the tale expertly in pictures. while in front of the camera the director‘s Cronos star Federico Luppi and Pedro Almodovar regular Marisa Paredes lend the film great dramatic weight. (Optimum VHS rental: DVD rental and retail) (Miles Fielder)

ROMANCE ANGEL EYES (15.?99m‘08” .

Sharon Pogue (Jennifer Lopez) is a tough Chicago cop who lives for her job. Her frequent bouts of aggression and lack of personal life hint at dark secrets from her past. but she keeps very much to herself. However when a mysterious loner and good samaritan. Catch (James Caviezel). saves Pogue's life during an arrest. she begins to let down her defences and confront the problems which have led to her isolation. At the same time. she forces Catch tO come tO terms with his own past.

An unconventional romance which proves once again that J-Lo is much more than a pretty face with a voice to match: the girl really can act. (Warner VHS and DVD rentall (Kirsty Knaggsl

DRAMA THE KING IS ALIVE (15) 108min 000

The desert does strange things to yOu. None more strange than to the group of bus passengers who. in Kristian Levring's Dogme movie. get stranded in the African desert and decide to stage King Lear. As the heat rises. the food runs Out and the tempers fray. the stranded tOurists find a semblance of coherence in Shakespeare's great Uagedy

‘Srtimg iM‘llit'l‘flfli

It's a novel idea and one that gives some structure to a bleak and

desperate film. but the parallels between the story of Lear and the stOry of the passengers are too vague to have resonance. A powerfully sweaty atmosphere and great performances from Jennifer Jason Leigh and Janet McTeer. but a hard film to love. (Pathe DVD retail) (Mark Fisher)


The Fantastic Voyage meets the late. great Chuck Jones is a fair diagnosis of this part animation. part live action comedy in which a white blood cell and a cold pill do battle against a flu bug within the body of Bill Murray's very ill zoo keeper.

Essentially. it's a buddy movie with titular cop (voiced by Chris Rock) teamed with Drix. a hulking 'germinator' given the hilariously incongruous voice of David Hyde Pierce (Fras‘ier‘s Niles Crane) and chasing the diabolic Thrax (Laurence Fishburne) abOut a biological system enViSioned as a teeming metropolis. complete with corrupt mayor (William Shatner). The Farrelly brothers turn over the creative duties to the animators. though they're in good hands With Marc Hyman whose script is smart and sassy. Talk about the body politic. (Warner VHS rental: DVD rental and retail) (Miles Fielder)

COMEDY THE MARTINS (15) 83min .0.

‘Everything I touch turns to shit' is the most honest thing that the downtrodden Robert Martin (Lee Evans) says in this light-hearted film. He is desperately trying to do the right thing for his Wife Angie (played by the wonderful Kathy Burke) and his

dysfunctional family by entering every competition possible and failing miserably. Robert finally loses the plot and pulls an unloaded gun on anyone who has come between him and his holiday. which he finally steals. It is an enjoyable and often frighteningly true-to-life film. but is marred somewhat by a rather over the top ending. (Warner VHS rental; DVD rental and retail)

(Jane Hamilton)

ALSO RELEASED Akira Probably the best animie movie ever made. rereleased with loads of DVD extras for its tenth anniversary. See Rough cuts in Film for competition details.


retail) Beethoven’s 4th Shaggy dog comedy no 4. which nicks its plot from The Prince And The Pauper. Woof. woof. (Universal VHS and DVD rental) The Forsaken: Desert Vampires The title says everything about this horror flick. except that it's not very good. (Columbia VHS and DVD rental)

The Hidden Fortress/ Stray Dog Two titles from the Japanese master. Akira Kurosawa; a comedy and film noir respectively. (BFl VHS retail)

Into The Arms Of Strangers Holocaust dOCUmentary narrated by Oscar honey Judi Dench. (Warner VHS and DVD retail)

Released: 25 February 2002 Anchor Bay's early 80's slasher movie. which had been banned from release in the UK. until now.

Train - Midnight Moon

Released: 25 February 2002

Recorded in May 2001 in their hometown of San Francisco after an extensive tour. includes dOCU- mentary footage with the band taking us on a tow

of the city.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire - Collector’s


Released: 4 March 2002

This 2-DVD set includes extras such as an Atlantis interactive game and ‘The Journey Begins' the making of Atlantis. as well as a deeper look at the

film and how it was made.

Masterpiece - Music Of Lloyd Webben


Released: 4 March 2002

Recorded live in September 2001 in Beijing. star- ring Elaine Page and Kris Phillips. with some behind-the-scenes performances.

Monty Python 8; The Holy Grail

Released: 4 March 2002

A double disc edition of the classic Monty Python comedy. packed with extra features.

Moulin Rouge - 2 Disc Set

Released: 4 March 2002

One of the biggest films of last year at the UK box office. starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan

McGregor. Spaced - Volume 2

Released: 11 March 2002

Surreal comedy series set in North London. with extras including out-takes and raw-footage. Transformers - Generation 2

Released: 11 March 2002

Second release of the original 80's cartoon TV series featuring another 5 episodes.




BBC2, Fri 15 Mar, 9pm .00.

War. what is it good for? Well, good television for a start. With World War I living on in the memOry of only a handful of old- timers. this intriguing and effective new dOCUmentary series attempts to bring to life the truly awful realities of that conflict and specifically the miserable conditions of the poor buggers on the front line.

Two dozen modern day volunteers spent two weeks in almost identical conditions to the trenches of the Western Front (barring the mortal danger. presumably). their lives dictated by real war diaries fiom the time. Veterans. personal testimonies and historical footage add flesh to the stOry. but the really hard-hitting stuff is seeing the somewhat stupefied reactions of the volunteers to the relentlessly wretched expenence.

When one of them actually goes AWOL you know they're not mucking about. and this is an impressive and surprisingly moving piece of documentary work. (Doug Johnstone)


Sigmund Freud believed that there are primitive sexual and aggressive forces hidden deep inSide the minds of all human beings. forces which if not controlled led individuals and socnety towards chaos and destruction.

This truly remarkable new documentary series from the BBC follows the influence of Freud and his extended family on the history of 20th century commerce and politics concentrating particularly on the boom and misuse of psychotherapy in the US.

The opening episode deals with Freud's American nephew Edward Bernays. the father of PR and the man who showed American corporations. for the first time. how he c0uld make people want things they didn't need by linking mass produced goods to their unconscious desires. He believed that by satisfying their inner selfish deswes. you made them happy and. perhaps more significantly. docile.

This is scaiy. articulate. intelligent and awe inspiring TV. Miss this at you cost. because there hasn't been a better British documentary series since The Wor/d At War. (Paul Dale)



Sigmund points out a Century Of The Self

.‘i‘xfi‘ THE LIST 115