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Drama & dance listings compiled by Kelly Apter.


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Glasgow Drama


7 Bonottt (iardenx. 33‘) 428 I.

My Word . . . Dancing Wed 2() Mai: 8pm. £4 (£2 ). Regine l.lorca presents a unique \lltiW combining moy‘ement. rhythm and langtiage.


253 Argyle Street. ()‘)()I ()22 0300. |\V('. \VAI

Bright Colours Only t’mil Sun 17 Mar. Spin. £(i (£4). Alter a sell-out \hoyy at 'I'ramyyay last year. Pauline (ioldxmith returns With her \\'()t'l\' set at an lt‘ixll Wake. I’urt oft/1c I'i'xlii'u/ ()[A't'u' .Si'otli'y/i 'l‘lu'um'.

Swimming t'niil Sat 23 Mai- (not Mon 18). 8pm. £6 (£4). l‘rank l)ea\y e\plore\ the myxterious relationship betyyeeit a p\yeh()thet‘tipist. one ot~ his patients and her daughter. I’ur! (lg/‘I/Ir' I't'ylti'rl/ (HA-Hr .S-(‘Ulll-S/I Theatre.

The Church Of Marilyn Monroe l'ntil Sat lo .\lar. 7.45pm. £6 (£4). A young girl gets more than she bargained for W hen \he turns tip to Worship at the ('hurch ol‘ Marilyn Monroe. I’urr oft/iv I't’.\ltl‘ll/ ()fflVt'H‘ Scull/VI Theatre.

On The Edge t‘ntit Sat It» .\lar. ‘).l5pm. £6 (£4). Day’id Leddy ‘\ one—man pastiche on the Whodunit. I’urt oft/Iv I‘t’fltt‘d/ ()‘l‘A't'ii' Scouts/I 'Iltt’rlll‘t'. Three Women t'niil Sat 23 Mar (not Mon IS). 8.15pm. £3 (£3). l):\'A 'l‘heatre take on Sy ly ia l’lath'x exploration of pregnancy.childbirth and motherhood. I’url oft/Iv /'i'.\ttt'(1/ ()fV.\'(’lt‘ Stunts/I [Ii/It'll/I't'. Okay Fri 15 Sun 17 Mar. 7.30pm. £3 (£2). A rehearsed reading of Daniel (‘all\ look at human relationships. I’urt Ufl/lt’ Ik'xltt‘tl/ (If-Arty .S‘t'HHlA/I T/tt'tlll‘t'.

Farm Land Tue 1‘) (k Wed 2() Mar. 7.30pm. £(i (£4). North of Scotland theatre company. (irey ('oaxt present Bess Ross' moying portrayal ot‘ a Sutherland farming lainin torn apart by economic circumstances.

Mickey The Torch Tue 1‘) Thu 2) Mar. 7.30pm. £4 (£3). \atacha de l’ontcharra\ one-man play about the lonely lite of a night Watchman. I’ur/ u/ the I'i'ylii'u/ ()fA't'n' Scout's/I 'I'lu'ulri'. 51 Pegasus Wed 2() Mar. Ipm. L21 (£2). A rehearsed reading ol lan

.\1cl)onagh'\ play about the dilemma of

moving tl\\‘;t)‘ or stay ing ptit. /’ur/ oil/iv I'k'ylti'u/ ()I‘A't'u' .S't'nlll'yll T/H'rlll'r'. Ancestral Voices Thu 21 Sat 23 Mar. ()pm. £(i (£4). Black :\l'l\ l’orum explm‘ex tlte history ol‘ Scottish black identity dating back to Roman times. l’urt “fl/Iv l'i'S/Ihl'lll ()/ .Vr'H' .Si'nIII'y/l

I ' I . >‘ h E '

I Blasted Sarah Kane's powerful and shocking indictment of human alienation is given a compelling production at the ()it/. For those that can take its violence. the play has much to say about our society. See review. ()i‘ti/ens' theatre. Glasgow. until Sat 30 Mar.

