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Tennent's presents

I Racing Green, All My Logic and The be“ “*th pop 8‘ e'edmmca tripTych 2002 Moody Strawberry Fields. 56 Oswald $2,... g . Street. 221 7871. 7.30pm. £4. including l 26th - 28th Api’ll entry to post-gig club. Rock. o - -

I Cimarron Grand Ole Opry. Paisley x" lee L'St'ngs

Road T011. 429 5396. 7.30pm. £3 (£2 members). Country.

I Tom Jones Tribute Bourbon Street. 108 George Street. 552 0141. 7pm. £5 (£16.50 with dinner). See Fri 15.

I Open Stage The Halt Bar. 160 Woodlands Road. 564 1527. 4-8pm. Free. Weekly session for local musicians. ti . J..- I Huckster The Hall Bar. 160 it fly Woodlands Road. 564 1527. 9pm. Free. I The Cobrarnatlcs McChuilIs. 40 High Street. 552 2135. l()pm. Free. R&B. I Rush Hour Samuel Dow‘s. 67-91

Nithsdale Road. 423 0107. 8.30pm. Free. I Les Savy Fav, Mars Volta

Philip Glass. Susumu Yokota

Glasgow. Royal Concert Hall. Strathclyde Suite. Friday 26th April. 8pm. £20 Edinburgh. Queens Hall, Sunday 28th April. 8.30pm. from 9215

Chuck D discusses & debates Glasgow. Old Fruitmarket. Saturday 27th April. 3pm. 98 Edinburgh. George Square Theatre. Sunday 28th April. 6pm. £8

Geographic presents:

Teenage Fanclub & Jad Fair play songs from Words of Wisdom and Hope

E dinbur h and The Apes Couldn’t get Glasgow. Renfrew Ferry. Friday 26th April. 8pm. £10

I Bmy agragg & The B'okes Usher tickets for Pop Idol? Then why not Edinburgh. Liquid Rooms. Sunday 28th April. 8pm. 210

Hall. Lothian Road. 228 l '55. 7.30pm. come and Witness three great :

£12 (£14). See preview. rock acts. one of which - The ,

I Coinneach Bongo Club. 14 New Mars Volta _ will showcase the Johnny Clarke, Dennis Alcapone, Don Letts &

Street. 558 7604. 7pm. £3. Energetic Celtic rock from this Highland four-piece.

Dan Donovan ( Dub Cartel)

comeback of Cedric and Omar

I Manganese, The Score, The from the gedlike At The DriVe-ln. Glasgow. King Tuts. Friday 26th April. 8.30pm. £12 Assassins and The Fuse The King Tut ’3. Glasgow. Tue 26 Mar. Edinburgh. Liquid Rooms. Saturday 27th April. 7pm. £10 Mercat 28 West Maitland Street. 225 - t . I Alfie Time to roll out those 3861. 7.30pm. £3. Punk. metal and rock _ _ , . . . . as Edinburgh band Managanese showcase adleCt'VeSv f0|k53 Shambl'ngv Rich'e HaWt'n ( dex’ efxt final ScratCh )1 their new album and Aberdeen guitar act shuffling. sub-Charlatans. Pole. Rale BOY, TWltCh 81 WllkeS

The Score drop in as part or their l()Ur.

I Bakers Dozen and The Glasgow. Optimo. Barrowlands. Friday 26th April. 8pm. £18

Outcast, The Multings. 8|_85 5. this but in a good way. honest. Art

Leonards Street. 667 5946. 9.30pm. Free. School. Glasgow, Mon 25 Mar. Pharoah Sanders Quartet

Punk $1” dhgrds Baker: Dng'gargh I GOdSPeed You Black Edinburgh. Liquid Rooms. Friday 26th April. 7.30pm. £14 suppoe ynewroc usas e , . . .

outcasts at the M00n Glasgow. FrUItmarket. Saturday Apfll.

I John Watson and Rogue Star 1 | Y

Whistlebinkies. 4-6 South Bridge. 557 GszEi are just some smart punk Evan DandO, Eugene Kelly

5| 14. 9pm. Free. Featuring the full on rock kids who never Stopped Edinburgh. The Venue, Friday 26th April, 7pm. £10

stadium rock of Rogucslar. Glasgow. Renfrew Ferry. Saturday 27th April. 7pm. £10

Do Make Say Think

taking the violin lessons. Wanky.

Sunday 1 7 but a real spectacle. See preview.

QMU, Glasgow, Sun 24 Mar.

