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The Dean Gallery continued

Eduardo Paolozzi: Bunk! i'nlil $1111 39 Sep l-l‘ec. l’.1o|o//i\ suite of prints bascdon lhc 111111gcs11scd 111 hls lecture Hunk' .11 the l('_\. loudon in 1952 which t'clcbi‘uicd popular ciiltiii't‘.

THE DI ROLLO GALLERY ()11censle1'1‘} Street. JIM-1151). \lon Sat

9.1“.1111 5, :“pm; Sun noon ~lp1n. Recent Acquisitions .\ selection of thec.1llc1y's1'cccnt purchases.


l l (1.1} lield Square. 555 "I lit. 'l‘hu Sat

3 1.1111 (1p111111'b) appomtmcnt.

Keith Farquhar i'nul S111 3i) .\l;11: .\ solo show til work by lc1lh bo111l’111'1111h111' "w ho show s .1 sculptural work made out of Mg} II sweaters. a collaborative work made wlthh1s11lotl1c1'11ndpaintingsliispu‘cdby

l d111l\111;:|1's11111111.1l lucwork displays. Sce


\ \tl\tlt'.tlt"\ ('I\‘\‘\‘. W3“ l);lll_\

ll. illaln 5 zllpm tclosed \\edl.

The New Wave Of Primitivism llon‘: is .111 .11is protect esiabhshed 1n I996 bf. .1 ;'11»11pol 111ic1’111111ou.1l .11‘t1sts workng 111 Scotland.\\1ll1.1c1~11st111ltly changing: 1*\hlb1ilo11ol .utworks. illegallcry houses sculpliuc. st.1111edj_'l.1ss.u1d p11111t1ngshy .1tltsls ho p111ct1sc p1'11111i1\c1:1't.


1 .uulston l’l.1cc._‘3l (illllll. \lon l‘l'i

lilam 51‘1111S11l1k S1111 Ilium 2pm. Drawing And Painting Annual Exhibition t 11111 \\ed Ill \l111'..\11111111| cxhllutzou \‘l work by second year students 1111 the thaw 111;: 11nd panning; course. OArt In The Home See preview and

2.1111111s 1.1'11111‘s11st111c.


Ill 111(111 Street. 5.5“ 2-159.'l'11c S111

19.1111 lipm

21 Years Of Co-Publications Prints l Illll Sat ill \litl'. \ \t‘h'cllilll ill the latest so pubhshcd prints produced 111 11~l‘1.1bwl.~.l1(\11 between the studlo 1n11sicl'

91 1111s and 1111. ltcd artists. lhc show leattll'cs .‘l1’i111lcs.lllltogl‘aphsandscl'ccnpl'luishy Johnl-l1-1|.111}..\l.1nl);1\le.(i;1ll\\1glcy. \11\_\ 11.1 l'l.:11111;:.111. (irahum l'agcn and 1111111}

Donna Barry and Sally Moore l'nlil Sal ill \l.11 \cw 1cwcl|cry by |)11111111li111‘1'} .1I‘1ti \llll'lt‘.


(1‘i\lill'l‘l‘.lllt' Road. {it 91—1. Hall} ".111: 5pm

Natural Selection l 1111! inc 2 .\p11 \111111.d cxhd‘lilon ml .111 by stall at

l d;11b111;}l1 /1n\.


\\ l olh11111 Road. 221\ jth l)111|y

Illalll lllpln.

A Glimpse Of Greece: Snapshots Of The Unusual t'nlil Sat to Hal. Photography c\hlbilion by

Wifey: Women In Focus In Edinburgh l nill Sat |(1.\l1111.\11 ."xhlbliloll ol works b\ .1 sclcclion ol phoioclaplwls. '

Freedom In Focus S111 In \lat' S111 (1 \p1 \11c\ll1b1t1ol1ol work by dlsahlcd plioto;'111p|1c1's111g'11111scdby [collard ('hcshlrc.


‘l\\.~sl l’o1t..‘.‘.l (1.3V. lknly |l11111 7pm.

