'l'heatt‘e. l5 3‘) .\'ico|son Street. 52‘) (i000. 7.15pm. £‘) £25 (£5 £22). lidinhurgh (irand ()pera perl'orm 'I‘chaik‘os sk‘} 's tale ()1 a _\oung man determined to marr} the woman he lt)\ es h_\‘ winning ttlotte} at cards.

I Lunchtime Concert Queen’s llall. ('lerk' Street. 008 201‘). 12.45pm. £5. lieaturing Katherine Macls'iniosh on ohoe and (‘laire llaslin on piatio.

I George Heriot’s School (ire_\1'riars Kirk. (ire) l'riars Place. 225 l‘)()(). 7.30pm. £3. .-\ mi\ed programme from the school's orchestra. concert hand and coininunit} choir.


I Royal Scottish National Orchestra Pops (‘airtl Hall. (‘iis Square. 01382 434‘)40. 7.30pm.

£12 £15. .-\s met. the line-up at the Pops aims to please. with popular works h} ()l’l'enhach. 1)ukas and .\1assenetioined h)‘ Ra\el‘s [in/em and excerpts l'rom Bi/et’s ('urnir'n. Braiin ell 'l'o\ e_\ is at the haton and \ iolinist lack 1.ieheck guests.


I Royal Scottish National Orchestra Ro}al ('ottcert lit)“. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. 7.30pm. £10.50 £23. An impressn e line-up tonight. with Bramw ell 'l‘ox e_\ conducting the orchestra iii lilgar‘s lime/nu lirriutimis and Vaughan Williams Si'ni/ilioni' no / ‘xl Sui Sr/ii/i/iu/ir'. Vocal accompanimenl comes courtes} ol the RS.\'() ('horus. soprano l.isa .\lilne and haritone Thomas Allen.

I Lord Todd Prom Lord Todd Bar. ('ainpus Village. l'ni\ersit_\ o1 Slralhclyde. 548 2435. 7.30pm. £7 (£5 ). ('olin Suckling and John l)a\ ies conduct Strathchde l'nisersit} 's ('oncert Band. Brass & Wind linsemhles and Big Band.

Edinburgh I The Queen of Spades l't'sllHtl

'l‘heatre. l3 2‘) Nlcolson Street. 52‘) 0001). 7.15pm. L“) 1.251125 £32). See \Vt'tl 21).


I BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra RS.-\.\ll). 100Renl'rew Street. 332 5057. 10pm. 1‘ree httt ticketed. llan \'o1ko\ conducts "I‘he (‘ontemporar} Violin'. lt‘illlll'lllg‘ a l'ls' premiere Iron) 1.} ell (‘ressw e11 and l.igeti's \iu/iii (hitter/n. Part ()1 the BB(‘ 880‘s ‘Strings Attached scl'lcs. See preview.

I Midday Concert RSAMI). l()() Renl'rew Street. 332 5057. 1pm. £5 (£3). Featuring .\1iche| .-\rrignon on (‘larinet and Scott Mitchell on piano.

I Hill-Wiltschinsky Guitar Duo Mugdock‘ ('ountr) l’ark. ('raigallian Road. .\lilnga\ ie. 050 (i100. 7.30pm. £12.50. The highl} regarded guitar duo perl'orm a wide range ()1 works. lickcl price includes iiitei‘\al supper.


I Royal Scottish National Orchestra Pops t'slier Hall. l.othian Road. 228 1155. 7.30pm. £10.25 £23.50. See “ed 21).

I Dunedin Consort (ire) lriars ls'irk. (ire)lriars Place. 225 l‘)00. 7pm. £1 1

(£7 ). 'lihe cotlsot’l's annual littslcl‘ pct‘lot'ttlallcc ol Bach’s inagnilicent SI .llutlliew I’msiuii is now a regular future on the classical calendar. so hook call}. I Cafe Concert (‘al‘e lluh. ('asileliill. 473 20(i7. 7.30pm. £10 (including two— course meal). Soprano (‘laire l)ehono and guitarist Simon 'l'hacker present a \aried menu w ill) haroque. renaissance atid contemporar} music lrom Spain and South America.

I The Queen of Spades l‘estisal 'l'heatre. l5 2‘) \lcttlsttlt Street. 52‘) ()000. 7.15pm. £‘) £25 (£5 £22). Sec Wed 20.


I Royal Scottish National Orchestra Pops Royil (’oncert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. 7.30pm. £1 1 £24. See Wed 20.

I Scottish Opera - Der Rosenkavelier 'l'ltealre Royal. 282 Hope Street. 332 ‘)000. 2.l5pm.

£5.51) £511. See Sat H).

I Renfield Recitals Renlield St Stephen's ('hurch ('entre. 200 Bath Street. 3.32 2320. 1pm. l'il'L‘L'. See 8211 10.


I Sinfonia and Edinburgh Bach Choir (ire) l‘riars Kirk. (ire) li‘iars Place. ()(iS 2111‘). 7.30pm. £121£‘)).'lillcl\\o musical l'orces come together under the haton of Neil .\lantle. for an etening ol' 1"rench choral masterpieces. ()n the hill are l)urul'|e's Requiem. l’oulenc's (i/oriu. two works h} 1-"aure and a premiere from Michael l.ester-('rihh.

I Opera Restor’d Si ('ecilia's llall. .\'iddr) Street. («)8 201‘). 7.45pm. £10 (£5 £7 ). .\ lull-staged e\ening for two singers and three instrumentalists entitled ‘1.o\e\1.;ih)rinth'. lisploring the drama ol 1()\ e through music and 17th century poetr}. the performance features the work 01. l’lll'ccll. l’elliam. Bocclti Lllltl Ulllt‘l‘s.

