alert Trading Standards! Despite calling themselves Emporium and appearing on the cover r i this record in a

March 1 1th ‘5' LP 8; CD ""

state of blurred black and white. this Edinburgh band sound less like a consortium of cannibal death rnetallers and more like 80s psychedelic demigods XTC. Which is probably a good thing. This album is a collection of tracks culled from the band's prevrous releases. a kind of greatest hits from a band who haven't reain had any hits yet. It all sounds guite dreamy and rather nice. wandering between the twin nodes of melodic beauty and twee iiicoriseguentiality ‘.'-./:thout ever really settling in either.

'Jaines Smart:

tvll- TAL BLACKSHINE Soulless And Proud (SPVi 000

According to as high an authority as their own

press release. Blackshine are ‘at the forefront of what can only be called the New Wave of Swedish Heavy Metal'. Which must be nice for Scandinavian surfers. who have prGSumably only just finished riding the New Wave of Swedish New Quiet. and must fancy something a bit dynamic

for a change. Blackshine keep the stupid guitar solos to a minimum. allowing them to concentrate on their strengths: breakneck riffing, incompreltensiny guttural lyrics and titles culled from imaginary horror movres. All this makes it a bit hard to work out just what Blackshine are peeved about but sometimes. as John McEnroe proved. just being angry is enough. (James Smart)

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Billy Bragg and The Blokes England, Half English

Nigel McIntyre in association with The Concert Clinic presents

UK Tour March 2002

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Avalanche ()Ju Missing rim.

o' s .1 7 Includes the singles

6627”. 66justboy,’ & 6657”

Evening Session in Scotland Tour March

13 Aberdeen Lemon Tree 14 Dundee On Air East

15 Edinburgh Liquid Room 16 Glasgow King Tut's

17 Inverness Blue

(iii'7.1ot?'t-.\ Record Factory ' Valhalla V

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