Exhibitions are listed alphabetically by city and category, then alphabetically by venue. Please send details to our office at least ten days before publication. Art listings compiled by Helen Monaghan.

Glasgow Galleries


16-1 Woodlands Road. 332 0028. Mon liri 10am 5pm; Sat 10am 12.30pm. Fathers And Daughters t'ntit 21 Mar. Paintings by lid. Laura and Lynn lltmter. James attd Jacqui ()rr and Douglas attd Deborah Pltillips.


253 Argyle Street. ()‘)01 ()2: 0300. Search l'ntil Thu 28 Mar. Lens-based work by first year students frottt (ilasgow School of Art responding to and investigating tlte multitude of tunnels. passageways atid rooms situated underneath the Arches.


1‘) Parnie Street. 552 777‘). Mott Sat

noon 5pm.

Scape l‘ntil Ttte 2 Apr. Landscapes. cityscapes and seascapes froin ttew and regular exhibitors including Borders \‘ich from James .\1acAulay. Tuscan scenes from Ian Scott lilliot. and intimate studies from .Moira Kelman.

Figurative Works t'ntil Tue 2 Apr. A special selection of figurative works by various artists including l.y 1111 Morrison and Jttlia Jeffrey.

Director’s Choice t'ntit Tue 2 Apr. (‘eramic sculpture by April Young.


185a Bath Street. 222 2S30. Tue Sat 10am 5.30pm.

Blair Millen and Graeme Sharp l'ntil Sun 31 Mar. A two-person show of figurative paintings.


13-1 Blythswood Street. 332 4027. Mon l-'ri 9.30am 5.30pm: Sat 10am 1pm. Postcards l'ntil Tue 2 Apr. Small paintings by a range of contemporary artists.

Not Human l'ntil Tue 2 Apr. Animal sculptures by a selection of artists.


10 King Street. 553 0733. Mon Sat 10.30am midnight: Stiti 1 llptit. Brand New Day t‘ntil Sat to Mar. Landscape paintings by Belorussian artist Alexander liallvei.


350 Sauchieliall Street. 352 4900. Sun Wed 11am optnfl‘hu Sat llant Spin.

OThe Tenth Level t'ntil Sat 3() Mar (('('A 2 ck 3). Rod Dickinson is a London- based artist who has been involved iii mak- ittg crop circles for the last decade. for the ('('A. Dickinson. along with actors and collaborators. rc-enacts two historical events. In The J()Itt'.slmt'tt Rt'-t'lt(lt‘li)t(’ltl. he will recreate aspects of the lives and deaths of the 70s religious group the People's Temple. infamous for their mass suicide of 1978. The Ali/grunt It’r'-t'rtttt‘11)tt'ltl restagcs one part of Stanley Milgratn's 1‘)(i0e1cc- tro-shock obedience experiments. See llitlist.

Donut l'ntil Stm 17 Mar (('('A 1). Mike Stubbs’ twin l)\'1) projection atid four- monitorinstallation is about the drawing of a perfect circle. lixploring idiosyncratic pastimes of British culture. the title of the piece Dunn! refers to the tcrttt Used by young fast-car enthusiasts to describe a circle of burnt rubber tnade by spinning a rear wheel drive on the spot. [AST CHANCF If) Sl'l‘.

Stanley Cohen Lecture Hi 15 Mar. ()plll. £51£4)(('('A 5). Stanley ('ohen.

92 THE LIST 1-’. 76’.- Ma’ 27X)?

the Martitt White Professor of Sociology at the London School of liconomics attd Political Science gives a lecture entitled ‘(‘rimes of ()bedience and ('ultures of Denial: Why Ordinary People Do Bad 'l‘hings.‘ Part of a series of talks relating to the Tenth l.evel exhibition.

CCA: Virtual Space Wed 2() Mar.

2 ‘)pm ((’(‘A 5). A live webcast (www.cca- g1asgow.com) of TV' Swansong's ttew art project featuring eight commissioned works that reflect on the current state of flux in television. Artists include Jordan Basentan. (iraham liageti. .\'ina Pope attd Karen (luthrie. Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwiclt. TV Swansong Discussion Mon 25 Mar. (ipm. £3 (5.2) (('(‘A -1). Following the webcast of new work by T\' Swansong on 20 March. a panel discussion featuring three of TV Swansong's artists.