I Miseryguts Liz I ochliead's new version of Moliere's [he Mi'sant/irope is set in the contemporary Scottish media world. Such is her record in combination with director lonv COWHIO that it's difficult to see this one as anything but a night of quality comedy. See preview. Royal ly/ceum l/ieatre. Hamburg/i Fri 22 i’t/la/ / r/ 15) Apr.

I Lachlan’s Choice Hotel the last production by Musselhurgh's Brunton l'heatre company promises much emotion amid the laughter of Simon l ittle's satirical script. David Mark lhomson's production promises all the inventiveness we've come to expect from his work. Hit/liter) Theatre. Mussel/align. Hit/21 Sat 30 Mar. their tour/rig.


Glenn ililltl 3| Sat 23 Mar. 7.30pm. £0 (£4). Iilectribrae presents a rehearsed reading (it l)a\ id Young's play about the lite and Work ot‘ ('anadian concert pianist. (ilenn (iould. I’lu‘l (If I/I(' l'i'\ltt‘(l/ ()I New .St'HIIIA/I 'l'lit'u/n'.


.350 Saucliiehall Street. 353 -l‘)(lll. I\\'(‘. \VAI

Point Blank Thu 21 tk Hi 33 Mar. 8pm. £8 (£(i). (('('A 5). li\perimental theatrecompany Nothing To Declare tries to deline innocence in the Scottish premiere ol' l.i/ 'l‘omlin'x play.


ll‘) (iorbalx Street. 42‘) 0023. Il’. ll. T’l‘. \\'( '. \\'Al

Blasted l'ntil Sat 3t) .\lar (not Sun/Mon). 7.30pm. £l() (£3). ((‘ircle Studio). The Scottish premiere ol the late Sarah Kane‘s tlllet)lttpt‘t)tlli\iHg: play. \yhieh took the llt‘ttixh theatre scene by \lt)l‘llt. See rey ie\\.

The Cherry Orchard l‘niil Sat 3() Mar (not Sun/Mon). 7.30pm. £lt) (£3). l-ree preshoyx talk on l4 .\lar at 7pm. Madame Raney \ky returns to Rtl\\ltl l't‘tttlt l’;lt'i\ lU lllltl liet' Way Ul lite. her extale and her lulurc in peril in Anton (illelxlltn is el;t\\ie. See t'ey te\\.


93 05 llyndland Street. 357 3S(iS. Ill. \\‘('. WA]

The Oresteia line It) in 22 .\l.'tl'. 7.30pm. £5 (£3). (ilasgim ('ollege ot' Nautical Studies presents its adaptation ol'Aexchy liix‘ trilogy. ('all 505 3035 tor tickets.

.. -" ,'.='...,.‘_a «Hing? ARCHES;

listings Theatre


March 13-23 8.00pm (50 mins)


{in ;-. r 1’ ‘1 p 3-: ~ --‘ {-Mk‘fihw‘szeifgfl; . : ' —.’ 193,: ‘éx‘f‘ ' )lr pr,'

March 14/15/16 7.45pm (60mins)


..'. I 'IH '. c7Lj'i-i'r'vi‘ft‘ & . ;_' l- V j . ‘.,., i':r..'.:-., The Herald

March 14-23 .8.15pm'(So mins) . £3/£5

THREE WOME' .by Sylvia Plath

'ggfa company the Tate Sylvia .

March 14/15/16 9.15pmiisduins) ' -'£4l£6‘

or) ON THE3 EDGE ' by David Leddy

'...we've gained a great performer - one to watch’ Andrew Eaton. The Scotsman

‘Very clever.’ Neil Cooper, The Herald

March 15] 6/17, 7.30pm (60mins) .-.-. fine“ >. ~ t W - i. -.E ohm! Directed by 7.30pm (120m _ 4.

March 19120

Pertorn‘ied by Adam P Tomkins

March 21122123 9.00pm (90 aims). . __ ' I. i r r - .

t a '“ egregehpfégm. .

' Ken‘s” I I , 1

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