VI saw you all too briefly in .\loda and the Polo Lounge with your beautiful sister Karen. who was tip Visiting tor the weekend. The last time I sttW‘ yoti. you were dancing the night away. It would be nice to meet tip and carry on otir all too llcclitig coitycrsatioii. Please get in touch with Scott. Box No [7436”.

VI saw you sexy hig Boss man. waiting outside 'l'ennent's as I steam milk. Will you he my latte loyer l‘oreyer‘.’ l loye ,Voti a latte? ('laire xxx. Box .\'o [7436/37.

V I saw you cashier 'l‘opinan. Argyle St. 38th l’eh. You asked ahout my ring \\ ith feet. 1 thought yoti may want a drink'.’ lirom male 31. Box .\'o [7436/38.


VI saw you Murray in Siglo. you promised to \\ ine and dine me. Well the hoyti'iend's gone

VI saw you l)(i. six months ago in The (‘onan Doyle. We sometimes light like cat and dog, but 1 still think you're a l'oxy. crazy girl. Thank you lot“ being the person you are. l)'you like your present‘.’ .\lmm nice butt!!! 131; xxxx. Box No [7436/13.

V I saw you Renai'de being a saucy iiiiiix 34-7. We'll start the driving as soon as yoti'ye mastered the walking hit . . .(iootlttlgltl .\lr. Spaceman xx. Box No [7436/16.

V I saw you '8' working at the liruitmarket (ate in a fashionably gruhhy pinny. .\le nympho l5 yr old in garisth tarty hoohtuhe. .\ly middle name is Moira. (iiye its a kiss. Box X0 [7436/17.

V I saw you Leonie. Assemth Rooms Ball 33 lieh. In awe of the peacock dress 1 neglected to rullle my leathers enough to two your attention. Do you fancy

V I saw you monkey wearing a 1e! and waistcoat in Po .\'a .\'a. and talking to Betty the fish. I was the one eating chilled monkey hrains. .-\\'oid the dates. they're had. lndy my friend. Box No [7436/33.

V I saw you in a dream. rtmning your marathon. I see you - reading this and smiling. supping your Starbucks latte. I'll see you - in the lake district. in June. xxx. Box No [7436/]4.

VI saw you . . . and you "“’E31~'L'tl me? You haye 3t) secs to make a phrase from these letters: Y(}l.\'['()liSli'l‘UAR . . _ see you again soon xx. Box .\'o [74 i6/l5. VI saw you Miss Milligan. ()pening my eyes to your beautiful Jack .\'icolson smile and morning alro ‘do‘ sets me UP for the day. When 1 grudgingly leaye you for \sork. I walk tall. Wilil a spring in my step. whistling all the \yay. Box .\'o



Advice on Sexual Health & HIV/AIDS and all matters relating to the Gay and Lesbian Community


SWITCHBOARD 0131 556 4049


0131 557 0751

[7436/57. How to place an I Saw You

and it. the offer still stands you know where to tind me? Sarah. Box No [7436/10.

VI saw you on the bus. on the underground. at the HHS gig

iii ith your boat. in Burger King and on the htis hack home again. ('an we go to another gig'.’ Box No [7436/1 1.

VI saw you .‘yt()() Bar. Hi 1 March. you oliyc skin short dark hair (Won 31 \\ ith hoyl‘riend‘.’ I snatched glances from next tahle when you sat down. lel’t hel'ore 1 lost control and intruded? Box No [7436/13.

VI saw you Alan. Barman at Planet ()ut. non-assuming as eyer . . . 1 really like you! T-hoy. Box No [7436/34.

meeting tip to see it new got more than my mother's name in coiiiiiioii‘.’ Box .\'o [7436/33. VI saw you at Bl.l-Z.-\(‘lllli- Blondie 'I'rihute (iig. December. Sisters Yyonne. Theresa. l-‘iona. Bl.().\'l)lli Wl'I‘ll Bli.-\Rl) no e-mails yet? entre cl toque' Box .\'o [7436/] 8.

VI saw you shaking dai ctttc ass in my direction last week. [' new hot. hot. Keep lighting tip the room hoo. Your not so secret admirer. Box .\'o [7436/l‘).

VI saw you on No. l6 hits? You Work in Fraser‘s atid got olil‘ tthe husi \y ith me at a god l‘oi‘saken West I.othian spot. I ran oil. 1'tti sorry. Box No [7436/31.

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