The Front


SIMON NEIL, lead singer

with Glasgow / band Billy Clyro, has a 3 long hard think \ and chooses his \ favourite films.

1 Blazing Saddles Mel Brooks manages to offend just about everybody in this film. He'd never be allowed to make it in today's politically correct uptight world.

2 Spinal Tap It's the majesty of rock!

3 Requiem For A Dream Darren Aronofsky film that essays a grim downward Spiral of peOple on drugs. It is bleak and gritty and also quite moving.

4 The Usual Suspects Kevin Spacey in his pre-American Beauty days. Probably the best twist in a film ever.

5 The Lord Of The Rings This is visually stunning. And anyone who can move from Bad Taste to a Tolkein novel just demands respect.

GILL MILLS, Evening Session In Scotland DJ, chooses the record labels that make her job worthwhile.

1 Matador Records Recently they’ve pleasured me with Solex. Cornelius, Khan, Mount Florida and Yo La Tengo.

2 City Slang/Kitty Yo! From weird electronica to some of the finest new country. Kitty Yo hoovers up the Munich massive in the form of Gonzales. Peaches and Jeans Team.

3 Domino Records Read the roster and know greatness in the form of Will Oldham. Dave Pajo. Jim 0 Rourke. Lou Barlow and Steven Malkmus. The list could go on . . .

4 International DJ Gigolos Servicing all the electro revivalists royally, nearly every purple sleeve contains a challenging nugget of Germanic bastardness.

5 PIAS Recordings Another Euro massive. If it records. PIAS will licence it. as the recent excellent compilation A Quiet Riot has proven.



It was good. It's the first tune hack in Glasgow for ages. We played Inverness last night and it was better than Invernr'2ss, hut - hopefully not as

I'v'i. A good as next tune.

6 THE LIST 141-728 Mar 200.7

On St Patrick’s Day, we’re supposed to sup at the altar of all things Irish. But are our Celtic cousins really as cool as they’re craiced up to be? We look at those who represent the cool, smooth head and the ones who are just the dregs. Words: Brian Donaldson and Mark Robertson

The Westlife warbler deserves an OBE (Outrageously Brave for Eire), having challenged 80 Solid Crew to an arm wrestle, declaring his football allegiance in front of a pack of Glaswegians at the SECC and. above all, marrying an Atomic Kitten.

Bryan McFadden

His victory on Big Brother 2 was obviously another victory for cheeky. gay Irish fellas (patron saint, Graham Norton) though what we should be most thankful for is that he prevented that sad witch Helen from occupying the front pages of heat forever.

Despite some of the most ill-conceived and pretentious musical statements ever (mechanical lemons?) someone inexplicably decided their flabby, fist-in-the-air histrionics were cool again.

They may be stodgy. lumpen and uninteresting in themselves (much like U2) but they still make a versatile accompaniment to any meal.


Traditional dancing isn't to be ridiculed per se (it is so silly looking anyway). but should be scorned for inflicting that trout Michael Flatley on us.


Quite simply (though not that we’re saying the Irish are Ed Byrne - thick) not as funny as he used to be. Proof positive is his sitcom debut alongside Davina McCall in Sam ’3 Game. Perhaps cutting off his hair has had the Samson effect on his humour.

’Tis and Ange/a's Ashes fed the pitiful myth that all poor Irish families will pull together in adversity. all saintly stoicism. despite the alcoholism and violence that goes on. Which is as tired and untrue a stereotype as saying that all Paddys are thick.

Frank McCourt

Go to Ireland and see if you can find a pub filled with tatty violin cases, chimney brushes and cardboard shamrocks while playing genuine ‘lrish’ sounds like the Waterboys.

Theme bars

sectarianism The dark side of jovial, begorrah-Iike Irishness which has seeped into the west coast of Scotland. Has it ever been cool to throw things at schoolgirls or sink a bullet into someone's knee?

From darling of the Eurovision song contest to rabid anti- abortionist tramping around her nation trying to deny women their basic human rights. Nil points.

Roddy Rod Bob

Swen! Gurtanst Bassist

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