Flatshare - Edinburgh ' l .

I Large room in friendly tk easygoing New Town flat. £250 pem + deposit + hills. Tel: 0131 550 3441 alter 0pm.

I Lothian Road. Large sittgle roottt ayailahle ltow. Sltaring witlt 2 prolessional lt‘llltlles. l'letltille pt'elt‘t't'ed. £230 pent + ("1‘ + hills + deposit. Tel: 07751 734 045 or 01312210207.

I Female student for large l.othiatt Road roont. Recently refurhished. redecorated flat. Seeing is helieying. (i011 ck electric shower. £253 pettt. Tel: 0131 228 0053.

I Double room & single roottt in large flat on 1.othian Road. 1‘ully fitted hathroottt tk kitelten. lo share with 3 others. Ayailahle hegittttittg April. £200 pent + hills. 'l’el: 07770 087 208 or 07004 070 815.

I Professional female, n/s required for city centre flatshare. 2 minute walk frottt Princes Street. Single roottt ayailahle. £220 pettt + ("1‘ + hills. Tel: 0131 228 5100.

I Professional wanted to share w itlt 2 others itt quiet city centre flat. single room. large kitcltett. hatltroottt with shower. ayail tttid .\lare1t. £103 pettt + £50 ("1‘ + hills. Tel: 0131 228 8021. I Attractive room in friendly flat. w alkittg distance frottt city centre. great yiew s on to .\leadow s. tttale preferred. ayailahle 1st April. £215 pcttt + ("1' + hills + deposit. Tel: 0131 228 1310.

I Small individual room in 'l‘ollcross flat. Sltarittg w itlt 2 others. Ayailahle from 101h April. £100 pettt + deposit + hills. 'I‘e11013l 2210015.

I Tollcross. Single room in friendly top floor flat. Would sttit yottttg professional hack packers to share with 3 others. All mod cons incl (‘ahle. Ayailahle frottt Ahril. £200 hent + ("1' + hills. '1‘e110l3l 228 5051.

I Bruntsfield. Double room ilt large friendly flat sharing w itlt 4 professionals. £220 pcm + hills + ("I~ + deposit. Tel: 0131 220 0372.

I Rooms in comfortable spacious modern house with garden tk parking. llattdy for Western (ieneral ck ilell'ttl‘tl (‘ollegta Redecorated. ttew carpets. tttodertt kitelten tk hatltroottt. (i(‘1l. £230 ~ £280 pent including hills. Tel: 0131 400 21.52 or 07775 000 001.

I Single room in West laid flat. to share w itlt 2 others. ayailahle ntid April. £215 pcttt + ("1‘ + hills + deposit. Tel: 0131 315 2050.

I West End. Single/dotthle roont ilt n/s. professional \lltlt'ed. city centre flat. \Vould sttit 20-30y r old. Ayailahle ttow. £250/£350 pcttt including hills. ’l'el: 07710 800 700,

I Single room available. .\'/s preferred. \ear shops 8 hits routes. l’arking ayail. £210 pettt + hills. Tel: 0131 330 4084.

I Leith, sunny double roottt itt spacious townhouse. Would suit couple. £300 pettt iitcl. ("1. lel: 07748 044 818. I Reliable, clean, relaxed flatntate required for delightfully. spacious dotlhle roont itt l.eitlt flat near ()eeatt 'l‘ertttinal. Ayailahle iltttttediately. £238 pcttt + hills + (71'. 'l'el: 07000 823 745.

124 THE LIST 14—28 Mar 2002

I Double room available itt heatttifttl sunny l.eith (’orner flat. 'Io share witlt 2 females & 1 eat. Sttit male/female. 20- 30yrs. Ayail 1 April. £220 pttt + £33 ("1. Tel: 0131 407 0050. I Single room available itt fttttky. partly furnished flat off l.eith Walk. Sharing witlt 1 female. £200 pettt + hills. Tel: 0131 555 0720.

I Leith area. Double roont itt sunny flat to share witlt 1 male. gay-friendly. Seeking mature professional. n/s preferred. Ayail immediately. £250 pent + ("1‘ + hills + deposit. Tel: 0131 5537001.

I Double en-suite room in new flat. Would stlit professional with references to share witlt 1 other. Ayailahle 1st March. £250 pent + ("1‘ + hills. Tel: 07700 005 008.

I Leith. Double room in eotttfortahle flat to share with 1 other. Would sttit lt/s easygoing professional. A11 tttod eons inclttdittg ('ahle. Ayailahle 1st April. £247.50 pettt + ("11 Tel: 0131 538 0824.

I Easygoing n/s flatmate wanted for large roottt ilt 1.eit1t flat. £210 pent + hills. ‘l‘el: 07050052 350.

I Leith. Small single room itt shared flat. fully furnished. 1011112 room/kitchen. £145 pettt + hills. '1‘e1:0l31478 1120.

I Double room in large two hedroont flat just off l.eith Walk. sharing with student. (i(‘ll. W.\| & shared hills. .‘ylontltly contract. £200 pent. Tel: 07080 701 208.