G|asgow Glasgow. King TutS. Saturday 27th April. 8.30pm. £7 , I The Strokes What’s there to

I Stiff Little Fingers and The . _ . . . . mums Banowiand, 244 Guiiowgmc, say? Make or break in the big(ger) Cinematic Orchestra : Man With a Mowe Camera 552 460'- 7-309m- £13 plus moking fee. arena for JC and his compadres. Edinburgh. George Square Theatre. Saturday 27th April. 8pm. 28 over“? ‘how Annual 5‘ Pa‘r'cl‘ 5 Day See feature page 26. Barrow/and. Glasgow. GFT. Sunday 28th April. 3pm. £8 celebration from the Northern Irish punk . . .- lagso Glasgow, Fri 22 Mar. Corn . . . . I Enslaved and Decapitated The Exchange, Edinburgh. Sat 23 Mar. Radio Boy, Pole. Solentific Support Dept. Cathouse. 15 Union Street. 248 6606. Edinbur h. The Venue, Saturday 27th April. 7pm. 28 7.30pm. £8.50 plus booking fee. Over-I48 I 31‘" c'V'." and Es“ The 9 . . . . r _ Radio 1 SeSSion In Scotland . show. Thrash metal line up. I _ _ . Hammel on Tnal I Methyl Orange and The indulges With its first all Scots line- . . Cheetarahs The 13th Note Cafe. up Jock rocking riffs with kind Edinburgh. La Belle Angele. Saturday 27th April. 7pm. 26 50-60 King Street. 553 1638. 9pm. edges from Bifiy (3|er See Glasgow. King TutS. Sunday 28th April. 8.30pm. 26 I The Cobrarnatics The Scotia. review LI. uid Room ' Edinbur h (it 1.314 Fife ftgcggegigrtfit. 552 8681. IE” 15 Mag/(mg M31 Glasgow? ' Arab Strap, Stuart Braithwaite

.psuflas Sunday segslon Uisgc Sat 76 Mar Edinburgh. Reid Hall. Saturday 27th April. 8pm. £8 Bentha‘ 232 woodlands Road. 564 i596. ' Glasgow. St Andrews in the Square. Sunday 28th April. 8pm. 28 5pm. Free. Bring your own instrument. I we. 39"?“ I" 5"“ Pres'ey . I Frog Pocket Miso. Captain‘s Rest. The Silver Pill. Huckleberry and 8 Terry Calller 185 Great Western Road. 331 2722. 7pm. whole bunch of other

. Glas ow. Renfrew Fe . Sunda 28th ril. 8pm. £12 £1. A new night from the people who rambunctious types massacre the g "y y Ap

organised the Burnt Out festival of . ' experimental music which will involved baCk catalogue 9f everyones Adnan SherWOOd' Jerry Dammers laidback performances. both acoustic and laVOUrlte deep'fr'ed peanUt bUtter Glasgow CCA' sunday 28th Aprll' 8pm £10 £8 electronic. PlusDJs and VJs. Tonight‘s and banana sandwich eating, Derrick May, Scion / live set comes trom Ayr's master of rf . . . angular laptop bon'inry Frog dead on the IaWy pe Ormer' Edinburgh. The venue. Friday 261h April. 1 1pm. £12 . ' Bon 0 Club, Wed 20 Mar. . mm“ 9 Madlib, Peanut Butter Wolf Edinburgh Glasgow. Renfrew Ferry. Saturday 27th April. 1 1pm. £10. 9:8 I Snow Patrol The Venue. 17—21 with Cannibal Ox Calton Road. 557 3073. CANCELLED. Tonight sees a performance from The . . E 0 E I on“: Tentac'es’ The “Mess Peggy Vesta” 3 Edinburgh. La Belle Angele. Sunday 28th April. 10pm. 1 , 8 and Sempiternal Hoon La Belle I Lee Paterson and Mulligans for full listings see tripTych brochure or visit Angele. Hastie's Close. 225 7536. 8pm. Tyre Whistlcbilikies. 4—6 South Bridge. . - . £10—£l 2. See Fri 15. Support comes from 557 51 14. 9pm. Free. Rock. blues and pop T'Ckets ava'lable from Fopp Records ' local drum & bass/ dub six-piece The 1 covers from Paterson. Glasgow' un'on Street 0141 222 2128' Byres Road 0141 357 0774' Ruffness and psych rockers the ‘Hoon. I Open Mic Southern Bar. 22 South Ed'nburgh- COCkbUm Street 0131 220 0133- I Scorn and Seneka The Mercat. 28 Clerk Street. 667 2289. 7pm. Free. All Aberdeen. MCCombies Court. 01224 625 052. West Maitland Street. 225 3861. 2pm. £3. styles welcome. please bring your own Dundee. overgate Centre 01382 227 075, Everyone knows the kids like to rock. so a instruments. . _ _ Special doubic-bi|| {Or the wee flippers St. I. All Ticket Scotland Outlets (Virgin Records ) (under 185 only» '1 "‘9 or | h B k' - 70 220 1116 I The Listening Room The Blue I The Big Bash Tolbooth Tltcairc. Jail esp one 00 mgs ' 08 ' Blazer. 2 Spittal Street. 229 5030. Wyiid. 01786 274000. 2.30pm. The 8—10pm. £2 suggested donation. Mellow Pearll'ishcrs and Davie Scott (The Fred folk. rock and more at this new MacAulcy Show) compare this showcase :2 unamplified gathering of singer/ featuring everyone from local bands. songwriters presented by Peter Michael Stirling Writer‘s Group. Real Ale and Rowan of Acoustic Underground fame. many more.

14-28 Mar 2002 THE LIST 55