Attention all amateur film makers! This is your big chance for the big screen


trlp‘nrch, Tenne‘nt’s Lager’s newest music festival, has joined with The List and GMAC to give you

the opportunity to record this year’s trip‘l'ych m ' event. You will... " access to state of the art technology and ge work with top film experts and sound designers. Your film will also be

screened at the Glasgow Film Theatre and the Edinburgh Filmhouse and you’ll get privileged access to gigs and artists throughout the event.

The project is called Telefusion. It’s an experimental documentary initiative, taking its cue f . the most vivid innovations of " : cfigntémporary video making. will be like making a compilation tapes-fora friend, only with images.

Fusing elements ofsound and vision, gathered manually and

i “manipulated digitally, Telefusion will deliver the visual equivalent of sampling, mixing and computer based audio engineering. From

the eclectic range of music and artists performing at the 2002 Mptych Music Weekend in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow 26-28 April, you will capture the essence of the music. The style

will be up to you . . . but however you make it, it has to speak volumes about the music.

With unique access to venues, you will be able to move freely. You might like to base your film around performance, venue ambience, city vibes or artist and audience sound bites. You’ll be able to loop, layer, manipulate and integrate your images, matching every peak and trough the music delivers.

From local guitar to international dance, from Scottish jungle to Cuban roots, from Jarman to Jonze, Telefusion should take elements of all film and musical forms and combine them to make something every bit as exciting as trip1ych itself.

Judged by commissioning editor John Hassey and Nicola Black of Blackwatch Productions, Telefusion could be the break you’ve been looking for.

Application forms are available from:

Glasgow Media Access Centre 3rd Floor

34 Albion Street

Glasgow 61 1LI-l

Or from the website at For further details contact Blair Young at

gmacprojects© or call 0141 553 2620




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