I Double room in hright spacious flat itt liast (‘laretnont Street w itlt all lttod colts. Sltaring w itlt 2 others. gay- friendly. £250 pettt + ("1‘ + hills. ’I‘el: 07813 708 220.

I Single room from lst April ilt furnished flat on London Road. Bl‘ttnton Place. 10 minute walk front (‘ity eetttre. share with 3 friettdly flatmates. prof ottly. no couples. £225 pettt inclttding ("1. 'l‘e1: 0131 550 7502 after 0pm.

I Central large double roont with priyate shower ilt loyely flat. Sltarittg with 2 others. Would sttit professional or postgraduate. £230 pent + tlL'ltosil + ("1‘ + hills. 'l‘e11013l 557 2032.

I Easygoing flatmate for large roont ill 2 hedroottt flat. A11 ntotl eons. n/s pref. £250 pettt ittel. ("1‘ + hills + deposit. 'l'el: 0l3l 001 1142 alter 0pm. I Twin/double room in central lidinhurgh. littlly‘ furnished. colour '1‘\'. hi-fi. washing machine. telephone etc. £40 - £45 pw including hills. Tel: 0|3l 057 5555.

I Single room in friendly .\leadowhank flat. fttlly furnished. £105 pettt + ("l~ + hills + deposit. '1‘e1:0|3l 020 3320 or 07815 085 825.

I Double room available front now until end August. Sltaring eotttfortahle St Leonard's llal w illl l otlter. .-\ll lllod eolls. priyate parkittg. 2 minutes to shops. puhs ty httses. £240 pent + ("1‘ + phone. Tel: 0131 007 4500 eyettings or [17812 524 800. I Large room in excellent loeatiott. 3 minutes walk to Royal Mile to share w itlt Attssie trayeller. l.arge lottttge [k kitclten. all tttod colts inel. dish washer. .\'o couples please. £220 petn + hills. (1131 550 0805 or 0131 523 3431.

I Box room in large .‘ylarehntont flat. ayailahle now to share w itlt 2 others. Wottld sttit tt/s. prof. fetttale. £180 pent + ("1‘ + hills. Tel: 0131 447 5532. I Furnished double room itt friendly Mareltntonl flat sharing w itlt 2 others. All tttod eons. quiet area. .\7s. prof pref. £215 pent + hills + ("1. Tel: 0131 477 7725.

I Large room in friendly Marehntottt flat. sharing w itlt 2 others. all ntotl cons. recently decorated. £240 pent + ("1' + hills. 'l'e120131 220 5850.

I Marchmont. Comfortable double room ayailahle ilt conyeniettt grottttd floor flat to share with 2 soeiahle professionals. gay -ft'iendly. £250 pettt including ("1‘ + hills. Tel: 07855 841 253.

I Small single bedroom excellent shared facilities. £30 pw including ("1. Tel: 0131 220 5124 or 07808 207 812.

I Student to share witlt .1 fttnky females. Single roottt in massiye flat. situated next to the Meadows. 2 minutes from (ieorge Square. £240 pent + hills. 'l’el: 0| 3| 008 4055.

I Meadows, quiet, sunny roottt to rent in friendly. fantily hottse. ()wn hatltroont. sittiltg roont. ty etc. .\7s. Ayailahle 1st April. £200 pent including all hills. Tel: 0131 007 1708.

I Friendly flat, all lltod cons.

separate liying room. Wottld sttit young prof. n/s. friendly. tidy.

female. £200 pent + hills + ("1. Tel:

0131 008 3052 or 07870 505 402. I Marchmont. Double room itt spacious flat. Would suit prof fetttale. tt/s to share with 2 others. £220 pettt + ("1. + hills. '1‘e12013l447 5011.

I Single room, in sunny. spacious flat. piano ck garden. Suit n/s. house trained. soeiahle professional or tttattire student. with sporty & eultttred outlook. ('onyeniettt for the ttniyersity. £200 pent + ("1. Tel: 01 3| 007 7741 or 070501l8 410.

I Room in comfortable spacious llal. shared kileltetl & hatltroont. all tttod eons. (i(‘11. £02 pw inelttding hills. no 1)SS. Tel: 0131 007 0338.

I Large, sunny room ayailahle ilt spacious .\larehntont llat oyerlooking. leafy eontntunal garden. .\7s prof or host grad wanted. sharing with 3 others pltts l’iekles the cat. Min 0 months lease. £105 pcltt + hills. 0131 228 3405.

I No rooms available in ttice l.eitlt Sltore flat. large lottttge. hatltroont. (}(‘11. Sharing w itlt n/s fetttale art student. Single roottt £200 pent. l)ouhle roont £215 pent + deposit. lel: 07870 854 250 or 0703] 000 008.

I Single room in fantastic split leyel Bt'tttttsflc‘ld flat sharing with 2 young professionals. Wotlld like soeiahle ftttt flatmate. Separate kitchen. liying roottt. owtt cottseryatory tk priyate garden. parking ayailahle. £200 pcttt + hills. Tel: 07005 531 108.

