Panning Championships will be held at the Museum of Load Mining. Wanlockhoad. by Brggar on 1 & 2 June. Further details at

I Find out more about kite surfing: The Wind Wizard 261 Maryhill Road. Glasgow. 0141 332 87107. ww\.v.i..vrn(lspellscom lturtion courses cost 5785 for a full day. including equipment and insurance)

British Kite Surfing Association can be contacted at PO Box 1:380. Bath BA2 iilY. www.krtosurfrngorg

I Find out more about mountain biking: is an extensive and colourful site. narrth routes. tips. features. oguromont revro\.'-./s. a FAQ section and links to other recommended sites. is an onlrno version of the best- selling maga/‘rno ill/fountain Brk/ngi and has plenty of reviews as \.'|l as :nfo on news. \.'~./oathor. events and trails. rs dedicated to listing Scottish mountain bike routes. mostly armed at the experienced rrdor.

Tissot UCI Mountain Bike World Cup arrives in Scotland on i & 2 June. Around 9:30 competitors from 21') nations ‘.'.’lH compote Ill this prestigious competition. against the backdrop ot Ben Novrs. The two-day event ‘.'.’|i| also feature family activities. domonstratroris and live entertainment. It you want to

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Go wild in the

lrnd out more contact Nevis Range Ski Centre. Torlundy. Fort William. 01397 705825 or log onto

I Accomodation and general info: Scotland's national tourist board's site is a good first stop for finding out about activities. accommodation, travel and anything else you might need to know. The Scottish Youth Hostels AssoCIation has budget accommodation throughout the land and also organises activity breaks. Activrty Scotland is the overall body responsible for Scotland's activrty providers and its site has fully searchable listings and links to other websites. rs a Highland Of Scotland Tourist Board initiative dedicated to themed holidays wrthout any tartan or shortbread in sight. Its ‘erdheart' section lrs s special offer activity breaks. lrom paragliding in Lochaber or extreme climbing in tho Carrngorms to being cast away on a remote Hebrrdoan island.

I Transport:

Scotrail 08457 00 133 (National Rail Enquiries 08457 ‘18 119 50). wwnrscotrar|

Scottish Citylink Coaches 08705 5305050.

Caledonian MacBrayne Ferries 0147:”) (350100. \.'-/w\

National Traveline 0870 (308 2 (308.

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Want to come ski-ing or boarding?

Join (rs/or the has! in .s‘rrmi‘xporls & aprm-ski - a// ii'v/r'rmrr'.’

:2: Discounted lessons and equipment hire :2: :2: Weekends at the Scottish ski area :2: :1: Holidays to the world’s top ski resorts :2: plus great social events all year round

Meet us at THE RAEBURN HOUSE HOTEL, STOCKBRIDGE every Tuesday from 90m. or phone 0131 220 3121 for an information pack

When it comes to the great outdoors we’ve got it

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