Erica Stanga - Flight [1111! Sun I? \l.11. \11111si11ll.1l1o11b_\ lzric Slungu in ‘.‘.lllt'il wax 111.1;';'ois1111d lllcs the [tom the limit to t’HM't the walls ol the {Hillel}

Work by Mac l llill S1111 *1 Mar. \\o1l. 111 the plolccl 11111111 by \lac. Steven Ferri - Open Art Surgery \loll l.\ S1111 il \lal'. l.d111l~111t'h b.1scdp11111tc1 Stc\c11|'c1‘1'1 shows 1.111'1- stalep11111t111;'s11|\1111l




45 Market Street. 325 2383. Mon Sill llam 5pm: Sun noon 5pm.

My father is the wise man of the village l'ntil Sat 6 .-\pr. The l-‘usion programme was initiated in I999 by Arthuk and the l.othiun llospital Arts ('onsortiuni. This exhibition 11nd accompanying integrated book 11nd l)\l'l) publication are the cuhnination of this extraordinary project which included collaborations 11nd commissions between artists. patientsqu stuff in hospitals throughout lidinburgh and the I.othians.


46a Raeburn l’lace. 3|5 2603. Mon Sat [011111 5.30pm.

Spring Exhibition l'cutul'ing new stock including ('hinese furniture and artcfacts plus a new collection of

.lk‘“ cllL‘i'} designs.


(iullci') tk Shop. 77 l)tltltltis Street. 556 3159. Mon Fri lilam 6pm: Sut

likun 5pm.

Early Spring Exhibition t'ntil Tue 26 Mar. Paintings by (ieraldcue llughes. l’ctcr D11\ is. Sarah Bookless and 1111ch Brook. pl11s ceramics by .luliet Walters 11nd Kate l’hillips. hron/es by Lucy Parsons and l-‘rances Ross 11nd jewellery by _v\1n_\ ('hristie.


22a [)undus Street. 556 2 l S l. Tue l‘ri lilfillam 6pm; Sat 10am 4pm.

Grygoriy Shyshko (1923-94) and Evgeniy Volobuev (b. 1912) t'ntil Sal .ill .\l111'. 'l'wo small-scale retl‘mlk‘ctiVCs by two l'krainian artists showing 11 range of their work from diflcrent periods of their lives including still life. animals. rural and industrial landscapes.

THE HUB ('11stlt‘liill.Ro_\;1lMilo-1732000.Mon Stilt 9.30am lilpm.

Pat Douthwaite i'ntil .\lon I .-\pr. 'l‘he self-taught artist. whose early work was heavily influenced by ID. l’t‘l'gllssttil. exhibits a range of colourful. humorous paintings.


oo(’umbe1‘l11nd Street. 55S 9872.

Mon l’ri lilam 6pm: Sat ltlum 4pm. The Space Between t'nul S111 23 .\l111‘. .\ selection of work by 20th

century printmakcrs Roby n Denny. loscl‘

.'\|bc1's. Sol l.e Will and Philip Reeves.


(t ('arlton Terrace. 556 4-1-1]. Wed Sat lilam 5pm.

Ian Hamilton Finlay Wed 20 Mar Sat 27 :\pl‘. .-\ retrospective of printed works by Ian Hamilton l‘inlu}.

the poet. philosopher. artist 11nd gardener

w ho is best known for Little Sparta. a classical garden that he built in the midst of ;i blcuk St'ttllish liloot‘. llttiltilloll l-‘inlay began publishing short stories. poetry 11nd play s in 1958 11nd his first I1‘cc<st;u1ding poems were shown in 19o}. Working from within 11 classical tradition. he has made 11 series of Ila/1111mm to other artists 11nd has made permanent landscape installations throughout liuropc and America. NEW

f3? l'l )‘.'.'.

INSTITUT FRANCAIS D’ECOSSE IS Randolph Crescent. 225 5366.

Mon l-‘ri 9.3011111 5.30pm; Sat

lilam lpm.

Children’s Illustrators Exhibition l'ntil Sun .‘xl .\lar. An c\hihition ol work by 3-1 .-\frican llltisli‘tiloi's ill. clliltlt't‘ii's bunks.


(15'l'hc Shore. l.e1th. 553 5255. Tue Hi I lam 5p1111Sat l lam ~lpn1.

