MIXED BAG PYROTECHNICS Alaska, Glasgow, Fri 15 Mar

Everyone knows a few purist bores. Their anal insistence that there’s no life outside drum & bass/hard house/barbershop ragga makes their enthusiasm for their artform of choice tedious rather than fascinating; and they’re possibly the worst people to have on the decks at a party.

No chance of such surly elitism from Fenetik boss and Pyrotechnics promoter Paul Cawley, a man who's brought the likes of Jurassic Five, Andy Votel and DJ Shadow to Glasgow. ‘Everyone’s into everything nowadays,’ he says, ‘so it‘s less easy to pigeonhole stuff and to define exactly what your club’s about. At the night we go from original soul and funk to hip hop and house: the mellow, funky end of things, not four to the floor stuff.’

Pyrotechnics’ future is uncertain, though a muted move to a certain soon-to-reopen venue is a possibility. For now, though, it’s got a suitably eclectic guest.

Grand Central’s Andy Turner, better known as Aim, released his second album, Hinterland at the end of February. It’s a glorious melting pot of downtempo hip hop, US rap, soul and indie, a mixture neatly illustrated by its guest roster, which includes Diamond D, Souls Of Mischief and Baby Bird’s Stephen Jones.

‘I’ve been getting back into guitar stuff recently,’ says Turner by way of explanation. ‘A lot of Scottish bands actually: the Delgados, the Beta Band, Belle & Sebastian, lots of stuff I went away from after getting into hip hop. After [debut album] Cold Water Music, I got into a negative frame of mind and wasn’t doing much. Then I got a compilation tape off a mate which really got me into songs again. Belle & Sebastian hit me like the way I felt when I first heard The Smiths. They’re the kind of people I love to work with, although I doubt

they’d be up for it.’

The Pyrotechnics date might offer an ideal opportunity to find out. Turner will be playing a DJ

TECHNO PURE V SATIVAE Studio 24, Edinburgh, Fri 15 Mar


Aim misses target, gets pissed off

set in the main room alongside Cawley. ‘I don’t play

anything well enough live to do anything but DJ,’ says Turner. ‘In the studio I just sit around for hours with a stack of records on my lap.’

In the downstairs bar, meanwhile, Murray, Matthew K and Alex Horton (who, as well as being one of the designers on Grand Theft Auto III, is featured on Fenetik’s new compilation The Sounds Of Music) will be spinning a selection of platters. Sounds like it’ll be quite a family affair. (James Smart)

I The first 50 people through the door WI// receive an

exclusive A/In mix CD courtesy of Grand Central


Looks like it's time to settle a few old grudges. as two titans of yore battle it out to prove just who wrecked your head the most when Edinburgh was one of the UK's techno capitals. With a home advantage is Sativae. former rulers of Studio 2/1 (or. as it was know back in the day. Calton Studios) famed for brain bending acidic beats and abrasive techno workouts combined With super bizarre. often mind altering (le(:or. Now more usually found at Test. DJs Dave Tarrida and local lad Steve Glencross are reunited with their old pal and Tresor favourite. Neil Landstrumm, for a live set of hard ass funked—out breakbeat. twisted

electro and kicking mechanical beats.

And for old times sake I'm sure Landstrumm Will be cranking up the headfuck switch for that authentic Sativae experience.

Upstairs we have the heavyweight contenders from Pure. a club whose

Records. See Word Up for details of A/lvl a/hum

very name strikes fear and also joy into the hearts of techno heads the world over. As the first British club to book Jeff Mills. big names. big nights and big techno were always Pures speciality so expect the old guard comprised of Brainstorm. Sandy Paris Jnr and Bob Dylan to defend their title with style and panache.

So Just what are we gonna get? Simply put: some of the best techno available to man, all played by some of the greatest resident Dds Scotland has ever seen. Collectively. they're sure to drop some old classics as they vie for your affections upping the body count as the scrapping gets dirtier.

So who's gonna win this Vicious techno showdown? The answer's sunple: you lot. you lucky people. Two legendary clubs are resurrected from the (lead for one night of mayhem: let battle commence.

(l lenry Northmoi'et

Word Up

The latest club news...

SCOTTISH SUPERCLUB Colours seems to be experiencing difficulties in finding venues to take its gaggle of big name DJs. The problem may well be solved with the inaugural Colours Fest, set to take place at Glasgow’s Braehead Arena and Boardwalk on Saturday 2 June. With five arenas - the largest boasting a 5000 capacity - there’ll be plenty of room for all the DJs that ever were. Names so far confirmed to play the mammoth one-day extravaganza include David Morales, Eric Morillo, X-Press 2 and Danny Rampling. GLASGOW-BASED RADIO Magnetic (MW-r.radiomagnetic. corn) is celebrating twelve months sterling serVice as one of the UK's leading internet radio stations. A iiiini-festival of events is being held to commemorate this ll‘llOESIOIIC and participating club dates include: Pyrotechnics at Alaska. Glasgow. on 1:3 March: lake at Alaska on 16 March: lvlanga at la Belle Angele. Edinburgh. on 22 March and hip hop night Homeless at Oxygen. Dundee. on 23 March. The station ‘HIH be making its first steps into the FM arena. broadcasting across Glasgow on 106.? FM during April.

WMi'J. com

MONDO, RESISTANCE, BLITZ and Rampage have all finished at the Venue, Edinburgh. Management expressed concerns that the numbers at these nights were poor and that associations with the drug culture posed a potential threat to the licence.

WE AT THE LIST HAVE FREE stuff! To COInCIde With the Pyrotechnics date featuring Aim, the first two readers to respond to the followuig question by emailing clubs<a> by 5pm on Friday 15 March Will Win a goodie bag care of Grand Central Records. The bag includes a T-shirt. the new Aim album Minter/and. an excluSive mix CD. a selection of boiled sweets and two guest list places for the club night. The question is: what city is Grand Central Records based in?

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