Edinburgh Galleries


29b Dundas Street. 467 3937. Tue Fri

1 lam—6pm: Sat l lam 5.30pm.

Red t'ntil Sat 6 Apr. A selection of works with more than just of him of red including paintings in oil. watercolour. mixed media and sculpture.

Heaven And Hell t'ntil Sat 6 Apr. An exhibition of mainly paintings on the theme of heaven and hell featttring oils. watercolours. acrylics and mixed tnedia.


54 (ieorge Street. 220 434‘). Tue liri l0am 5pm: Sat l0am 4pm.

Art Exhibition And Sale 'l'ue

l‘) Sat 23 Mar. (her 800 paintings for sale in aid of ('apability Scotland. NEW SHOW.


4 Belleyue Crescent. 558 8368.

Wed Sun noon 6pm.

City Trees t'ntil Sat to Mar. Created by Iidinburgh 'I'rees. this exhibition concludes a millennium award project set up to explore the Value of trees in the city. The show features the work of twenty local professional artists in a yariety of media. lAST CHANCE TO SEE.


6 Dundas Street. 557 4050. Mon l-‘ri l0am 6pm: Sat llam 2pm. Scottish Paintings l'ntil Sat 30 Mar. A selection of paintings by Scottish artists featuring Willie Wilson. Anne Redpath. l)..\l. Sutherland. D.Y. ('ameron. James .\tcBey and (ieot‘gc llottstott.

CALTON GALLERY l0 Royal 'I‘errace. 556 mm. .\lon l-‘ri l0am 6pm: Sat by appointment.


Jerwood Sculpture Prize winning work by Benedict Carpenter is on

Mixed Exhibition t'ntil Sat 30 Mar.

Paintings from stock including works by (ieorge llouston. J.D. l’ergusson. .\laclauchlan .\lilne and RW. Adatn.


2 .\Iill'l\'L‘l Street. 52‘) 5995. Mon. Tue. liri & Sat l0am 6pm; Wed & 'l‘hu 10am 8pm: Stilt noon 5pm. £6 (£4501: famin ticket £l5.

OThe Art Of Star Wars Sat 23 Mar Sttn S Sep. The only Scottish showing of this major touring exhibi- tiolt which goes hehilttls the scenes to witness the creation of the storytelling. science-liction. lilm and entertainment phenomenon that is Slur Hurts. The show features tnore than 200 original objects drawn from the archiyes of

show at the Talbot Rice Gallery

(ieorge Lucas including original concep- tual drawings of R2-D2 and ('—3P(). cos- tumes for Luke Skywalker and Darth Vadar and artwork frotn the new film Slur llill'x.‘ [1])i.\‘()(/(’ II .'III(I('/\’ (HIT/Iv ('lmu's which opens in May. See feature and llitlist.


22 2S (‘oekburn Street. 220 1260.

Wed Sat l0.30am 5pm; Sun 3 5pm. Andrew Mummery Gallery @ Collective l'ntil Sun 3t Mar. An exchange exhibition with London's Andrew .\lununery (iallery featuring the work of Matt ('alderwood. Richard Forster. Alexis Harding and Peter Harris. in this their first show in Scotland. Andrew Mummery (iallery has long been

Hunterian Art Gallery

2 Feb 6 Apr 2002

Monday Saturday 9.30am 5pm Closed Friday 29 March Monday 1 April

listings Art

associated with Scotland and works with Scottish-based artists Louise Hopkins. Wendy .\lc.\lurdo. (‘arol Rhodes and (iraeme Todd. The Collective (iallery will be showing work by Paul Carter. Kate (iray. Billy .\lc(‘all and Beagles and Ramsay in London until 13 Apr.

The Personville Animation t'ntil Sun 3t Mar. Painted stills concerning a European-North American cultural exchange by David l-‘ors'ter.


ll‘ormerly (iallery 4| ). 4t Dundas Street. 557 456‘). Mon- Fri l0.30am- 5.30pm: Sat l0.30am 5pm.

Pam Carter Sat l6 Mar—Wed 10 Apr. Landscape paintings by Pam (‘arterz NEW SHOW.


3 Doune 'l'errace. 225 7th“). Mon l‘ri l0am 5pm.

Space In Space tTntil Hi 22 Mar. Tapestries by Danish textile artist (ludrun l’agter.


Belford Road. 624 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon Sat

l0am 5pm; Sun noon-~5pttt.

Nigel Henderson: Parallel Of Life And Art t'ntil Sun 7 Apr. £2.50 (£1.50). British post-war artist .\'igel Henderson was a painter. photographer and collage artist. He also played a key role in the establishment of the Independent (it'otlp. an offshoot of the Institute of (‘ontemporary Arts in London. This tourng exhibition focuses on his documentary photographic works taken in the liast lind of London in the early 50s and features a recreation of the exhibition I’uru/lr'l (if/.1]? (rm/Ar! held at the l(‘A in [953 which Henderson organised with Paolo/Ii. the Smithsons and Ronald Jenkins.

University of Glasgow 82 Hillhead Street GLASGOW

G12 800 l

Admission Free Telephone: 0141 330 5431 www.hunterian.gla.ac.uk

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