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' 3 "ChoreOghraphy Sir Frederick Ashton Music André Messager


29th and 30th March 16th to 20th April Box Office 0141 332 9000

3rd to 6th April Box Office 0131 529 6000

Fri 8th - Sat 9th March @ 8pm- Wed 13th - Sat 16th March @ 8pm-

Strathclyde Theatre Group


written and directed by Steve King

"My mind is lllSlllllf) but I wasn‘t there SO be my eyes. I want to see wrth your eyes. What you saw. V‘Jhat happened.

litcident follows a profossmonal ‘.~‘.'()lt1£lli. Katherine Reynolds. as she investigates the car crash which killed her partner She is drawn into a world where the facts are obscured by human bf‘l'lélVlOtll'. a world when: those Willi lllSlglll have their own agenda Caught between Ct)lll|l(1illttl opinions Katherine Incident is a powerful debut by a new has to risk her hopes her ]()h herself to Scottish writer try to find the truth Tickets

Mon/Tues 525/? A complex dark tale of loss 01 control Wed - Sat 98/4

Thurs 21 at Sat 23rd March @ 8pm-

Amira Theatre Company

bUKsherettes lasgow 3a.m.

by Daniella Di Mambro

'My mind is rushing but I wasn't there So be my eyes I want to see with your eyes What you sa-x. What huppcnt‘zd

lnCIdOnt follows it profussuinal woman. Katherine Reynolds. us;

she investigates the cat crash which killed her partner Stir:- lb drawn into a world where the facts it“) obscured by human [NPllélVlOtlL a world unborn those WIN) iiiSiglit have their own :igondzi Caught between conflicting opinions Katherine has; to risk her hopes her ]()l) herself to

try to find the truth E


A complex dork tale of loss of control. lllCl(l(?lll is, {l powerful debut by a new Scottish writer

llet?l$ Mon/luos 525/? Wed - Sat 528/4



Illl- lRl- ‘4 30......»


CLASSIC THE CHERRY ORCHARD Citizens’ Theatre, Glasgow, until Sat 30 Mar 0...

Funny. Sad? Georgina Hale

All of us like to think that we’re flexible and able to change with the world. But are we? Like children, we’re ultimately enamoured of routine, a place to retreat to, where our own gas fire, telly programmes and the food of our liking awaits. Chekhov’s classic tragi-comedy examines the trauma of losing the place we call home.

In it, Madame Ranevsky (Georgina Hale) returns to Russia, daughter (Sarah Walton) in tow, after a dodgy relationship experience. Her spendthrift lifestyle has left her country estate with the orchard of the title impoverished, and she relies upon brother Gaev (Simon Dutton) to find a solution that avoids the sale of their home suggested by nouveau riche former serf Lopakhin (Tam Dean Burn).

Gaev, a sympathetic wally frequently yellow-carded for vacuous pomposity, is no good to man or beast, and at the end of the summer the estate is inevitably snapped up by Lopakhin for redevelopment. Will the latter’s largely unstated interest in Ranevsky’s adopted daughter Varia (Lucy Russell) come to fruition? Will the cherry orchard do likewise? And what of the many servants and employees of the estate?

Phillip Prowse’s production takes place under a pretty sea of cherry blossoms, which flutter to the ground, carpeting it in whiteness as the action proceeds. A big cast plays up the light satirical comedy of the piece to good effect, though whether the campiness of all this ultimately detracts a little from the final poignancy is a moot point.

For all that, Burn’s role avoids the class prejudice that is associated with his character in traditional British productions. This Lopakhin is not completely sympathetic, but no monster; just a guy on the up doing what he has to. There are also some nice turns from the supporting cast, notably John Jack as a surly smart arse servant engaged in a casual, callous dalliance with fellow domestic Dunyasha (Debra Free) and Leonard Kavanagh as an aged trusty retainer whose character accumulates a pathos which is a little lacking in the main characters. It’s not as moving as you might expect, but it’s fun. (Steve Cramer)

Glasgow Dance


I'hinnicxton Qua}. ()870 (Ht) .1000. Il’. H. \\'('. WA)

The World Irish Dancing

l’i'cx ictx 'I'hti 2l .\l;ii‘. .\ \llltl” Scottish hotcl gch tl \HIkC-llp cull \VIlL‘ll am tllilhlllttlh l'thll trim-cs in next door. in llth \illll‘L‘ l'r'om Bi'tinton 'l‘hcuti‘c (‘onipziny SL‘L‘ Strigc \thpct'x.

70 THE LIST '-'- .-- '." ‘.'.

Championships Silt 23 Sun 3| .\l;ii'. \Vith Rll’t'l‘l/(Illt‘l' going dim n it \lttl‘lll mm” in Edinburgh. hci'c‘x :in Upptll’lllllll} to \cc thc xtiigc \lttl'\ ol' toinoi'i'im git thix pi'cxtigioux ll'l\|l tltlllL‘L‘ coinpt'tition.


25 Albert l)i'i\c. 287 Will). ll’. ll. \\'('. \VAI

Luna l’i‘i l5 & Sut lb .\l;ii‘. 7.30pm. £0.50 (£0.50). (‘iiniitliiiii drincc conipun} () \t'i'tigo pci‘loi'iiix L'ltoi't‘ogriiphci‘ (iincttc l.;itir'iii\ lillL‘\l \toi'k.

Edinburgh Drama


Lad)“ CH Wu). Mtixxt‘lhui‘gh. (ibS 2240. ll’. ll. Tl. \\'(‘. \\'.'\|

Lachlan’s Choice Hotel 'l‘liu 2| Sat 30 Mar" (not Sun). 7.30pm (Siit niiit 2.30pm). L'bfil) £8,501“ H.501.


33:1 Moi'ningsitlc Road. 22043-19. Il’. HI

When We Are Married Wed 20 Sat

23 Mar. 7.30pm. £7 (£6). The Maiktirs zintl I).\ll)(' pi'cscnt thcii' intcrpi‘ctzition olJB. l’t'iL‘xllL'} '\ colttctl).


I3 3‘)N1L‘tilxtilt Street. 52‘) (3000. I”. \\'('. \\'.-\|

Godspell l'ntil Siit lb .\l;ii'. 7.30pm llllll & Silt llltll 2.30pm). £0.51) £2| HASH L'lh’). :\ll.\ll'£llltlll Daniel Mucl’hcrson aintl linglisli stzigc stiii' Jtlllllllltlll \Vilkcx \lill' ;l\ JL‘\U.\ and Jtidzis in thix iiiiijoi' touring production of thc populzii' llllhlL‘éll.

Fame Mon 25 Sat 30 Mar. 7.30pm l’l'hu & Szit llltllz..‘1l)pltll. to £20 (£5 £l7l. Slur-\ti‘tick )tillllgxlt‘l's lcui‘n :ihotit ltllllL‘ thc llill'tl tut} in this \IilgC iltlllplilllnll ol’ thc populiir' film/IV scrim. Scc pr'cvicn.