s'rATE or EMERGENCY (Rockstar) £39.99

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ALSO RELEASED Metal Gear 2 W532.) 4' ' SGT/US). ()r y/ill '1i-'(Jilliackagain’? Deus Ex 1/53.” l idos

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114 THE LIST '~'- .~ .'.'.:'



With up to 25 per cent of the population likely to Suffer from an anxiety disorder at some time in their lives. information On this subiect can be very relevant to most families. There is a good deal of specially written literature on this site and the service IS completely free.


Burke '3 Peerage And Baronetage. the gentry's l'./ho's Who. IS in its 106th incarnation and has hit the internet for the first time. Family history is the third most DODUIZIF SlIbJCCl of .nternet searches. The top two are pornography and stock market trades. This contains over t()8.000 ll‘.'lllg persons and i‘lSlOrlCS of 2/00 iEtfiTlllOS. some stretching back as much as a thousand years.

BAN SCREWDRIVERS www.banscrewd rivers .com

Ven; much a tongue—in- cheek effort here. Not quite The Onion ".'.".'/‘.'.’.lll(}()l)lOll.C()IIIl, but perhaps a knee-Jerk reaction to recent security claiiipdowns. 'l‘rue' stories all featuring the humble screwdriver and their part in people's downfall.

TERRORISM ANSWERS www.terrorismanswers .com


liver since last Septeiiiher. terrorism has beei‘. a word on the '.'.'oi'id's lips. Rather than

relying on this umbrella term, this site details various international organisations and tries its best to dispel the myths and state the facts as clearly as possible. There's a full glossary dealing with weapons of mass destruction and key figures. It's very enlightening reading. if a little depressing.


Some of us have striven to find that most elusive of nature's spectacles. and most of us have failed. Here. Aurora Borealis is freely available for all to see. together Wllh articles on how to track it down and photos of the month (which are particularly stunningi. No more freeZing nights in lnverness. but yOu can open yOur \iVindows for a more authentic expenence.


This is a novel little site that you probably haven't realised yOu ever needed. How many times have you been watching adverts on TV backed by muSic that yOu can't (.lLlllC put your finger on? Frustrated. you ask around all your friends until you get your answer (or noti. Here is a place that may help yOu. If the answer's not here alreat‘ly then the siteiiiaster \"Jlll endeaVOur to find the answer for you. Brilliant.


Are yOu a dull man? Or even a dull woman? It so then this is the place for you. Swap (lull stories and keep up to date v~.ith the dullest of news. ‘Watch sap (trip is a particular Iona/light. Honestly a quick trip here can boost the egos of even the most (iiiiet living individuals.

Steve Blairi

Video] DVD



(15) 140min «e


t i t i The most astonishing him of the year argue More artificial than intelligent

As the final end credit states, this film was for Stanley Kubrick. You can only wonder what the cantankerous genius would have made of the project which he kicked off, stalled on, then lost forever with his death in 1999. In Steven Spielberg’s hands, the movie of a Brian Aldiss short story is a predictably overheated melodrama with special effects almost thrown in as an after-thought; Kubrick would surely have had the two working in better tandem.

The result is far from a disaster; Spielberg’s film is never as bad as its harshest critics made out. But neither is it up there in the sci-fi canon, and it doesn’t rate alongside the Peter Pan of Hollywood’s own previous classics, 5.12 and Close Encounters. What we have though is a sweet/queasy story of the first robot boy, David (Haley Joel Osment), to be programmed with the facility for tender loving feelings.

Initially David is taken in by a grieving couple whose son has been cryogenically frozen until a cure is found for his illness, only to be rejected to fend for himself in a big wide world where humans routinely abuse androids. Eventually, he discovers the true meaning of his existence, and in a long sequence eerily reminiscent of the last act of 2001 (plus nine-foot aliens) David wanders around a submerged, ghostly Manhattan (Twin Towers intact) to confront his past, present and future.

Osment is as icily effective as he was in The Sixth Sense, Frances O’Connor is confusion personified as the tortured mom, but Jude Law is given a largely pointless role as the tin can gigolo David meets at the Flesh Fair (a modern day Coliseum where robots are fired from cannons). Oddly captivating, though Spielberg’s Kubrick film is ultimately more artificial than intelligent. (Brian Donaldson)

I l."V(If/i()/‘ VHS rental and DVD rental and retai/.

ARI HOUSE ELOGE DE political and aesthetic L’AMOUR problem film IS as

elliptical as ever. In it. an artist pursues a dropped-out actress. trying to persuade her to

(PG) 96min 0...

The narrative of Jean— Luc Codard's latest

participate in an initially undefined project. It may be the stOry of an old couple. who have sold the tale of their wartime French resistance exploits to a US film company.

Meantime various indecipherable tableaux. characters and events are inserted into the narrative at seemingly arbitrary points. There's some astute COmmentary On memory. Subiectivity. love and political hist0ry on the way. but the film works more by component parts than its whole. Intriguing. but really, really, hard. lOptimum VHS retail) lSteve Crameri


THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE (15) 107min 00000

There's enough symbolic imagery and ltéll‘l'éllbflf} subtext in GLiillernic Del TOro's ghost story that it effortlessly transcends its genre roots to become a classy piece of cinema. Set during the Spanish Civil \.'\.,£lf'. the tale concerns a haunted orphanage populated by chiare'i of soldiers. One of these boys is an unguiet spirit. but the hauntng of tne dark corridors is not the only danger that looms - war. religion and tery human persona: grievance intersect Within these \.'-.alls.

Del Toro and his cineiiiatograplier Ciiillei'iiio Na\ai'ra tell