Take 3 limit Sat 23 \lar. Paintings by .'\Il\illl :\iiltljit. l)ttl‘ttllt_\ Bruce and Kelly .\nn ('11irns pins 11 solo e\hibiiion of drawings by Iain .\lc|ntosh RS.I\.

“.1. 1116’. 1‘. .1


87 Broughton Street. 558 8778. Tue—Sat llam 6pm.

Mixed Exhibition This new gallery on Broughton Street. set up by the former owner of the Bellevue Gallery. (‘allum Buchanan. features a changing selection of paintings by 20th artists.

NAPIER UNIVERSITY Marchmont (iallery. Marchmont (’ampus. 61 .‘vlarchmont Road. 455 5203. Mon- Fri 9am—4pm.

People’s Lives: A Celebration Of The Human Spirit L'ntil Wed 27 Man From (‘uba to India and Kenya to Japan. black and white photographic portraits taken by Texan photographer Bill Wright. celebrating the human spirit.


Belford Road. 624 62(X) (recorded information 332 2266). Mon—Sat

lilam 5pm: Stilt noon—5 111. Cafe. Wilhelmina Barns- raham Until Sun 17 Mar. To coincide with the launch of the first book on the artist. a special display of paintings and drawings by St Andrews-born artist \N'ilhelmina Barns- (iraham. LAST CHANCE TO SEE. Frank Auerbach tfntil Sun 12 May. Highlights from the critically acclaimed retrospective by Frank Aucrbach. held recently at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. featuring fourteen paintings dating from the mid l95()s to recently completed works. The German—born artist who left his native Berlin for lingland in 1939 is renowned for his use of heavy oil paint which is scraped and daubed onto the picture surface. Aucrbach repeatedly repaints the same composition over several months or even years until he is satisfied that he has produced 11 ‘true expression‘ of his subject.

Six Identified Forms by Callum Innes Mon l8 Mar. 12.45pm. Writer and lecturer Kirstie Skinner talks about the work of abstract painter (‘allum limes.

Pile ‘Em High And Sell ‘Em Cheap Sat 23 8.: Stilt 24 Mar. Sat lilam 5pm; Sun noon - 5pm (gymnasium). A sale of books. prints. jewellery. stationery and much more.

I V.“ fijéfiu

The Heliades by Paul Reid is on show at the Scottish Gallery

Nigel Henderson: Parallel Of Life And Art Talk Mon 25 Mar. 12.45pm (gymnasium). Victoria Walsh. curator of the Nigel Henderson exhibition and author of the accompanying book. discusses his work.


The Mound. 624 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun noon—5pm.

Arabs Playing Chess Fri 15 Mar. l2.45pm. Curator at the Burrell Collection. Vivien Hamilton. talks about Eugene Delacroix‘s work.

The Medium As A Message I Fri 22 Mar. 12.45pm. Writer and lecturer Bill Hare gives a talk.


Queen Street. 624 62(X) (recorded information 332 2266). Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun noon—5pm. Cafe. Free.

Great Houses Of Scotland Until Sun 21 Apr. Free. Treasures from seven Scottish houses Ballindalloch. Blair. [)unrobin. Glamis. Scone. Thirlestane and Traquair are on display. featuring paintings. antiques and family mementoes. Highlights include David Wilkie‘s The Village Politicians, letters written by Rob Roy MacGregor. 18th century wall embroideries and Jacobite memorabilia.

An Exile’s Eye: Photography By Wolfgang Suschltzky Until Sun 19 May. Free. Over 40 photographs by the Austrian-born documentary filmmaker and photographer Wolfgang Suschitzky. Fleeing Austria in 1933 for Britain before travelling first to Holland. Suschitzky signed up in 1937 with Paul Rotha‘s Strand Film company. Making films for the Ministry of Information. some of his documentary films were shot in Scotland and in later years. he went on to work on a series of feature films including Ring ()fB/‘igh! Water ( I969). Entertaining Mr Sloan ( I970) and Ge! (‘arler ( I971). This exhibition however. concentrates on his documentary photography which captures Britain between the 30s and the early 70s.