I Early Music Forum Of Scotland Ro}al .\ltiseuin. 2(‘1iatnhers Street. 247 421‘). 10am 4pm. Free. :\ celehration ol' earl} iiitisic communicated throuin earl} instruments. song and dance.

I The Queen of Spades l'csti\'al 'I'heatre. l3 2‘) .\'ico|son Street. 52‘) (i000. 7.15pm. £0 £25 (£5 £22). See \Vt‘tl :1).

Dundee I Dundee Symphony Orchestra (‘aird llall. (‘il_\ Square. 01382 434‘)40.



The National Children's Orchestra of Scotland

conductor Julian Clayton soloist Nicola Benedetti

Brahms Academic Festival Overture Lutoslawski Little Surte

Dvorak Romance for Violin £1 Orchestra Massenet Le Cid: Ballet

Camerata Scotland conductor Christoph Mueller Brahms Serenbade No.1 Op.11 in D Major

Tickets: £8- 16 (£28) 0141 353 8000


condec tor Christoph Mueller

Beethoven Cor ioiurius Overture 01162 I Honegger

Symphony No.2 for Strings Ex Trumpet Brahms Serenade No. 1 Op. 1 l in D Major

10 April, 7.30pm


11 April, 7.30pm

BONAR HALL, DUNDEE (IUF'HVL‘ I TRH The Earl E1 Countess of Wessex


mm 5

.-.r.r. "yox (L; .ili I

7.30pm. £5 £7. (iillian ('raig conducts the orchestra in ‘.-\ ('elehralion ()1 Spring‘. featuring seasonal works by 1)elius. Shostakox'ich and Schumann.


I Glasgow Chamber Choir Si .\l;it'}"s ('athedral. 300 (ireat Western Road. 287 5511. 8pm. £7 (£5). The choir pt‘l'ltil‘lll John Stainer's 'I'lie Crucifixion in the atmospheric surroundings of the newa restored cathedral.

I Junior Academy Orchestra Concert RSAMI). 100 Renl'rew Street. 332 5057. 7.30pm. £7 (£4). Playing works h_\' \Veher. l)\'orak and Mendelssohn.


I George Watson’s College Baroque Orchestra Royal .\1ttseum. 2 (‘hainhers Street. 247 421‘). lpm. 1-‘ree. l’erl'orttiing concertos h_\' \'i\'aldi and llandel.

I Royal And Aristocratic Music Of The 16th Century National Portrait (ialler). 1 Queen Street. (324 (i200. 3 3.45pm. liree. 'l'he Squair .\1ile (’onsort o1'\'iols with soprano Rosie Sweetnam perl'orm music hy l)ow land. Byrd. 'I‘ye and llolhurne.


I Chamber Group Of Scotland 'lolhooth 'l'heatre. Jail Wynd. 0| 780 274000. 7.30pm. £8 (£5.50). Sall) Beainish introduces tonight's concert. as the group tackle work h} Schuherl and Beamish hersell'.

Wednesday 27

Edinburgh I The Abegg Piano Trio Queen's llall.('1erk Street. (168 201‘). 7.45pm.



classical & oper listings Music

£10 £12 (£8 £10). ()ne of litirope's linest chamher ensemhles perl‘orin 'l‘rios hy BeethoVen. Janacek and [)sorak. l’art o1~ the '.\laster Recitals. series.

I Sciennes Primary School Queen’s 11a11.(‘1erk Street. ()(18 201‘). 12.45pm. £5. \ li\e|_\ selection ol' iiiusic from these )otmg perl'ormers including choirs. percussion and llute ensemhles. I Edinburgh Schools Wind Ensemble ('entral Hall. \Vesl 'l'ollcross. 22‘) 7‘)37. 7.30 ‘)pm. £5 (£3). .-\s part of the Spring (‘oncert Series the lidinhurgh Schools 'l‘ransitional Band. ('oncert Band and Wind linseinhle present at) eiening of w ind music.

I Song Recital Slock‘ht‘idge l’arisli ('hurch. Sa\e-(‘ohurg 1’1ace.(i58 1437. 7.30pm. £0 (£4). :\ recital o1 solo songs and ensemhles from three countries. Brahms. Quilter and lame might gi\e a cltte to which ones.

Thursday 28


I The Abegg Piano Trio Rosa) (‘oncert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. 7.30pm. £12 (£10). See Wed 27. I Cappella Nova - Tenebrae ls'eh inside llillhead l’arislt ('hurch. ()hsei'uitoi'} Road. 353 8000. ‘)pm. £8 (£5). The unaccompanied \ocal group perl‘orm 'l’homas ’lallis' loth centur} work. l.(ll)l('lll(lli(lll.\ of Jeremiah. plus a selection ol~ ( iregorian chant from the Scottish l’lainsong (lioit'.

I Passacaglia Merchants House. 7 \Vcsl (ieorge Street. 334 9757. 12.45pm. £4.50 (£1.50 £4). Works h} Bach. 'l‘elemann and llandel. perl'orined h) this increasingl) popular Baroque ensemhlc. I Flute Sounds Mugtloek ('ounli'} Park. ('raigallian Road. .\1ilnga\ ie. 950 (i100. 7.30pm. £7. :\ programme ol popular pieces h} llautist Andrew Allan and triends.

HCtll EDINBURGH-l; " i

2002 .


All concerts start at 7.33pm. Tickets £10.50 - £24.

Cawceeeione and packages aveilafle.

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Sunday 5 May Celebrity Performance Angela Hewitt with

the Britten Sinfonia

uesdey 7‘ May Celebrity Recital Nikolai Don'iidenko

Thmdey Royal Philharmonic Orchestra?"

with condtrctor Matthias Bamert and soloist Nicola Loud



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