Art And Re-Enactment Thu 2s Mar. 6pm. £5 (£4) ((‘('A 5). As part of a series of lecture relating to the Tenth 1.eve1 exhibition. this discussion explores re- enactment as a theme within contemporary art practice. Speakers include Jeremy Deller. Jane Pollard and laitt l-‘orsyth. Tom ()‘Sullivan and Joanne Tatham and l.inder Sterling.


36 West (ieorge Street. 332 5551.

.Moti Sat 10am 5.30pm: Sun noon 5pm. Mixed Exhibition A selection of paintings by local artists.

Adam Barsby l'ntil Sun 31 Mar. Animated. cartoon-like paintings exploring a range of whimsical subjects by Adam Barsby.


l'niversity of Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 548 2558. Mon l’ri 10am 5pm: Sat noon 4pm.

Terry Setch - A Retrospective l'ntil Sat 13 Apr (closed 2‘) Mar 1 Apr). Drawing on a career spanning -10 years. this retrospective exhibition explores the developtnent of Terry Setch's work from large-scale paintings attd drawings to digital imagery. Much of Setch’s work is inspired by and constructed from seaside detritus found on a beach on the Severn listuary btit more recently. Setch has sourced images from the web atid email. Re-Used. Fused. Promoted tintit Sat 13 Apr (closed 2‘) Mar I Apr). Mixed media ceramics by (ilasgow School of Art graduate Kirstin Brown.


178 West Regent Street. 221 (i370.

.Mon Sat 10am 5.30pm.

Mixed Exhibition t'ntil Sat 30 Mar. A selection of paintings. drawings. sculpture. ceramics and jewellery by leading British

artists including Jack Knox. Philip Reeves. Philip Braliattt. (‘athy Richmond and Peter llow son.


31 (‘hisholm Street. (entrance through salon). 552 7100. Mon Sat

10.30am 5.30pm (until 7pm Thu). Communicative Place Mon )8 Sat 30 Mar. A collaborative exhibition atid project by three artists Ay a lguehi. Matias Ring and Julia Schnabel which invites the audience to take an active role it) the work.


Queen Street. 22‘) 1‘)‘)(i. Mon Thu a Sat 10am 5pm: Fri a Stiti llatn 5pm. Patricia Mackinnon-Day t'ntit Sun 1‘) May. Following her residency in (ilasgow last year. artist Patricia Mackinnon-Day responded to the sensitive and political issue of asy ltitti seekers. attd in particular those housed in Sighthill. The resulting installation is concerned with changes it) spaces attd communities and questions our attitudes towards the relocation of tltc asylum seekers in (ilasgow.

Sighthill Views - Images Of Asylum Seekers In Glasgow t'ntil Sun 1‘) May. Photographs by (iuilhem Alandry and Anna Kari of the Sighthill estate arid the asylum seekers who live there.

0 David Mach: Hell Bent Fri 22 Mar Stttt 2‘) Sep. l‘ife-born David Mach. creator of Big Heir/s. the three huge steel heads on the MS. returns to Scotland with a major show of new and recent works. A spaceman made from coat hangers. sculp- tures constructed entirely front match- sticks and collage works created by pho- tographs donated by the people of (ilttsgow are just some of the weird and wonderful exhibits on show. Once the exhibition has opened. from 2 14 Apr. Mach and his team will be constructing a sculpture tnade from 50 tonnes of news- paper. See feature and llitlist.


Rouken (ilen Road. 620 0235. liri. Sttn & Mott 1.30 5.30pm; Sat 11.30am 5.30pm. Spring Exhibition t'ntil Sun 14 Apr. Ati exhibition of paintings including works by Jennifer Anderson. Kirsty' Wither. Anne Mendelon. (‘olin Fraser and many others.


148 West Regent Street. 221 30‘)5. Mon Sat ‘).30atn 5.30pm.

Mixed Exhibition t‘ntil Sat 30 Mar. Modern British art by (iillies. liardley. Mc'l‘aggart. Blackadder. Reeves and many others plus sculpture by Dennis Shields. Dennis Westwood. Atut ('hristopher. James Castle and Tom Allan.


(‘ulc Cosmo. 12 Rose Street. 552 ()555. Mon Sat 10.30am ‘)pm.