I Dean Village large. dotthle room iit fttlly furnished. modern. open plan flat. All tttod eotts incl: eahle'I'V. (i(‘11.W.\l. 1)W and free parking. To share with 2 Ms. professionals. Ayailahle frottt April. £300pent + hills. (‘all 0131 477 0301 after 0pm.

I Cockburn Street l‘ttlly' fttrttislted rooltt iit friendly. clean. (i(‘ll. well equipped 3 hetlroont. n/s. flat. Suit prof. £200 pent + ("1' + hills. l’hone Us on 0131 220 2103.

I Funky female seeks young male/female. n/s to share quirky 'l‘olleross flat. single roont ayailahle now. £185 pem + hills + ("1. Tel: 07780 203 450.

I Double room in spacious. friendly Marehmont flat. sharing with 3 others. all mod cons. no I)SS or students. n/s essential. ayailahle 1st March. £240 pcm including hills except phone. Tel: 0131 447 8200.

I Modern, 2 bedrooms in new deyelopment iit l.eith close to Links and Sltore. 'l'astefttlly furnished. good parking and ayailahle immediately. £000 pcttt plus all hills. (‘ontaet Simon on 01387 381 327 or 01387 380 402. liltlail: simonallen(a elara.

I Double room available itt shared flat itt Portohello. Sharing with mature stttdettt nurse. £230 pcm. (‘ontaet Sue 0131 057 1545 or 07074 288 045.


V I saw you tnanly (ilasgow Acadettty upper school guy! Spotted on (ireat Western Road ~ w hite shirt loose outside your

jeans. strong attd independent

me too. linjoy ed your lingering look. let's share some manlinessf Yes. it's \'()['3 Find ottt who 1 ant . . . 1111. Box .\'o [7430/1.

VI saw you ('antphell the Swinging Link? Strongest to Weakest httt neyer Meekestf But how did you lttiss that opportunity with the Adios question? Well done though? Say hi attd let's hate that lttttelt we promised. Stephen \. Box .\'o [7430/2.

VI saw you well actually I didn‘t. whoeyer it was that stole my funky letttltet'jaeket frottt the polo lounge on saturday 10/02/02. 1 really tteed ll littc‘kll Box .\'o [7430/23.

VI saw you in the (ilasgow ['ni gyttt. You ltad a [ski .\lu_ieres hugs hunny '1'-shirt on and a loyely smile . . . hahlas lispaltol'.’ Please look ilt my direction next time. Box No [7430/4.

VI saw you wltile (ilasgow was asleep. No regrets fellow cheese hater. So ntttelt itt contnton - can you dig it?! Line the l)et i1 Wotttalt xx. Box .\'o [7430/5.

VI saw you Alex (0 the Riyerside 2 Mar ()2. ()ur eyes met: you sent sltiyers up my spine. You: daneittg alone. ptttliitg on hrown/heige jacket on just hefore it ended. .\le: datteittg next to you. pink top. dark hair. llox .\'o [7430/0.

V I saw you James from l)ttmfries. doing 3rd yr .-\eronautiea| lingineering at (ilasgow ['ni. in the lliye 281-‘eh. l sltottld hay e got your pltone nunthet' - httt too drunk to think rationally? (iirl frotn Stranraer. Box No [7430/7.

VI saw you Spanish girl. lost your friends itt (ilasgow last Saturday? Me on train trying to help. blue jeans & leatlter jacket. Spanish heattty on a Scottish l.oeh. are you honte safe'.’ Box No [7430/8.

V I saw you .‘slartin- Polo lounge 22 Feb ()2. You admired my tattoos altd ttty new piercing touch!) .\|ayhe shottld haye swapped numbers but just ltow awkward are soher Saturday mornings‘.’ I still haye a sprittg itt my step and a stoopid grin on my face? llow ahottt you‘.’ Wanna be huddies with the specey. tall. scary chick'.‘ Box No [7430/0. 'l saw you Broccoli. Pogo- ittg to yottr funk. (let hack oyer here soott or 1'” crash your seryer. Box No [7430/20.

V I saw you at 'l‘ron (‘afe - hruised. shaken. git iltg your lettder ears a rest. Were they of hal‘ley or w heat'.’ I wouldn't lttiltd giying them a ttihhle. Wottld you let me htty you an uncostly eoffee'.’ Box No [7430/25.

VI saw you Stuart in the Polo Lounge w itlt your fag hag attd latino loyer. Sipping sattgria and lookitf ltot as all enchilada. Lose Belly. Box .\'o [7430/20.

V I saw you Lauren [’5 You dattce like Kate Bush when you go to the ('athouse. Rememher our 3 week adyelttttre itt Angers? Patrique loyes yott smashing his cups. l-‘ancy meeting Soup-[' for a riot'.’ Xx. Box No [7430/31.

V I saw you with the curly hair. Mandy "1 can play sausages" was the cry. 11a 11a. 1 can he a hero. You know wlto. lireddy. BU\ No [7430/32.

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