Ian McFarlane t‘ntil Sat 30 Mar. An exhibition of music photography by Ian Mcl-‘arlane.


22 & 25 King Street. 552 0704. Tue Sat 10am 5.30pm.

Matisse And Picasso t'ntil Sat 30

Mar. An exhibition of prints by the two of

the great masters of the early 20th century. Botlt artists embraced printmaking exploring the creative possibilities of etclting. lithography. pochoir atid relief techniques.

Hideko Inoue t'ntit Sat 30 Mar. Japanese artist llideko Inoue originally trained as an oil paittter graduating from Kyoto Seika l'niversity itt l‘)‘)S and now lives in (ilasgow. This exhibition features a collection of etchings.

Portfolio Graphics t‘ntit Sat 3() Mar. (‘omtnissioned original prints on a given theme including the portfolio‘s space. habitat and blueprint along with

indiy idttal artist’s portfolios.

THE GLASGOW PROJECT ROOM Top floor. ()4 ()sborne Street. 552 1472. Tue Sat tioott 5pm.

Kevin Kelly l'ntil Sat to Mar. .\'cw installation work by Kevin Kelly.

Helen Hemsley and Hranhildur Halldorsdottir Mon 25 Sat 30 Mar. New work. NEW SHOW.

“a at“

we»... --

is at the Annan Gallery


The Mackintosh (iallery. 167 Renfrew Street. 353 4500. Mon- Thu 10am --7pm; Fri

10am 5pm: Sat 10attt—ttoon.

Works From The Saatchi Gift tintil Sat 23 Mar (Mackintosh (iallery‘). Recently shown at the Talbot Rice (iallery. the Saatchi (lift exhibition travels to (ilasgow featuring works by Richard Billingham. Martin Boyce. Keith Coventry. Martin ('reed atid Louise llopkitis. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

Gallery Talk Wed 20 Mar. 3pm (Mackintosh (iallery). Artist Martin Boyce will talk about his work which is included in the Works From The Saute/ti (hf! exhibition. Let’s Bocce l'ntil l’ri 15 Mar. Wed—Thu 2.30s2pm & 4 7pm; Fri 1 2pm & 4-.Xpm (Assembly (iallery. upstairs from the \"ic Bar). For tnore infortnation contact:

wkatri<a hotmailcotn. A collaborative interactive installation by Beinn Watson and Katri Walker.

(X+Y)-1 l'ntil Hi 22 Mar (Atriutn (iallery). (‘erantics by third year students.

Fine Art Photography l‘ri t5 —l‘ri 22 Mar (Newbery' (iallery). An exhibition of work by fine art photography students.

Essence Of Space Tue 1‘) Mar Wed 3 Apr (Podium (iallery ). Glasgow-based photographer Daisy Dylan Watson explores architecture. space and the built environment in this exhibition of photographs.


3 Park Circus. 332 2555. Mon Thu 10atn~7pmz 1-‘ri 10am 3pm: Sat 10am-anion. Many Cultures - One Language l'ntil Hi 22 .Mar. Photographs atid biographies of

w inners of the ('hamisso l.iterature Prize together with some examples of their poetry and prose writing.


‘)7 St (ieorges Road. 333 053-1. Daily

10am 10pm.

Subscapes tn )5 Mar Mon 2‘)Apr. Abstract cartoonish acrylic paintings by Ryan lixidore based on his doodles and sketches. NEW SHOW.


182 Batlt Street. 333 1991. Mon--l"ri 10.30am 5pm; Sat 10.30am -1pm.

Mixed Exhibition t'ntil Sat 30 Mar. A selection of paintings. oils atid watercolours by Nd) and 20th century artists.


l'niversity of Glasgow. S2 llillhead Street. 330 5431. Mon Sat ‘).30am 5pm. l-‘ree.

0 Bridget Riley: Silkscreen Prints And Gouaches 1963-2001 t’ntit Sat 6 Apr. Leading exponent of op art. Bridget Riley first found fante in the tnid (10s when her black and white op art swirls became part of British fashion. She later introduced colour to set up visual vibrations attd rhythms. This small retrospective exhibition organised by the Hay ward (lallery features -10 silkscreen prints attd a selection of gouaches including Riley's experiments on plexiglass. See llitlist. Prints By The Carracci t'ntil Sat I Jtm. An exhibition focusing on the work of the